Tuesday, October 23, 2018

New October Heavy Metal Releases From Sacral Rage, Greyhawk and Texas Metal Outlaws

Arriving just last week is the highly-anticipated sophomore effort from the Greek metal band, Sacral Rage. Their new album titled "Beyond Celestial Echoes" re-introduces you to the power metal music that has made them a rising force in the heavy metal community. They come speeding out of the gate with the quick-pace of "Eternal Solstice" and the nearly eight-minute epic number "Vaguely Decoded." Their music and vocals rank up their some of the best extreme metal bands around, as the pounding of "Suspended Privileges" and solid guitar riffs of "Necropia" showcase a youthful energy to the band's overall sound. They wrap up their new album with their 15-minute progressive metal adventure of "The Glass." To find out more about Sacral Rage and their latest release "Beyond Celestial Echoes," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/SacralRage.

Last week also saw the arrival of the debut release from the Seattle-based metal band, Greyhawk. Their new six-song EP titled "Ride Out" and includes elements of grunge, heavy metal and extreme rock music to showcase the band's powerful sound. The chugging rhythm of "The Abdication" and intense pounding of "Serpent King" brings together the band's early metal influences. They finish up their new short album with the high-powered energy of "Circle Of Heroes" that leaves you wanting more from this new heavy metal band. To find out more about Greyhawk and their latest release "Ride Out," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Greyhawkmetal.

At the end of October, we get the new self-titled album from the Texas Metal Outlaws. Their new nine-song release features some of the best independent heavy metal artists from the Texas area, as each song features a different line-up of performers. The album kicks off with the aggressive, hard-hitting attack of "Texas Metal Outlaws," which lets you know what you are in for. The album continues with the heavy pounding of "Rebel Years" and a cover of the Riot song "Running From The Law," which fits in perfectly among their originals. The band displays a darker, grunge metal sound to "Sound Of Scorns," before picking the pace back up with the thrash metal appeal of "Echoes Of Memory." To find out more about Texas Metal Outlaws and their new self-titled release, please visit heavenandhellrecords.bandcamp.com.

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