Friday, October 26, 2018

New Re-Issues Arriving Soon For The Lee Michaels Albums "Nice Day For Something & "Tailface"

Arriving November 16th, from Manifesto Records is the reissue of Lee Michaels' albums "Nice Day For Something" and "Tailface" on CD, for the very first time. Lee Michaels began his solo career with the release of his debut album, "Carnival Of Life" in 1968. He would hit the top 10 on the singles chart with the song "Do You Know What I Mean" in 1971 and would end up releasing seven albums with A&M Records between 1968-1973. After the release of his live album, "Lee Michaels Live," he would switch records labels and release these two albums, without much fanfare.

After being long out of print, both "Nice Day For Something" and "Tailface" have been digitally remastered from the original tapes. As Lee Michaels tried to expand upon his sound, the two constants on these albums are his warm, soulful vocals and his classic sounding Hammond organ. On the album "Nice Day For Something," Michaels would let loose with a stellar organ solo on the nearly six-minute jam of "High Wind" and then showcase his sweet songwriting skills on the epic ballad "Olson Arrives At Two Fifty-Five." He still had his finger on the pulse of pop music of the day with the up-tempo swing of "Rock & Roll Community" and "Went Saw Mama," before experimenting with his sound on the rocking album closer "Nothing Matters (But It Doesn't Matter)."

Lee Michaels quickly followed up that album with the release of "Tailface." He stuck with an edgier sound on this release, which may have caught his soft rock fans by surprise. He delivered a raw, guitar blues to "Slow Dancin' Rotunda" and tried to capture his classic pop sound with the up-tempo rocker "Roochie Toochie Loochie." Lee Michaels still seemed to be searching for comfort in his music with this album. He closes out his shorter, seven-song "Tailface" release with the piano blues-romp "Garbage Gourmet." Lee Michaels would end up releasing only one more album in 1975, before retiring from the music industry. To find out more about these two new re-issues from Lee Michaels, please visit

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