Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New Music From Artists Rachel Wise, Tomten, Peggy Sarlin and Mr Singer & The Sharp Cookies

From Memphis, TN comes the anticipated debut album from southern rocker Rachel Wise. Her new release titled "Southern Life" proudly displays her influences, which range from the Allman Brothers Band and Lynryd Skynard to Patsy Cline and Etta James. She starts out the the high-powered country rocker "Southern Life" as Rachel wastes no time opening up to let you in with her strong, stellar vocals. She keeps the energy going with  "Shoulda Known Better" and "Come On Home" as she has no problems leading her band through these addictive country numbers. The tempo slows down for "Crazy Over Him" as you can definitely hear Rachel's influences come alive through her flawless singing. She quickly returns to rock with the strut of "Dreams" and the guitar-driven "Washed," before closing with the gentle acoustics of "Above The Clouds." To find more about Rachel Wise and her new album "Southern Life," please visit her Facebook page at

Next up is the Seattle folk/rock trio Tomten  and their recently released their new album titled, "Viva Draconia." It features 8-tracks, beginning with the steady pace of "Balance Of Terror," as you are re-introduced to the band's heart-warming, roots-style music. They deliver an eighties influenced sound to the mellow tone of "Blue Movie," before the wonderful, bright pop feel of "St. Martin's Summer." Tomten rock out on the addictive, up-tempo groove of "New Leaf," before closing up their new album with the floating, airy sound of "Passing Show" and the quiet acoustics of "Aster." To find out more about Tomten and their latest release "Viva Draconia," please visit their Facebook page at

Switching gears, we arrive at the new jazz/vocal release from singer, author and health advocate Peggy Sarlin. Her new album titled "Let There Be Love" features ten songs, beginning with the sultry, thumping rhythm of "Midnight Detective." You will begin to fall in love with her vocals on the soft touch of "Jasmine Perfume" and the piano ballad "Let There Be Love (Don't Forget Love)." She picks the tempo up with the swinging, sixties girl-group style of "Take Me To The Land Of Loving" and the funkier beats of "Porcupine Papa," before finishing up her new album with R&B/gospel tones of "I Can't Stop The Sun" and the bright, enlightening feel of "Happiest Ever After." To find out more about Peggy Sarlin and her latest release "Let There Be Love," please visit

Arriving just in time for Halloween, is the award-winning combo of Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies. Their new album "Happy Haunted Halloween" has fourteen "spooktacular" tunes to get the whole family ready for trick or treating. Beginning with the short opener "Happy Halloween," you are instantly invited for 30 minutes of fun, original Halloween tunes that will become part of your every year festivities. You can't help but fall in love with "Gonna Get Me A Monster" and "Ain't Scared Of Nothing" as Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies keep the energy going. The tales of "Grampa's Ghost" and "She Writes Frankenstein" will only add to the enjoyment of the night and also teach you something in the process. They finish up their new album with the classic sixties vibe of "Something Sweet For Halloween" and the eerie keyboard music of "Haunted Halloween." To find out more about Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies and their latest release "Happy Haunted Halloween," please visit

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