Sunday, October 14, 2018

Newly Discovered Collaboration Between Peter Holsapple & Alex Chilton Signals "The Death Of Rock"

Arriving October 12th is the long lost collaboration between newcomer (at the time) Peter Holsapple and Big Star leader, Alex Chilton. The story goes that Holsapple entered a Memphis studio in 1978 to record his  new solo album. Peter was hoping the album would be produced by from Big Star band member Chris Bell, but was turned down. He eventually recorded with Richard Rosebrough, who was a musician/engineer and friend to the members of Big Star. Also, recording a solo album at the same time was Big Star's Alex Chilton. The two artists cross paths in the studio and Chilton invited himself into Holsapple's studio to "show Peter how it's done." The recordings they made together have sat on the shelf until being recently being discovered.

The new release titled "The Death Of Rock: Peter Holsapple vs. Alex Chilton" is split almost in half, in order to feature each artist. The first eight tracks are highlighted by Peter's raw, rock vibe that sways between post punk and underground pop. The addictive feel of "Bad Reputation" and "The Death Of Rock" showcases the hungry need for success. Then, Alex steps back to sixties with the nostalgic, swinging rock vibe of "Tennis Burn" and 'Train Kept A Rollin." The final eight songs on this set features rehearsals of these songs in the studio as they were still being worked on and formed. One of the highlights is Peter and Alex running through the Big Star hit single "In The Street." Even without the vocals, you can still recognize the song's timeless melody. To find out more about "The Death Of Rock: Peter Holsapple vs. Alex Chilton," please visit

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