Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Ultimate KISS Tribute Gets Re-Released and Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin Debut New Music

Back in 2004, KISS alum Bob Kulick brought together some of the biggest names in rock music at the time to put together the ultimate KISS tribute album. Many of these artists involved in this album were already huge KISS fans and jumped at the opportunity to lend their talents to this amazing collaboration. The set was originally released as "Spin The Bottle," but is now getting a new makeover with a new cover, title ("Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute) and a bonus "making of" DVD.

The original 11-song set comes blasting out of the gate with Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) on vocals, belting out the chorus to "Detroit Rock City." The entire album includes members of Styx, Mr Big, Motorhead, Guns N Roses, Poison and many, many more as they perform some of the biggest hits of KISS. You can hear the admiration in Chris Jericho's voice during "King Of The Night Time World" and wonder what it was like to be in the studio with Lemmy, as he sings "Shout It Out Loud." Plus, all of these amazing singers are supported by some of the top musicians in rock, like Paul Gilbert, Greg Bissonette, Carmine Appice, Jeff Pilson, and C.C. DeVille just to name some of them. Even Bob and Bruce Kulick get into the act, as both are KISS alumni. The bonus DVD includes 30-minutes of interviews with many who were involved in this project, including some that are no longer with us. This definitely one of the best KISS tribute albums that you will ever find. For more information on this release, please visit

Singer/songwriter Quinn Walker found his big break with he debut single "My Road" appearing on the television show, "Scrubs." Now he is exploring another avenue of music with the debut album from his band, Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin. The new self-titled release will be available on November 2nd and features a dozen tracks, beginning with the high-energy punk fury of "The Nu Punks." Then, the band introduces you to "Meet The Ronin" as they deliver two-minutes of raw, reckless rock. They thrash their way through the quick-pace of "Headfirst" and come blazing out with the guitar frenzy of "Squash It." Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin wrap up their new album with addictive, mainstream punk appeal of "Rebel" and the fun, high-energy run through "Mickey Got Married." To find out more about Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin and their new self-titled release, please visit

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