Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Music From Guitarist Martin Barre, Drummer Neal Smith and Singer/Songwriter Jann Klose

Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre returns with a brand new solo album titled "Roads Less Traveled." It was released on October 12th, through Cleopatra Records and features 11-tracks that highlight Barre's own distinct rock style. He begins with the up-tempo rock of "Lone Wolf" and the progressive rock feel of "Out Of Time." He brings together over fifty years of experience on this new album as he works in a country vibe to "I'm On My Way" and a deep southern stomp groove to "Badcore Blues." Martin Barre showcases his exceptional skills on guitar for the addictive melody of "For No Man" and the hard rocking power of "(This Is) My Driving Song." Martin Barre wraps up his new album with the beautiful acoustics of "Trinity" and classic rock appeal of "And The Band Played Only For Me." To find out more about Martin Barre and his latest release "Road Less Traveled," please visit

Former Alice Cooper Band drummer, Neal Smith is preparing a new release to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his currently band, KillSmith. The new compilation is titled "KillSmith Halloween" and features a dozen tracks (11 previously released) including one brand new track, "Strychnine." All of the music on this new release features some of the best music from his band, as you get the heavy pounding of "Death By The Numbers," the eerie, dark epic "Cemetery Of The Damned" and the magnificent sound of "The KillSmith Overture." Neal Smith has no problem showing that he can still rock with the best of them on the exciting, energetic rocker "Pandemonium" and the electrifying new classic "Strychnine." Smith also draws influence from his past with the seven-minute horror story of "Monsters In The Attic." To find out more about Neal Smith and his latest release "KillSmith Halloween," please visit

Award-winning singer/songwriter Jann Klose recently released his latest album titled "In Tandem," back in September. His new 13-song release kicks off with the album's first single "Love High," which is an up-tempo pop number with a positive message. The album continues with acoustic swing of "Dear Mel" and his cover of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up," which also features the exceptional vocals of Annie Haslam. Jann Klose continues to pour on the charm with the sweet pop melodies of "Never Fall," then switches gears for the funk-fuel of "You And I (Cosmic Love)." Karen Zoid joins Klose for the duet, "Pour The Champagne," before injecting a swinging Latin rhythm to "Take Me 2 Forever." He wraps up his new album with the beautiful harmonies of "Win This Fight," featuring The RJ Benjamin Voices and the emotion-filled "Wedding Song." To find out more about Jann Klose and his latest release "In Tandem," please visit

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