Monday, October 29, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists The Woolly Mammoths, Starframes, SKNAIL and Adrian DiMatteo

Arriving November 9th is the new album from the experimental pop/rockers The Woolly Mammoths. Their new album "C I T Y Z E N" showcases an alternative to the mainstream pop/rock music being channeled today. Their sound on the opening track "No Confidence Man" sounds like a cross between Talking Heads and Barenaked Ladies. They continue with the sweeping melody of the title song "C I T Y Z E N" and the Devo-like beats of "2manycars." Woolly Mammoths find the perfect dance groove with "Buttons (Whatever You Want)," while "1st Of The Month" displays a new wave, eighties post-punk sound that is hard to find in today's glossed over pop music world. The album finishes with the steady electronic rock vibe of "Korea" and the avante garde soundscapes of "Yr Trying 2 Hard." To find out more about The Woolly Mammoths and their latest release "C I T Y Z E N," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving in November is the latest release from Italian, dreampop/new wave band, Starframes. Their new album titled "Nicht Vergessen" features 15-tracks, beginning with the ambient soundscape of "Overture," as the band look to send you on a sonic journey with their music as the soundtrack. The album continues with the alternative/pop tones of "1961" and the steady, new wave rocker "Berlin Is In Love." This four-piece band draw you in with the addictive pop/rock feel of "Rising Wall" and the beautiful piano-led ballad "Prisoned." Starframes look to flash you back to the eighties with the sweeping electronics of "1989," before wrapping up their new album with the floating melody of "Amulet" and the steady flow of "If I Die Today, I Will Live Tomorrow." To find out more about Starframes and their latest release "Nicht Vergessen," please visit their Facebook page at

Experimental, electronic jazz artist SKNAIL returns with a brand new album titled "Mutation." It features ten tracks, beginning with the industrial beats of "A Storm," which is highlighted by some sweet jazz horns, which carries over into the subtle sounds of "First Mutation." The album continues with other forms of mutations that showcase SKNAIL's skills by mixing together dance beats with piano, horns and even an accordion. He throws his hat into the hip-hop ring with "Somewhere Below The Rainbow" and then continues the evolution with the piano ballad "Rooms." SKNAIL wraps up the album with his seventh, and last, "Mutation," which further explores the collaboration of electronic dance beats, with jazz music and hip-hop vocals. To find out more about the latest release from SKNAIL, please visit

From New York, comes the latest release from singer/songwriter/guitarist Adrian DiMatteo. His new album "Everyone Knows The Blues" was released back in August and features 11-tracks, beginning with the light, airy blues-vibe of the title song. He showcases a jazzier side to his music on "The Daily Grind," as he lets his guitar skills do the talking for him. He slows down for the seven-minute, R&B groove of "If I Could" and the acoustic poetry of "The Blues King" as you will easily warm-up to Adrian's smooth vocals. He delivers a classic southern blues feel to "I'm Gonna Move" and "The Blues Ain't Enough," before finishing up his new album with the emotions of "Seal The Deal." To find out more about Adrian DiMatteo and his latest release "Everyone Knows The Blues," please visit

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