Friday, November 16, 2018

Cleopatra Records Boxes Up Unreleased Live Material For New Rose Tattoo Release

Australian rock legends Rose Tattoo are finally getting the respect they deserve with a new 5-CD box set titled "Scarred For Live." The band quickly followed fellow Australian band, AC/DC into the rock realm in the late 1970's. Rose Tattoo found huge success in their home country of Australia, along with Europe, but failed to make a dent in the U.S., that is until an up-and-coming Los Angeles rock band named Guns N' Roses covered one of their tracks. GN'R sited Rose Tattoo as a major influence and their cover of "Nice Boys," turned Rose Tattoo into an international sensation.

This new five disc live set covers the peak of Rose Tattoo's touring years between 1980 to 1982. Each disc features a different show, with some repetition in the tracks they performed. The one constant throughout this whole set is the energy that the band poured into each performance. Listening to the first disc, recorded January 1, 1980 in Sydney, Australia has the band all fired up, playing some of their classics like "Astra Wally," "The Butcher And Fast Eddy" and of course "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll)." They mix-up their set list on the third disc, which is performed at the 1981 Reading Rock Festival in the U.K. to a much larger audience. The energy is still high, as the audience sing along to their famous set closer "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll)," which pushes past the eight-minute mark.

Disc four finds Rose Tattoo returning to their Australian roots only two years after the first disc, performing at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. The band crams 16-songs into their set list, as they sound like a more polished machine, while still delivering the energy with "Manzil Madness" and "All The Lessons." They finish up disc five with one of their few recorded shows in the U.S., as they perform in Washington D.C. Rose Tattoo deliver their nine-song set with a certain swagger, as displayed in "We Can't Be Beaten" and "Juice On The Loose." They close with "Scarred For Life," which appeared on the band's best selling studio album.

This five-disc box set was released back in October through Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records. To find out more about Rose Tattoo's "Scarred For Live" box set, please visit

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Check Out These New Independent Heavy Metal Releases Arriving In November

We have a slew of independent heavy metal releases arriving this month and we begin with the full-length debut release from the Swedish death metal band, Third Storm. Their new album titled "The Grand Manifestation" has been 30 years in the making, and the band came through to delivery on their promise. After forming as teenagers in 1986, the band went their separate ways shortly thereafter. Keeping the fire of the band burning, founding members Heval Bozraslan and Jimmy Eriksson made a second attempt at recording an album. This 8-track release hits you right in the face with the aggressive onslaught of "Prima Mobilae" and the hard-hitting attack of "As The Sun Watched The Birth Of." Third Storm switches gears for the slower, doom metal appeal of "The Third Thought From The Sun," before returning with the thunderous rhythm of "Gorakaathuar" and the swift, reckless aggression of "In The Wraith Enshrouded." To find out more about Third Storm and their latest release "The Grand Manifestation," please visit

Also arriving earlier this month was the sophomore effort from the Australian metal band Convent Guilt. Their new album titled "Diamond Cut Diamond" was released on November 9th and features seven tracks that carry a classic sound that echoes the early days of the genre. The album kicks off with the solid guitar riffs of "Howling Vengeance" and the more energetic delivery of "Born To Trouble." Convent Guilt build up the steady thrash metal pace of "Bonnie And Clyde," before closing their new album with the nearly 8-minute epic feel of "Foxes Run." To find out more about Convent Guilt and their latest release "Diamond Cut Diamond," please visit their Facebook page at

The latest release from thrash metal band, Septagon also arrived on November 9th. Their sophomore effort titled "Apocalyptic Rhymes" builds upon the band's debut, which was released only two years earlier. After a short spoken-word introduction ("The End"), they dive into their highly addictive metal sound with the album's second-single "The Weight Of The World," which comes from the same vein as Anthrax and Slayer. The album continues with the album's lead single "Home, Sweet Hell," as chugging guitars and a steady backbeat motors the song's energetic sound. Their juggernaut sound rolls on with "Make A Stand" and the classic metal sound of "The Unfathomable Evil," before finishing their new album with high-powered attack of "Nothingness Awaits" and the seven-minute progressive metal appeal of "Sunset Blood." To find out more about Septagon and their latest release "Apocalyptic Rhymes," please visit

Sticking with the November 9th release date is the six-song debut release, "The Waters Of Death" from U.K. heavy metal band, Lethean. This duo is lead by the stellar vocals of Thurmi Paavana and supported entirely by multi-instrumentalist James Ashbey. Their music is epic as you are invited into the realm of the "Idylls Of The King," the group's progressive metal sound becomes undeniably addictive. They mix up the tempo of "Seafarer," as most of the songs on this release push past the seven-minute mark. The shortest song on the album," Across The Grey Waters" is a gentle track that allows you to take notice of Thurmi's voice, before the ten-plus minute wave of music comes crashing back on shore to close out the album with "Devouring Fire." To find out more about Lethean and their latest release "The Waters Of Death," please visit their Facebook page at

Moving ahead to November 23rd is the debut release from the Sioux Falls, SD band, March In Arms. Their new ten song release kicks off with the pounding rhythm of the "Procession Of The Dead," which leads into the chugging guitars of "The Failure." The band speed things up even more with the high-energy, thrash metal appeal of "Firebreather," before arriving at the nearly eight-minute epic piece "Overlord." March In Arms continue with the highly addictive delivery of "The Knife," as this band should have no problem carving out a spot in the heavy metal community. They wrap up their new release with the aggressive heavy metal onslaught of "Ashes" and the pounding drums of "To An End." To find out more about the new self-titled release from March In Arms, please visit their Facebook page at

We finish up with the self-released album titled "The Walk" from Russian metal band, Second To Sun. Their new nine-song release wastes no time attack your sense of hearing, with the thunderous rhythm of "We Are Not Alone," quickly followed by the screaming vocals of "Black Lines." Second To Sun continue to showcase their death metal diversity with the dark, doom metal approach of "Home" and the seven-minute aggressive attack of "The Owls." They finish their new concept album with the eerie instrumental track "We Are Alone." To find out more about Second To Sun and their latest release "The Walk," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Amon Amarth, Artillery, Skull Pit and Cattle Decapitation

Arriving this Friday is a trio of new releases from Metal Blade Records recording artists Amon Amarth, Artillery and Skull Pit, quickly followed next week by the latest from Cattle Decapitation.

Swedish melodic death metal band, Amon Amarth are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new live album titled "The Pursuit Of Vikings: Live At Summer Breeze." The new 30-track set features the band's full two-set appearance at last year's Summer Breeze Festival and will be released as a 2-CD set, double-vinyl set, on DVD and on Blu-ray, which also includes a documentary of the band. Amon Amarth covers their entire career, as they perform the tracks "With Oden On Our Side" and the epic "Victorious March" with extra energy and purpose to prove why that are considered one of the top death metal bands of all time. You can almost picture how intense the mosh pits were as they perform the swift hitting "For The Stabwounds In Our Backs" and "Verses The World." Their music continues to ignite energy as Amon Amarth perform some of their more recent songs like "First Kill" and "The Way Of Vikings." They wrap up their new live album with the heavy pounding of "Guardians Of Asgaard" and the neck-breaking speed of "Twilight Of The Thunder." To find out more about Amon Amarth and their anniversary live release "The Pursuit Of Vikings: Live At Summer Breeze," please visit

Up next, is the ninth studio album from the Danish metal band, Artillery. Since re-forming almost ten years ago, the band have been on a creative high, producing five studio album, including their latest release "The Face Of Fear." This new 11-track album quickly gets the adrenaline pumping with the high-energy attack of the title-song, "The Face Of Fear" and its follow-up "Crossroads To Conspiracy." The band let up on the gas, slightly, for the mainstream metal appeal of "New Rage," before returning to the intensity of "Sworn Utopia" and "Preaching To The Converted." Artillery wrap up their new album with a couple of re-recorded versions of some of the band's early songs, "Mind Of No Return" and "Doctor Evil." To find out more about Artillery and their latest release "The Face Of Fear," please visit

We also get the debut release from the heavy metal duo of Mem V. Stein (Exumer) and Tatsu Mikami (Church Of Misery), who are going by the name, Skull Pit. Their new ten-song album jumps right out of your speakers as the energy these two put into their music comes pouring out in the songs "Roller" and "Soul Raiders." Their 80s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influences are certainly a part of their music as they pound their way through "Blood Titan" and "Marauders." Skull Pit finish up their new album with the buzzing guitar of "The Line" and the thrash metal speed of "All The Lessons." To find out more about the new self-titled release from Skull Pit, please visit their Facebook page at

The end of the month brings on a new rarities collection from American deathgrind band, Cattle Decapitation. After 22 years and seven studio albums, Cattle Decapitation decided to clean out the vaults and unleash some leftovers that date back to before their first EP "Human Jerky." The new release contains 22-tracks, many of them clocking in at around two-minutes or less. The band seem to get their point across quickly and efficiently as songs like "No Future" and Queso de Cabeza" are short attacks of power. Their original six song demo appears on this release and features Travis Ryan's first appearance on vocals. While this may seem like a collection of leftovers, the final eight tracks of this new release may have been on "hard-to-find" releases, but would have made the perfect recipe for the next studio album from Cattle Decapitation. To find out more about their new compilation "Medium Rarities," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Go "Around The World" With The New Live 3-CD Set From Jazz/Rock Artist Ben Sidran

American jazz/rock keyboardist Ben Sidran has had an extensive career in music, which dates back to 1970. He has worked along side such artists as Steve Miller, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones just to name a few, all while continuing a solo career. His latest release is a 3-CD compilation titled "Ben There, Done That," which features Ben Sidran's live performances from around the world, between 1975 through 2015. 

This new set features 27 previously unreleased live recordings that brought the music of Ben Sidran to clubs around the world. The set jumps back and forth between dates, beginning with one of the earliest recordings featured on this set, the highly energetic funk/jazz appeal of "Birk's Works." This is quickly followed by his more recent work of "The Groove Is Gonna Get You" (recorded in Paris 2015) and "The Funkasaurus" (recorded in Tokyo 2009), as Ben warms up the audiences with his stellar performances.

The set includes many of Ben's originals, including "On The Road Again," "Let's Make A Deal/Absent Soul" and "Walking With The Blues." But, the some of the highlights come from Ben's many covers, including the uptempo swing of Willie Dixon's "You Can't Judge A Book," the quiet, lounge feel of Billy Joel's "New York State Of Mind" and smooth, classic tone of Nat King Cole's "Straighten Up And Fly Right." Most of this set covers his live performances of the last 15 years, but the third disc especially highlights his highly successful 1991 tour of Japan with the addition of jazz fusion numbers "Lip Service" and "Too Hot To Touch."

The new 3-CD set also includes a 24-page booklet that includes brand new essays by NPR's "Jazz Alive!" Becca Pulliam and Zev Feldman from Los Angeles. Also included is a Q&A with Ben Sidran and Mark Ruffin ("Real Jazz" on Sirus XM radio). To find out more about Ben Sidran and his latest release "Ben There, Done That: Ben Sidran Live Around The World (1975-2015)," please visit

Monday, November 12, 2018

King Crimson "Meltdown" In Mexico With New Four-Disc Box Set Of Live Music

Watching the band, King Crimson perform live and listening to a live recording of the band are two totally different experiences. Luckily, King Crimson's latest live release "Meltdown: King Crimson Live In Mexico" delivers both experiences in a new 3 CD/Blu-ray box set. The three-and-a-half hour audio document is one of the most complete and extensive live releases of the entire King Crimson catalog, delivering 62 songs spread across the four discs.

During the summer of 2017, King Crimson visited Mexico for a handful of special performances at the Teatro Metropolitan, Cuidad de Mexico. One specific show on July 17th was recorded in high-definition, in order to release their first live video document in over six years. This eight-piece band (Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Mel Collins, Jakko Jakszyk, Bill Rieflin, Pat Mastelotto, Jeremy Stacey, Gavin Harrison) has been considered to be one of the best line-ups during King Crimson's nearly 50 year career, and this live performance certainly solidifies that statement. The band look and sound outstanding as they transition between songs flawlessly, giving the audience a constant flow of music from start to finish.

The video is taken with strategically placed stationary cameras in order to give the feeling of sitting on stage with the band during their performance. You are rarely even shown the audience and every aspect of the show's performance is captured. The use of split screens tries to show you every aspect of the performance as to not miss a single note. For those that may have never seen King Crimson perform live recently, the performers are very stagnant in their positions, with the three drummers located in front and the rest of the band are on an upper ledge, directly behind them. This definitely make for an easier and much more satisfying way to film the performance and enjoy the heart and soul that King Crimson pours into their performance.

The song line-up varies between the three CDs and the Blu-ray, since the video captures one specific two-and-a-half hour performance and the CDs deliver the best and most complete line-up of all their performances in Mexico. The music is just outstanding as King Crimson certainly has perfected their technique in recording live shows, as the music is crisp, clear and in-your-face, as if you were in the front row of the show. The songs that are performed during those six days look to cover King Crimson's entire catalog as you can hear the reaction of the audience when the band dive into classics like "Epitaph," "Easy Money," "Starless" and "In The Court Of The Crimson King." The set also includes half-a-dozen bonus tracks recorded just this past summer from throughout their tour of Europe, including a delicate performance of the rarely performed "Moonchild" and a quick two-minute "Cool Jam."

As long as King Crimson continue to roll out these magnificent live releases (five in the last three years), then their legacy as one of the best progressive rock bands of all time will live on. To find out more about "Meltdown: King Crimson Live in Mexico," please visit

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Omnivore Recordings Celebrates The Anniversaries Of Iconic Albums By The Posies & NRBQ

2018 has been an exceptional year for fans of the Seattle rock band, The Posies. To celebrate the band's 30th anniversary, Omnivore Recordings has been rolling out new "deluxe editions" of their nineties output on DGC Records. Back in June, Omnivore rolled out "Dear 23," quickly followed by "Frosting On The Beater" in August. Now, on November 16th, we get The Posies' final DGC Records release, "Amazing Disgrace" as a new 2-CD and 2-LP set.

The original 14-song album was remastered from the original master tapes and displays the best sounding version of this album to ever be released. The band's grunge-like approach shines on "Previous Moments" and "Broken Record," while The Posies were still shooting for the singles chart with "Please Return It" and "Fight It (If You Want)." The first disc (of this 2-CD set) includes eight bonus tracks, beginning with the previously released songs, "Sad To Be Aware" and "Terrorized." The other six bonus tracks consist of demo songs that have also been previously released on another compilations, but fit perfectly here, next to the original album.

The second disc features fifteen more bonus tracks, including alternate versions of "Sad To Be Aware" and "Hate Song," both previously unreleased. Also included are a couple more of The Posies' compilation tracks, "Limitless Expressions" and "Every Bitter Drop" that were both recorded during the sessions for the "Amazing Disgrace" album. It's great being able to dive into the demo versions of almost every track, as fans can follow the songs from their stark beginnings, to which these great songs grew from. To find out more about the new "deluxe edition" of The Posies' "Amazing Disgrace," please visit

Another album celebrating a milestone is the 40th anniversary of NRBQ's pivotal album "All Hopped Up." Omnivore Recordings reissued the album last month on CD and vinyl. This album featured the classic line-up of Al Anderson, Terry Adams, Tom Ardolino and Joey Spampinato, which would go on to perform as NRBQ for the next 20 years. The original 13-song album gets expanded with 4 bonus tracks and also new liner notes are provided by John DeAngelis. NRBQ's iconic sound is heard all throughout this classic album with the songs "Ridin' In My Car" and "I Got A Rocket In My Pocket." The album also included the work of The Whole Wheat Horns on their cover of Big Joe Tuner's "Honey Hush." The four bonus tracks consist of the rocking number "Chicken Hearted," the R&B groove of "Do The Bump," the bluesy-feel of "She's Got To Know" and southern, swinging rock of "Start It Over." To find out more about this new re-issue of NRBQ's "All Hopped Up," please visit

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Craft Recordings Collects All R.E.M. BBC Recordings For Massive 8CD/1DVD Box Set

During the 31 year career of R.E.M., the band performed almost a dozen times for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Now for the first time, Craft Recordings is releasing a super deluxe 8CD/1DVD box set, which captures every single one of those performances.

The first two discs of the set captures R.E.M.'s in studio sessions between 1991 to 2008. The first six songs of the set feels like an extension of the band's "unplugged" performance as you ease into this set with these quieter performances. Then, the band plugs in for the famous John Peel Studio Sessions, which showcases R.E.M.'s harder rock edge ("Lotus") and their poetic ballads ("At My Most Beautiful"). The first disc closes with one of the band's final appearances on the BBC with their intimate acoustic performances of their latest single at the time "Supernatural Superserious" and a cover of the Editors' song, "Munich."

Discs two and three each feature a full performance from R.E.M., including their first live broadcast on the BBC back in 1984. The second half of the 8 CD set includes the band's full live broadcast of their performance at Milton Keynes (two discs) in 1995 and the Glastonbury Festival (two discs) in 1999. The final disc features the invitation-only show at St. James Church back in 2004, which also included a guest appearance by Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

The DVD includes the 60-minute film "Accelerating Backwards" that highlights many of R.E.M.'s appearances on the BBC, along with their complete performance on "Later...with Jools Holland." If the super deluxe box set is a little out of your price range, their is also a 2 CD set and a double-vinyl set. The 2 CD set includes highlights from every performance, including a couple of songs from their appearance on "Later...with Jools Holland," which only appears on the DVD in the super deluxe box set. To find out more about this extensive set, "R.E.M. At The BBC," please visit

Friday, November 9, 2018

Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Beatles "White Album" With The New Deluxe Remix Edition Out Now

Last year, producer Giles Martin (son of the famous producer George Martin) did the unthinkable, when he took The Beatles' holy grail ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band") and remixed it for its 50th anniversary. The gamble was a huge success. Fans were able to rediscover the album in a way they never have before and it also introduced a new legion of Beatles fans to their music. Now, Martin is looking to double-up the ante with a new remix of The Beatles' beloved "White Album." To celebrate the double-album's 50th anniversary, Apple Corp Ltd./Capitol/UMe will be releasing a brand new remixed version of the album on November 9th.

This new release features an entirely new remix of the famous "White Album," done with the care of Giles Martin. He "peeled back the layers" of sound that was recorded to discover other elements buried within the music. Listening to this new 2018 remix, you will instantly discover subtle difference like the hand claps during "Back In The U.S.S.R." and the wonderful orchestration of "Glass Onion." The powerful guitar work of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" comes crying out from your speakers, while the gentle acoustics of "Blackbird" sound more pure and honest. The clarity of "Piggies" allows you to examine all that went into its recording, as does the 8-minute epic sound collaboration "Revolution 9." You can feel the strain in John Lennon's vocals as he belts out the lyrics to "Yer Blues" and finally appreciate the wonderful work of the album's hidden gem, "Long, Long, Long."

This new remix of The Beatles' "White Album" comes in a few different versions, which includes a deluxe six CD/Blu-ray set that features three discs worth of studio sessions. A cheaper three CD set is also being released, which features the new 2018 remix of the "White Album" and a entire disc devoted to the famous "Esher Demos." These demos were recorded over a three day span that the members of The Beatles spent at George Harrison's flat. This 27-track disc includes acoustic versions of 19 of the songs that appeared on the "White Album." The other eight songs are early recordings of songs that did not appear on the original release of the album.

Let's just say that this is the best sounding version of the "Esher Demos" to ever surface officially or unofficially. Producer Giles Martin does an amazing job bringing these demos to life, by lifting the guitar and voices to the same level and displaying the creativity that The Beatles were putting into each of their songs during this period. You can almost feel the fun they were having, re-inventing themselves during the acoustic takes of songs like "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" and "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey." The starkness of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Julia" is pure listening pleasure and you can hear the emotion they put into these early recordings. The disc also includes early versions songs that the members of The Beatles would eventually use on their solo albums, like "Junk," "Child Of Nature" and "Circles." While many have thought that the "White Album" was the beginning of the end for The Beatles, this new insight shows a comradely between the guys that would last a lifetime.

This new remix of The Beatles' "White Album" will also be released as a double-vinyl set and a quadruple vinyl set (with the "Esher Demos"). To find out more about this outstanding new 50th anniversary release of this iconic album, please visit

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Time Life Highlights Night 2 Of The Famous Rock & Roll Hall OF Fame Concerts With New Vinyl Release

During two nights, almost ten years ago, at Madison Square Garden in New York City was the rock and roll event of a lifetime. The 25th anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concerts featured dozens of some of the biggest names in music, performing together, on the same stage. This show was originally released on DVD, Blu-ray and CD, and now for the first time on vinyl, but there is a catch. The entire performance is not being released, but only ten magical performance from the second night of performances.

This new 180-gram vinyl LP titled "The 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concerts: Night 2, Volume 1" begins with one of the innovators of rock and roll music, Jerry Lee Lewis. His solo piano performance of "Great Balls Of Fire," kicks things off on a very high note, only to be follow by Jeff Beck and Sting performing Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready." The set continues with Jeff Beck's solo performance of The Beatles' "A Day In The Life," before the muscle of Metallica closes out the first side with their masterpiece "For Whom The Bell Tolls."

Metallica stick around for the beginning of the second side, helping out Ozzy Osbourne with a rocking version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," which will surely shake your speakers. The set closes with U2 as the house band, working alongside Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith performing "Because The Night" and Mick Jagger with Fergie on the classic Rolling Stones single "Gimmie Shelter." This limited edition set was released on October 19th through Time Life.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Music From Progressive Rock Artists Sonar, Syndone, Tim Morse and 41Point9

Progressive Swiss rock band, Sonar are preparing to release their new live album "Live At Moods" on November 16th, through 7d Media. The new six-song set was recorded back in May and features special guest, David Torn on guitar. Their new release kicks off with the nearly 13-minute steady climb of "Twofold Covering," as you slowly follow your way across their sonic landscape. Sonar allow for more blues to seep into the sound of "Waves & Particles" as subtle guitar chords keep your interest peaked. The mood turns dark with the deep bass backdrop of "Tromso," while "For Lost Sailors" is a David Torn original that features the full experimental capabilities of the band. Sonar wrap up their new album with the steady rocker "Lookface!," as their sound continues to excite and amaze. To find out more about Sonar and their latest release "Live At Moods," please visit

Italian progressive rock ensemble, Syndone recently released their seventh studio album, "Mysoginia." It features nine-tracks, beginning with the grand instrumental "Medea," which reflects a 1970's period in rock music. The album continues with the epic movement of "Red Shoes," as you begin to fully appreciate the wonderful musicianship that Syndone offer. They sing the words of "Caterina" in their native tongue, as the music sounds like a rock opera. Their influences come shining through on the fluctuating tempo changes of "12 Minuti," while keyboards and choirs drive the title song "Mysoginia." Syndone finish up their new album with the classic Styx-like sound of "Women" and the emotional piano ballad "Amalia." To find out more about Syndone and their latest release "Mysoginia," please visit

Progressive rock keyboardist/vocalist Tim Morse recently released his third studio album, "Tim Morse III." His initial idea was to record the entire album himself, but after recording the demos, Tim missed that connection he felt with other musicians, so invited some guests to play drums and guitar on the album. He begins with the radio-friendly prog-rock approach of "Wake-Up," before diving into the 11-plus minute epic "Labyrinth." The song constantly changes, as if you are trapped in Morse's musical world as swirling keyboards and aggressive rhythms fuel the nature of the melody. Tim continues with the the exciting turns of "The Path" and the classic rock feel of "My Ally," before he wraps up his new album with the build-up of "Circle/Talisman," which showcases Tim's rocking musical heart. To find out more about Tim Morse and his latest release "Tim Morse III," please visit

Released just last month, is the highly anticipated release from the progressive rock ensemble, 41Point9. Their new album titled "Mr. Astute Trousers" features over an hour of music that you will fully need to concentrate on in order to appreciate it fully. They start out with the epic pieces "When Valkyries Cry" and "For The King," as the pounding rhythm and hard rick guitar riffs lead the song's outstanding orchestration. The album continues with the tempo changes of "The Marine," as the aggressive chorus is the backbone of the song's energy. They pick the tempo up with the steady, hard rock pace if "Tilting At Windmills," while "Don't Cut Down The Rose" drives on a dance floor beat with emotion fueled lyrics. 41Point9 close their new album with the wonderful harmonies and worldly sounds of "The Loch" and the bright, pop/rock touch of "Familiar Strangers." To find out more about 41Point9 and their latest release "Mr. Astute Trousers," please visit

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Both Citizen K and Strat Andriotis Release The Third Albums In Their Latest Series Of New Music

Swedish pop/rock, singer/songwriter Klas Qvist recently released his new album under the moniker, Citizen K. His new album titled simply "III" was inspired by the music of The Beatles, as Citizen K tries to bring their brand of music into the 21st century. The new 13-song release begins with the progressive instrumental sounds of "Welcome Abroad," before delivering the "Rubber Soul" feel of "Let This Be Love" and the Wings-style rock of "Ocean's Call." The ballad "Cancelled Flight" will simply draw you in with its gentle piano and emotional lyrics, while "Radio Classic" is just pure, up-tempo fun as Citizen K displays his enjoyment through his music. The album wraps up with the acoustic, folk instrumental strumming of "Beasts Of England" and the more progressive rock of "After The Fact (Encore)." To find out more about Citizen K and his latest release "III," please visit his Facebook page at

Also newly released is the latest album from jazz guitarist/composer Strat Andriotis. His new release titled "Night Manager" is the third in his series of Gypsy Jazz style instrumental albums. This new 8-song set also features the work of violin legend Jerry Goodman, as he trades solos with Strat on the album's opening track "Song 21." Pianists Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Adrean Farrugia help lay the ground work for the songs "Secrets" and "Chili's Blues," while Strat showcases his quieter side with the acoustic ballad "Avid." The album finishes with gentle melody of "The Arrival" and Strat's wonderful guitar work on his cover of the 1941 song "I Hear A Rhapsody." To find out more about Strat Andriotis and his latest release "Night Manager," please visit

Monday, November 5, 2018

Paul Kelly Goes Back To "Nature" & Sarah Borges Wants You To Know "Love's Middle Name"

Australian-born singer/songwriter Paul Kelly has been riding a wave of inspiration, releasing his fourth album in only two years. His new release titled "Nature" features a dozen tracks that continue to prove that Paul Kelly is one of the greatest living songwriters of our era. He begins with the short, acoustic-based strumming of "And Death Shall Have No Dominion," which quickly re-introduces you to his wonderful, lyric-filled songs. He plugs in for the raw, steady rock of "With The One I Love," before switching back once again for the folk ballad "A Bastard Like Me." He works alongside fellow singer, Kate Miller-Heidke for the emotional, storied tale of "Bound To Follow (Aisling Song)," before reverting back to his folk roots for the simple sounds of "Seagulls Of Seattle." Paul Kelly wraps up his new album with the light, dream-like touch of music for "Mushrooms" and the country-sway of "The Trees." To find out more about Paul Kelly and his latest release "Nature," please visit

Released back in October is the new album, "Love's Middle Name" from Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles. It features ten tracks that solidify Sarah one of the top female indie-rockers around. Her new album kicks off with the high-energy, guitar driven rocker "House On A Hill, quickly followed by the attention grabbing, thumping blues rhythm of "Luck Rocks." Her music draws similarities to early days of Sheryl Crow, as "Let Me Try" delivers an edgier country rock sound, while Sarah also has her finger on the pulse of the blues, with the ballad "Grow Wings." Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles finish up their new album with the quick rocking pace of "Headed Down" and the wonderful songwriting of "I Can't Change It." Sarah and the band are heading out on the road in November, for a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about her new album "Love's Middle Name," please visit

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Martin Popoff's New Book Features A Round Table Discussion Of Iron Maiden "Album By Album"

Arriving just last month is a brand new book by famed rock journalist Martin Popoff. He pays tribute to the iconic heavy metal band, Iron Maiden with a new publication titled "Iron Maiden: Album By Album." This book is a great new round-table discussion on every Iron Maiden studio album with some of the biggest names in rock music, like Mike Portnoy, Marty Friedman and even former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley.

Each chapter of the book represents the discussion of one of Maiden's albums, beginning with their self-titled studio album and runs through their latest album, "Book Of Souls." Popoff starts off each chapter with his representation of the album, before diving into a question and answer with few different artists that also give their opinion on these albums. Reading the words other artists give to these albums, allows you to maybe look at these works of art a little differently. 

While I personally did not get into Iron Maiden's music until the late eighties, it's great hearing about how the public and the music industry portrayed their music early on. Like hearing about the religious backlash about the album cover of "Number Of The Beast" or how Iron Maiden dealt with grunge music by rushing through the production of "No Prayer For The Dying." The book is filled with over 250 color and black/white photos that show the band in concert, as well as promotional posters and album covers.

The book also might give fans new insight into the late-nineties, non-Bruce Dickinson lead albums, "The X-Factor" and "Virtual XI." Wrestler/singer Chris Jericho names "The X-Factor" one of his favorite Iron Maiden albums and the trio of Rich Davenport, Jimmy Kay and Ahmet Zappa dissect the epic tracks of "Virtual XI" and how they could have been approved upon, in order stand up to the rest of the Maiden catalog.

Martin Popoff does an outstanding job asking the right questions that may have been on fans minds for years. While other books have tackled Iron Maiden's music straight from the members of the band, this book feels like it's more as a perspective from fans. After reading through this book, you will certainly find yourself listening to the music of Iron Maiden differently. You will re-analyze the music, keeping the words of these artists in mind, and appreciate the nearly 40 year legacy of one of the premier heavy metal bands of all time. For more information on this new book, "Iron Maiden: Album By Album,: please visit

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Get "More Blood, More Tracks" With The New Deluxe Box Set From Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series

On November 2nd, fans of Bob Dylan's music have finally been able to get their hands on one of the holy grails of Dylan's catalog. I'm talking about the complete sessions of one of his most beloved albums, "Blood On The Tracks." The rumors of this release have been swirling around music forums for the past few years as fans have been wishing and praying for all the recordings being released. Well, their prayers have been answered, as latest volume in the Bob Dylan "Bootleg Series" features almost the complete recordings for his "Blood On The Tracks" album.

The new release titled "More Blood, More Tracks" includes six CDs that follow the development of every song that Dylan worked on for this 1975 album. The set works in chronological order, as you begin with the multiple acoustic solo takes of songs like "If You See Her, Say Hello" and "Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts." Listening to the many early takes of these first five songs that Dylan worked on solo in the studio, any of them could have been deemed a final version, they are that good.

On the second disc of the set, Dylan brings in his backing band to help flesh out some of the songs from the first disc. You can follow along with the development of songs like "Simple Twist Of Fate," "Idiot Wind" and "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go," as all feature multiple takes. The average Bob Dylan fan may think that having five or six takes of the same song may feel a little redundant, but it allows for the die-hard to examine every step Dylan took with this masterpiece. This disc also includes a couple tries of the outtake "Call Letter Blues," which never made the final album as Dylan abandoned further recordings of that song.

The third, fourth and fifth discs in the set is where Dylan experiments further with the songs as he practices different line-ups, using just the bass, organ or piano. By adding just the slightest touch of an organ and steel guitar to "You're A Big Girl Now," you get a country vibe to the song that started out as quiet poem of reflection. It only took four takes for Dylan to feel comfortable with his love song "Shelter From The Storm," as you can hear him working on the correct tempo of the song's structure.

Bob Dylan seemed most unsettled with the songs "Buckets Of Rain" and "Up To Me" as this set includes multiple versions of these. By listening to these different takes back to back, it allows you to fully appreciate the emotion that Dylan was trying to portray with these songs. Dylan was a perfectionist in the studio and you can understand why as this set allows you to decide for yourself if the best version of the song was chosen for the final "Blood On The Tracks" album.

While the first five discs showcase Dylan's time at A&R Studio in New York in September 1974, the sixth disc of this set features the re-recorded final versions of the songs "Idiot Wind," "You're A Big Girl Now," "Tangled Up In Blue," "Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts" and "If You See Her Say Hello." As Dylan felt uncomfortable with the recordings he did in New York, during two separate sessions in his home town of Minneapolis, he abandoned the acoustic versions for a full band. Without the outtakes of the full band sessions included, we can assume that Dylan was pleased with these final versions.

The new Bob Dylan "Bootleg Series, Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks" was released in a number of different formats. Along with the six-disc deluxe edition, there is also a single CD addition that gathers the best of the alternate versions in order to re-create the "Blood On The Tracks" album. The same tracks that are featured on the single CD set are also being released as double-vinyl set, as both include a version of the non-album track "Up To Me." To find out more about this amazing new set, please visit

Friday, November 2, 2018

Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of These Classic Albums From Fastball & Yum-Yum (DJ Chris Holmes)

Omnivore Recordings is in a celebratory mood with new releases marking the 20th anniversary of a couple special albums. First up is the new 20th anniversary release of the platinum-selling album from the Austin, TX rock band, Fastball. Their 1998 album "All The Pain Money Can Buy" brought the band super-stardom with the hit singles "The Way," "Fire Escape" and "Out Of My Head." To celebrate the band's accomplishments, the album is being reissued with an additional nine bonus tracks. It will also be released on vinyl for the first time as a double LP.

The album will certainly bring you back to nineties, as it kicks off with two of those hit singles ("The Way" and "Fire Escape"), as you settle in for a nostalgic trip. The alternative rock assault of "Sooner Or Later" and "Damaged Goods" will remind you of the band's youthful energy on this, their sophomore release. The bonus tracks consist of B-sides, compilation tracks and rare previously unreleased demos. The acoustic strumming of "Fire Escape" and "Sweetwater, Texas" showcase these songs in their infancy, while still delivering the band's iconic sound. This new set of songs closes with Fastball's cover of The Replacements' "Androgynous" and a raw, acoustic version of "The Way." To find out more about the 20th anniversary release of Fastball's "All The Pain Money Can Buy," please visit

Another album that is getting the 20th anniversary deluxe treatment is Yum-Yum's "Dan Loves Patti." While you may not know Yum-Yum by that name, it was the former name that was given to Paul McCartney's current touring opener, DJ Chris Holmes. He has spent the last nine years on the road with Paul, but prior to that he was known as the recording artist, Yum-Yum. His debut album "Dan Loves Patti" has become a cult classic and after being long out of print, is now being reissued with ten bonus tracks.

While the album never created any hit singles, it showcased an artist paying homage to classic AM radio, with raw rock music mixed with addictive pop lyrics. The great, energetic feel of "Doot-Doot" and "Sister" displayed the potential for pop success, but instead his music found a home with fans of the underground rock music. The album's original 12-song set almost doubles in size with some stellar bonus tracks, including covers of Prince's "When You Were Mine" and The Muppets' "Rainbow Connection." Six of the bonus tracks features previously unreleased demo versions of songs that did not appear on the original album. The hidden gems of "Summertime" and "Automatic Blues," which show that Yum-Yum was on the verge of becoming a hit producing machine. It seems like his music is more relevant today than it was back in 1998. To find out more about the 20th anniversary release of Yum-Yum's "Dan Loves Patti" album, please visit

Thursday, November 1, 2018

New Hard Rock/Punk Music From Memphis May Fire, Nightmares For A Week, Destroy Boys and O.D.D.

Arriving November 16th is the new, highly anticipated album from the hard rock band, Memphis May Fire. Their new album titled "Broken" is the band's sixth, as the band looks to takeover the indie-rock charts. Their new ten song release begins with the the high-energy delivery of "The Old Me," as the music powers the song's aggressive sound. The album continues with the arena-built anthem "Watch Out" and the modern hard rock appeal of "Sell My Soul." Since the band's debut almost ten years ago, they have continued to evolve into this hard rocking juggernaut that is ready to rule the airwaves with new songs like "Who I Am" and "Heavy Is The Weight." Memphis May Fire close their new album with the emotion-fueled hard rock ballad "You And Me" and the guitar-driven, self-help anthem of "Live Another Day." To find out more about Memphis May Fire and their latest release "Broken," please visit their Facebook page at

From Kingston, NY comes the latest release from the rock band Nightmares For A Week. Their new album titled "Celebrations" features ten tracks, beginning with introduction of "I'm Your Haze," which continues to build up to the opening song "Arrows." Their sound has a punk-like backbone with flashes of alternative rock that seems tailor made for modern rock radio. The album continues with the addictive melody and chorus of "Summer," which just get stuck in your head long after listening to the album. Nightmares For A Week pick up the energy with the youthful, punk-like appeal of "Friends" and "Peep," before closing their new album with the energetic pounding rhythm of "Always." To find out more about Nightmares For A Week and their latest release "Celebrations," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from Oakland, CA is the latest release from the female-fronted punk rock band, Destroy Boys. Their new album titled "Make Room" kicks off with the aggressive, hi-fi attack of "American River" and the raw, guitar buzz of "Methatonin." Lead singer Alexia Roditis delivers the perfect punk-rock attitude to "Vixen," while "Nerve" feels like a nostalgic trip with its early nu-wave sound. Destroy Boys wrap up their new 10-song release with the sonic blast of "Crybaby" and the alternative/grunge appeal of "Soundproof." To find out more about Destroy Boys and their latest release "Make Room," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, arriving November 9th, is the new four-song EP from Atlanta hard rockers, O.D.D. Their new release titled "The Disorder," kicks off with the energetic eighties rock vibe of "Executive Disorder" as the band draws up comparisons to Kings X and at times, Motley Crue. The album continues with the deep chugging rhythm of "Label Killer" and the exciting guitar riffs of "Loud Fighter" that showcase the full potential of this band's musical talents. O.D.D. wrap up their new short release with dark, evil beginning of "The View," which opens up into this heavy-hitting metal assault, leaving you wanting more from this band. To find out about O.D.D.'s new album "The Disorder," please visit