Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Taylor Barton, Christopher Pellnat and Kim Barlow

Singer/songwriter Taylor Barton returns with her tenth studio album titled "House Of Light" on November 9th. It features 11-tracks, beginning with the gentle, poetic touch of the title song, "House Of Light." The album continues with the acoustic swing of "For Those Among Us" and the light-hearted pop tones of "Chaos," as Taylor's vocals are sweet and inviting. Her husband, guitarist G.E. Smith (Bob Dylan, Saturday Night Live) helps her set the dark mood of "Last Time" and also, the bright, country setting of "Steeplechase" as Taylor's storied lyrics lead the way. She wraps up her new album with the inspirational, empowering words of "I'll Stand Strong" and the steady folk strumming of "Jerusalem." To find out more about Taylor Barton and her new album "House Of Light," please visit taylorbarton.com.

Fellow singer/songwriter Chris Pellnat released his new album "Liftoff," back in August. It features ten tracks that showcases the growth in Chris' songwriting since his debut album, which was released only one year earlier. He starts off with the up-tempo, pop melody of "Sacred Truths and Lies" and the showtune feel of "Dystopia Is Over." Chris adds an unnecessary electronic drum beat to the wonderful lyrics of "Ode To Olivia Rhodes," while "Waiting All Night," displays his bluesier side. He wraps up his new album with the Americana/country vibe of "You Left The Gate Swinging" and the addictive acoustic strumming of "I Saw Everything." To find out more about Christopher Pellnat and his latest release "Liftoff," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/ChristopherPellnat.

Next we head up north to Nova Scotia for the latest release titled "How To Let Go," from singer/songwriter Kim Barlow. Her new album features 13-tracks, beginning with the light-hearted, banjo driven "String Bean" and the innocent pop of "Whitehorse." You will easily find yourself falling in love with her voice, as she delivers an iconic, Americana feel to "Walking To Calais" and fun, inspirational, up-tempo swing of "Not My Little Baby." Kim continues her new album with the folk sounds of "Daily A-Growing" and "I Dyed My Petticoat Red," before finishing her new album with simple, stark poetic tone of "Cruel Mother." To find out more about Kim Barlow and her latest release "How To Let Go," please visit kimbarlow.ca.

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