Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nine Beats Collective Explores The Wisdom Of The Beatitudes & R&B Singer Dawn Richard Gets "Kinky" On Soundtrack

Newly released collaboration, Nine Beats Collective features world-class musicians, singers and songwriters that have come together to pay homage to "The Beatitudes." The Beatitudes are the name given to the blessings that Jesus gave at the Sermon on the Mount as recorded by the Gospel of Matthew. This new 26-track album titled "Nine Beats To The Bar" highlights these teachings with the worldly sounds of R&B, soul, jazz, rock, pop, funk, gospel and African vibes.

The album is highlighted by the beautiful vocals of Heatherlyn on "Blessed Are The Undead," the funk-infused rhythm of "#Blessed" by Vince Anderson and a jazzy, hip-hop tone of "9/8" from Eric Leroy Wilson. You also get a taste of classical music with the string instrumental "Tread Softly" and "Song For The Earth" by Deborah Pritchard, as well as the smooth R&B/jazz of ""Serenity" by Martin Trotman. The album finishes with the worldly rhythm of "Nine Beats To The Bar" from Mikael R. Andreasen and the enlightening gospel tones of "Give In To The Love" by Heatherlyn. To find out more about Nine Beats Collective and their new album "Nine Beats To The Bar," please visit

Also, just recently released from Lightyear Entertainment, in association with Caroline/Universal Music Group, is the soundtrack to the independent film, "Kinky." The movie was released in theaters on October 12th and the soundtrack was released three weeks prior on CD and digital platforms. The star of the movie and the soundtrack is R&B artist, Dawn Richard. She first gained fame is a member of Sean "Diddy" Combs' group, Danity Kane, before developing her solo career on her own label, Our Dawn. The soundtrack features fifteen R&B gems as Dawn's beautiful vocals weaves through the soundtracks with the songs "Maybe," "Me Myself and I" and "Conversation." Also included on this album is the smooth vocals of Willie Taylor (Day 26) on "Protection" and "Harder Deeper." The new soundtrack closes with the pop beats and stellar voice of R&B/Hip-Hop producer Durty So Clean on "Guilty." To find out more about the film and soundtrack to "Kinky," please visit

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