Friday, November 30, 2018

Roy Orbison And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Team-Up Once Again For More "Unchained Melodies"

Back in November 2017, Roy's Boys, in association with Sony Legacy, released the sensational compilation "A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra." It featured 15 classic Orbison tracks that were reworked to included the stunning sounds of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Now, on November 16th, lightening strikes again with a brand new 15-song compilation that teams up the iconic vocals of Roy Orbison with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra once again.

None of the songs on this new release duplicate last years album, as even more of Orbison's biggest hits are featured on this release. The well-known classics like "Blue Bayou," "Leah" and "Walk On," which were voted by fans to be included in this new set, only added to Orbison's endless legacy. Another example of the timeless sound of Roy Orbison's voice, is his interpretations of well-known hits like "Unchained Melody," "The Great Pretender" and "Danny Boy." Listening to this new release feels as if these songs were originally intended to be given the orchestration treatment as the mix is perfect with the songs "She's A Mystery To Me" and "The Crowd." The set closes with rising country singer Cam performing a duet with Roy Orbison on his swinging song "Heartbreak Radio." To find out more about the newly released "Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra," please visit

Thursday, November 29, 2018

New Music From Sandoval Band, High South, The Thin Cherries, Youniverse, The High Loves and Evan Myall

Meriden, CT-based rock/funk group, Sandoval Band recently released their new album titled "Sound Of All, Episode One." It features 13-tracks, beginning with a classic rock sound, mixed with the R&B-styled lyrics of "Make A Way." The band then dives back to the bluesy/country roots of "You Gotta Let Go (Move On)," which is highlighted by some sweet slide guitar work. Their funkiness comes shining through on the up-tempo groove of "Got Nothin' Without You" and the beats of "Fake News (We Can Change)." The Sandoval Band slow things down and finish up the first half of their album with the mellow, jazz-like piece "Say Amen (We Believe In You)." The second half of their new album finds band leader, Jean Sandoval discussing the songs and how they came to be. To find out more about the Sandoval Band and their latest release "Sound Of All, Episode One," please visit

Next up from Nashville comes the American debut release titled "Change In The Wind" from the Americana/Roots trio, High South. Their new six-song EP begins with the track "Make It Better," which sounds like it was heavily influenced by Crosby, Stills and Nash. The album continues with The Band inspired "Joshua Tree," which will make you wonder if this came from the "Music From Big Pink" sessions. The band's beautiful acoustics and sweet harmonies are highlighted on the gentle touch of "Honestly." High South finish up their new, all too short, release with raw, country rocker "Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down" and the up-lifting, inspiration of "Change In The Wind." To find out more about High South and their latest release "Change In The Wind," please visit

Moving on to Chicago is the sophomore release from the alternative/psychedelic rock band, The Thin Cherries. Their new album titled "On Moose Island" features ten tracks, beginning with the dreamy rock approach of the titled song "Moose Island." The acoustic strumming of "Soviet" slows down the tempo, while "Follow Sun" feels like it was a forgotten gem from the sixties British invasion. The Thin Cherries modernize their sound with the up-tempo, electronic beats of "I Don't Know You At All," before delivering the mellow, psych-rock of "Espresso Pedals." They wrap up their new album with the addictive, alt-pop melody of "Novato" and the six-minute relaxation of "Leanne," as the band leave you calm and content. To find out more about The Thin Cherries and their latest release "On Moose Island," please visit

Next, we have the debut release from the Slovakian industrial/electro band, The Youniverse. Their new album titled "CMYK" includes 15 tracks of experimental wonder, as they keep you guessing which way their music is going. The Youniverse break up their new release into four different sections, to match the different color representation of "CMYK." Beginning with cyan, the album starts off with the electronic blues of "Silver" and the raw, experimental rock of "Har(d)b(r)inger." Next we move on to the magenta side of the album, with the space-rock, pop tones of "Breathe" and the R&B ballad "Riverbanks." As we move on to yellow, you begin to get a sense of how the songs in each group relate to one another. The industrial electronics of "Eye Of The Storm" burns with passions, while "Three Little Monkeys" draws you in with its addictive keyboard riff and pop beats. The Youniverse close out their new album with the black section, which includes the guitar buzzing blues of "Ammo Box" and the dance beats of "Bubblegum Pants." To find out more about The Youniverse and their latest release "CMYK," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Next from Toronto, Canada comes the return of The High Loves with their new five-song EP titled "Serotonin." The album begins with the band's latest single "You Already Knew," which delivers a post-punk energy with a youthful, addictive chorus that will easily stick in you head. They continue to deliver the passion with the up-tempo strumming of "Winding Up Nowhere" and "Serotonin," before closing their new short release with the quieter pop harmonies of "High-Rise." To find out more about The High Loves and their latest release "Serotonin," please visit their Facebook page at

Last, but certainly not least we have the latest release from California-based singer/songwriter, Evan Myall. His new album titled "Basic Gardening" follows his string of seven other studio albums that has made Evan an international artist on the independent touring circuit. His new release begins with the wonderful modern rock approach of "Devil's Shoes" and the majestic, sweeping melody of "Who." The album's lead single, "Frances" has an bright, electronic pop sound that should fit right at home on alternative-pop radio. Evan wraps up his new album with the floating sonic backdrop of "I Want U" and the build-up of the emotional ballad "Phoenix." To find out more about Evan Myall and his latest release "Basic Gardening," please visit

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Explore New Music From Eraldo Bernocchi and Anguish On RareNoise Records

Musician, composer and co-founder of RareNoise Records, Eraldo Bernocchi is preparing to release a new album title "Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It." The new release features Bernocchi handling all the instrumentation as the music is an underscore for the film "Cy Dear," about the famous American artist, Cy Twombly. The music just floats on by with its ambient feel, as it's intention is to only add emotion to the films subject matter. The soundtrack will not excite you, but instead give you a calming feel, that allows you to just listen and relax. Most of the tracks on this 18-song release are only a few minutes long, as Eraldo Bernocchi is able to showcase some of his latest instrumental work. He incorporates subtle industrial beats on "The Silver Laugh" to give his music a more modern feel. He delivers a Pink Floydian sound to "A Crack In Time," before closing with the gentle touch of piano on "Near By Distance." To find out more about Eraldo Bernocchi and his latest release "Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It," please visit

Next, we get the new experimental outing from the all-star line-up of Will Brooks, Mats Gustafsson, Hans Joachim Irmler, Mike Mare and Andreas Werliin. Their new album is titled "Anguish," and features a free-form infused jazz, Krautrock sound with no parallel. The music sounds as if it came from some random jam sessions as the opening track "Vibrations" has very little form attached to it. You are simply drawn in by the wonder of what comes next. The music moves into the hip-hop territory with the solid rhythm and rolling vocals of "Gut Feeling." The poetry of "Healer's Lament" is stunning as the ambient backdrop adds to the emotions of the lyrics. The nine-song set closes with the buzz of "A Maze Of Decay" and the seven-minute steady climb of "Wumme." To find out more about the new release of "Anguish," please visit

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Celebrate 50 Years Of The Rolling Stones' "Beggars Banquet" & Find Out Their Favorite Blues Songs With "Confessin' The Blues"

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of some iconic albums, like The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Electric Ladyland" and The Beatles' "White Album," let's not forget that The Rolling Stones also released a monumental album, "Beggars Banquet." It is the last album that was fully recorded with the band's original line-up of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts. It also includes two of the band's biggest hit singles, "Sympathy For The Devil" and "Street Fighting Man." "Beggars Banquet" was a return to the band's roots, after their 1967 psychedelic trip "Their Satanic Majestic Requests," as it featured a more stripped-down sound.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the album, ABKCO Records released a new remastered, 180-gram vinyl package, which also includes the 12" mix of "Sympathy Of The Devil" and a flexi-disc containing a 1968 interview with Mick Jagger. The sound on this new vinyl is so spectacular, that you just want to raise the volume as loud as you can and float back in 1968 all over again. You can hear every strum of the guitar on "Parachute Woman" and feel the dirtiness of "Stray Cat Blues." The tapping of piano keys during the studio jam of "Jig-Saw Puzzle" and the sweet country acoustics of "Prodigal Son" are pure bliss, as you finally hear this music the way it was intended.

The double LP set comes housed with it's original, banned "toilet" cover with the less offensive "wedding invitation" included as a slipcase. On the flip-side of the "Sympathy For The Devil" 12" single is an etching of the album's original cover. To find out more about this new 50th anniversary release of The Rolling Stones' "Beggars Banquet," please visit

Speaking of The Rolling Stones, we get a brand new compilation of some of the biggest blues artists of all time, handpicked by The Stones for this release. This new 2-CD, or 2x2 vinyl set, titled "Confessin' The Blues" includes 42 of the original blues hits from such legendary artists as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf and Bo Diddley and that's only scratching the surface of what is included in this set.

The blues played such an important roll into the development of The Rolling Stones, that the band members felt the need to pay homage to the genre by picking their favorites. Guitarist Ronnie Wood has described the blues as "how Mick (Jagger) and Keith (Richards) first got close." The cover art of this new release is also an original painting of Woods. Proceeds from the sales of this set, benefit the Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation.

All of the tracks in this set are blues standards, to which all other blues songs came from. You have "Key To The Highway" by Big Bill Broonzy" and "Stop Breakin' Down Blues" by Robert Johnson, which laid the groundwork for Otis Rush's "I Can't Quit You" and Buddy Guy's "Damn Right I've Got The Blues." As you listen to this amazing set of music, you can follow the common thread that binds the blues together, no matter the artist. With this release, school is in session and The Rolling Stones, who started out their career singing the blues, have provided the perfect criteria of what it takes to sing the blues. To find out more about "Confessin' The Blues," please visit

Monday, November 26, 2018

William "Shatner Claus" Pays You A Visit, Along With New Christmas Albums From Mitch Ryder and Thor

This Christmas, we will receive a trio of new holiday-themed albums from none other than William Shatner, Mitch Ryder and even classic heavy metal artist, Thor. All three of these artists are getting into the holiday spirit, releasing their first ever Christmas albums, beginning with "Shatner Claus." 

This 14-song release from William Shatner features a load of special guests as Shatner talks his way through the holiday album. Right from the beginning, Shatner does his best to get you into the Christmas spirit with his recital of "Jingle Bells," with help from Henry Rollins. Shatner then describes what it would be like to be stranded with Brad Paisley during "Blue Christmas" and enjoys rocking out with Todd Rundgren and Artimus Pyle during "Frosty The Snowman." The mood gets serious during of the reading of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" as Rick Wakeman lays down the perfect piano backdrop to support William Shatner's iconic voice. One of the best songs on this new album features the collaboration of Shatner with guitarist/singer Billy Gibbons on the rockabilly swing of "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer." The album finishes with a wonderful lounge/jazz version of "White Christmas," which finds Shatner teaming up with Judy Collins on this new holiday staple. To find out more about William Shatner's first holiday album, "Shatner Claus," please visit

Michigan native Mitch Ryder has been rocking the music scene for over four decades with his backing band, The Detroit Wheels, but this year features his first holiday album titled "Christmas (Take A Ride)." The new twelve track release kicks off with the soulful rock of "What Christmas Means To Me" and the up-tempo, swinging rhythm of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." Mitch Ryder settles in perfectly to the R&B ballad "Someday At Christmas," while "Santa Claus" is a full-on rock assault that shows that Ryder can still rock with the best of them. He wraps up his first holiday-themed album with the fun, light-hearted groove of "Sleigh Ride" and a closing message of positiveness with "Put A Little Love In Your Heart." To find out more about Mitch Ryder and his new release "Christmas (Take A Ride)," please visit

Maybe one of the oddest Christmas albums to arrive this holiday season comes from classic heavy metal artist, Thor. The new release titled "Christmas In Valhalla" features nine original tracks that are geared toward metalheads and rockers looking to break away from traditional Christmas songs. The album kicks off with Thor's homage to "two of the fastest reindeer," with the high-powered energy jolt of "Donner And Blitzen." Thor keeps the holiday spirit alive with "Gonna Have A Rockin' Christmas," before getting a bit darker with the classic heavy metal appeal of "Slay Rider." He eases thing up with the power ballad "Our Last Christmas," then brings back the hard rock assault with the chugging rhythm of "Lend Me Your Ears." Thor wraps up his new Christmas album with the poetry reading of "Cold St. Nick" as ambient keyboard sounds swirl in the background. To find out more about Thor's first holiday-themed album "Christmas In Valhalla," please visit

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Let Los Straitjackets Get You Into The Holiday Spirit With Their New "Complete Christmas Songbook"

Perfect timing for the holidays, the mask-wearing, surf-rock instrumentalists, Los Straitjackets recently released their new compilation "Complete Christmas Songbook." It features every holiday song the band has recorded in their 30 year career. All 27-tracks have been previously released, beginning with their first holiday album "'Tis The Season For Los Straitjackets" all the way through to their most recent holiday adventure, "Linus & Lucy" taken from a live show with Nick Lowe.

The first 13-tracks make up Los Straitjackets first delivery of Christmas cheer, which dates back to 2002. Songs like the "La Bamba" inspired "Feliz Navidad," the lounge feel of "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" and the big band swing of "Frosty The Snowman" will fill your speakers with joy. The next 10-tracks were featured on their second full-length holiday album "Yuletide Beat" and the energy and excitement of the season continues with the Dick Dale guitar influence of "We Three Kings" and the power rock ballad "Groovy Old Saint Nick." They inject some R&B flavor into "Joy To The World" and then deliver the jazzy sounds of "Soul'd Lang Syne."

The final four tracks of this new compilation are taken from other releases by the band, including the fun times of "Holiday Twist" and the 2011 limited edition Christmas single "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" with "Silver Bells." Let's not forget the wonderful Los Straitjackets' ska version of "Linus And Lucy," which closes out this new compilation on a high, energetic note. This new release became available on CD (October 19th) and coming soon to vinyl (December 7th). To find out more about Los Straitjackets new holiday compilation "Complete Christmas Songbook," please visit

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Brian Setzer Orchestra Celebrates Their 15th Anniversary At Foxwoods With Christmas Classics

I can't think of a better way to kick off the holiday season, than by checking out the Brian Setzer Orchestra on their "Christmas Rocks!" tour. The rockabilly icon paid a returning visit to the Grand Theater at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino on Friday night, and he brought his 19-piece orchestra along for the ride. Brian Setzer would also rename the venue to "Foxywoods," in order to make the night sound a little more sexy.

The night would blast off with a trio of Christmas hits, including a couple of Setzer reworkings, "Dig That Crazy Santa Claus" and "Gettin' In The Mood (For Christmas)." The night was not only a celebration of the holiday season kicking off, but also Setzer and his orchestra are celebrating their 15th anniversary with this tour.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra then slipped in a couple Stray Cats classics with "Stray Cat Strut" and "Runaway Boys." Setzer showed off his new shiny red guitar (that he got early for Christmas), as he lead the band through a jamming, solo-filled, swinging Christmas version of "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus. Next, it was time for Brian's stellar back-up singers (Julie Setzer and Leslie Spencer) to grab the spotlight with their choral rendition of "Angels We Have Heard On High."

Brian Setzer described the sound of his orchestra as a "Cadillac that just run perfect." He showcased that power by taking the audience to the next level with his cover of the Louis Prima classic "Jump, Jive and Wail." Setzer would also perform others covers that night, including The Beatles' "Hey Bulldog" and the Johnny Cash classic "Ring Of Fire."

The youthful side of Brian Setzer came pouring out as the rockabilly trio of Setzer's longtime bassist Johnny Hatton and drummer Noah Levy came together for an explosion of energy performing the Stray Cats' "Fishnet Stockings." Setzer closed out the set with another Stray Cats classic, "Rock This Town," as everyone was swinging to the rockabilly sound.

After an evening of some Stray Cats, Beatles and Johnny Cash, now it was time for the Brian Setzer Orchestra to cover Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite." This nearly eight-minute instrumental was the perfect way for Setzer to re-introduce his stellar orchestra, before closing the evening with the sing-along of "Jingle Bells." As the snow began to fall in the theater, Brian Setzer and his orchestra wished everyone a Merry Christmas by sending them home with memories of these holiday classics.

Setlist: Dig That Crazy Santa Claus, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, Gettin' In The Mood (For Christmas), Stray Cat Strut, Boogie Woogie Santa Claus, Gene & Eddie, Angels We Have Heard On High, Runaway Boys, Jump Jive and Wail, Here Comes Santa Claus, The Dirty Boogie, Hey Bulldog, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Rockabilly Boogie, Ring Of Fire, Fishnet Stockings, Rock This Town
Encore: The Nutcracker Suite, Jingle Bells

Friday, November 23, 2018

Re-Discover The Amazing Talents Of Chris Cornell With This New Deluxe Edition Box Set

On May 18, 2017, the world lost a musical icon when singer/songwriter/musician Chris Cornell lost his battle with depression and took his own life. The legacy he left behind, can only be summed up as, "Amazing!" Leading three bands, Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog and Audioslave, Cornell was at every turning point in the development of rock music. In order to showcase all his musical talents, The Chris Cornell Estate is association with UMe released a career-spanning, four-disc, 64-track compilation titled simply "Chris Cornell." It was released on November 16th, and is also available as a single 17-track CD and double-vinyl LP.

This set starts out with Cornell, and the early days of his Seattle-grunge band, Soundgarden. As you listen to the songs "All Your Lies" and "Loud Love," you will instantly recognize that Soundgarden were ahead of their time. The Seattle music scene did not fully catch on until 1991, and these early Soundgarden tracks helped build that strong foundation. The first disc continues with the more well-known Soundgarden hits like "Outshined," "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman," but not before a couple of well-known songs from the all-star Seattle band, Temple Of The Dog. The hidden gems are the Chris Cornell solo-acoustic song "Seasons" (from the "Singles" soundtrack) and his cover of "Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)" (from the Jimi Hendrix tribute album "Stone Free").

The second disc starts out with some of Cornell's most vulnerable work, as his voice will just melt your soul on the simple acoustics of "Sunshower" and "Sweet Europhia." Then the power of Audioslave takes over as you rock out to "Like A Stone" and "Cochise," as this super-group breathed new life into the frontman. Some highlights from the second disc include the theme song "You Know My Name" from the James Bond movie "Casino Royale" and his delicate cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

The next disc includes some of Chris Cornell's team-ups with Slash ("Promise"), Santana ("Whole Lotta Love") and Joy Williams ("Misery Chain"). This disc also includes some of Cornell's more recent recordings, including emotional live acoustic versions of "Call Me A Dog" and "I Am The Highway" from his "Songbook Tour." This disc closes with a couple of soundtrack entries ("'Til The Sun Comes Back Around" from "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi" and "Stay With Me Baby" from "Vinyl"), along with the previously unreleased track "When Bad Does Good," which almost feels like a autobiographical piece, as Cornell sings his heart out on this slow-burning ballad.

The fourth disc in this set is where fans will flock to as it contains a number of previously unreleased live tracks. Beginning with the Soundgarden cover of Black Sabbath's "Into The Void," you are in for a magical treat as each song just gets better and better. From listening to Cornell belt out the chorus of "Show Me How To Live" from Audioslave live in Cuba, to the honest, gentle touch of his solo acoustic version of Temple Of The Dog's "All Night Thing," this set showcases the purity in Cornell's vocals. His acoustic version of Prince's "Nothing Comperes 2 U" is just heart-wrenching, as is his duet with his daughter on the Bob Marley classic "Redemption Song." This set will only solidified the Midas touch that Chris Cornell presented to whatever he was a part of, whether it was in a band or just solo, Cornell was an icon and may his music live on forever in the hearts of his fans. To find out more about this new amazing box set, please visit

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Shawn Mullins "Soul's Core Revival" Revisits His Hit Album For Its 20th Anniversary

When you are best known by only one album, or even only one song, it may be tough to break away from that, in order for people to see you as an enduring artist. Well, singer/songwriter Shawn Mullins has embraced that type of fame. After a trio of independent releases, Mullins became a staple on the radio with his 1998 hit single "Lullaby." The song was a top ten single around the world and catapulted Mullins into musical superstardom. His album "Soul's Core" reached the top ten here in the U.S. and in the U.K. He would eventually record another five solo albums, with only minor success.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of that special album, and to celebrate, Shawn Mullins recently released a newly recorded version of that special album. The new release titled "Soul's Core Revival" features not one, but two new versions of the album, one electric and one acoustic. Mullins also assembled a brand new band to help breathe new life into his music.

This 2-CD set features the same line-up of songs on each disc that mirrors the album's original release. As you begin to listen to this new recording, you will first notice the deep, slightly more gruff tone to Mullins' vocals, but that adds to the wonderful storied lyrics that he wrote 20 years prior. The experiences heard in his voice give more authenticity to the songs "Twin Rocks, Oregon" and "Soul Child," as you once again warm up to Mullins's iconic sound. His cover of Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" seems to fit in much better on this version of "Soul's Core Revival," as you can feel the emotion in his singing. Let's not forget the two hit songs that came from the "Soul's Core" album, "Lullaby" and "Shimmer," which still have those magical qualities as you once again feel like its 1998 all over again.

The addition of the acoustic disc feels like an episode of the MTV show, "Storytellers," as Shawn Mullins introduces each track with a story. You also get to concentrate more on Shawn's amazing lyrics and hearing the stories will make you listen to these songs in a different light. Plus, having these stripped down versions allows you to notice how timeless the music on this album is. To find out more about Shawn Mullin's "Soul's Core Revival," please visit his Facebook page at

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Check Out New Music From Steve Wheeler, Straight Six and Jupiter In Velvet

Arriving November 16th, was the new release from multi-media composer, Steve Wheeler. His new album titled "Stormseeker" features seven tracks, beginning with the title-song "Stormseeker," which includes an exciting, attention grabbing mix of classical, hard rock and jazz, as you are ready to enter his world of music. The marching rhythm of "Seas Of Blood" and shear force of "Destroyer Of Worlds" keeps the energy flowing and you can almost picture the action of the orchestra taking place. The album continues with the emotion fueled rhythm and strings of "By The Fire," which sounds like it belongs in the realm with "Game Of Thrones." Steve Wheeler wraps up his new album with the bright, uplifting ambient tone of "The Call Of The Gallows" and the ten-minute epic wonder of "Until The Light Leaves Their Eyes." To find out more about Steve Wheeler and his latest release "Stormseeker," please visit

Next up, is the debut release from the four-piece hard rock band Straight Six. Their album "Full Circle" brings you back to a time when the instruments were loud and the music was right in your face. They begin their new ten song release with the high-energy, electrifying guitar driven "Aimed At Me" as vocalist Jay Quintana delivers that classic eighties rock vibe. Straight Six swing with the Van Halen-like groove of "Middle Of The Ride" and swift pace of "Divided We Stand," as you feel transported back to the Sunset Strip days, when hard rock ruled the club scene. Straight Six slow the tempo down for the power ballad "What Would I Give," as the band's harmonies draw up similarities to Boston-band, Extreme. Straight Six close out their new album with the chugging guitar riffs of "21 Guns" and the powerfully timeless rock of "Black And Blue." To find out more about Straight Six and their latest release "Full Circle," please visit

Last, but certainly not least is the latest release from U.K. singer/songwriter Woolton Parrish, who is releasing his new album under the moniker, Jupiter In Velvet. The album "Beautiful New Day" allows him to stretch out his sound along these eleven, psych-rock anthems, beginning with the guitar-driven "Heavy Like A Brick." The album continues with alternative/pop of "Monsters" and the raw, addictive rhythm of "Mentonia," as you continue to listen in amazement to the musical world of Jupiter In Velvet. The post-punk feel of "U Can't Beat Me" and the melodic, inspirational build-up of "With A Whole Lotta Heart" showcases the diversity in his songwriting. Jupiter In Velvet wraps up his latest release with the grunge appeal of "Take Control" and the classic seventies pop/rock, Bowie-vibe of "Fight 4 Your Life." To find out more about Jupiter In Velvet and his latest release "Beautiful New Day," please visit

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Discover New Music From Rachel Taylor Brown, Rich Hope, Michot's Melody Makers and Dallas Acid with Laraaji and Arji OceAnada

Recently arriving on the underground music scene are new releases by Rachel Taylor Brown, Rich Hope and Michot's Melody Makers, along with a new collaboration between Dallas Acid, Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda. First up is the tenth studio effort from Oregon-based singer/songwriter Rachel Taylor Brown. Her new album titled "Run Tiny Human" features sixteen tracks that showcase Rachel diverse range, as she begins with the short, sweet poem "Yourself (You)," before opening up the rock vein of "Little Gyre." The gentle touch of "Wedding Song (Bad Of Bones)" and "Portlong" allows you to focus on her sweet voice, while "Maker" displays her experimental pop side. You can't help but get addicted to the beats of "Up You," before she slows down for the piano ballad "Wonderful You" and "God Reprise." To find out more about Rachel Taylor Brown and her latest release "Run Tiny Human," please visit

Sticking with the Pacific Northwest, we get the latest release from rocker, Rich Hope. His new album titled "I'm All Yours" includes ten tracks that deliver a raw, gritty sound that will instantly turn you into a fan. He begins with the grunge-like guitar driven "It Come Alive" and the classic, swinging rhythm of "Golden Clouds." Rich brings on the blues with "La Iguana," before turning the tempo back up with the country vibe of "Blow Away" and nostalgic seventies rock and roll sound of "5 Cents A Dance." Rich Hope wraps up his new album with the slow, trudging of "Paranoia Blues" and the R&B groove of "Heartbreaker." To find out more about Rich Hope and his latest release "I'm All Yours," please visit his Facebook page at

Now, it's time to discover the exciting sounds of the Michot's Melody Makers with their debut album "Blood Moon." It features only eight tracks, but right from the opening beats of "Two-Step De Ste Marie" you are a fan. The way they combine Cajun and Folk music is unmatched, as Michot's Melody Makers look to blur the boundaries of music. Their new album continues with the high energy rocker "Grand Marais" and the Americana sound of "Dans Les Pins," as they sing in their native tongue. They quickly bring the energy back up with the swift pace of "Allons Tous Boire Un Coup," before finishing up their new album with the pop groove of "La Lune Est Croche" and the Celtic-sounding fiddle strumming rocker "Danse Carree." To find out more about Michot's Melody Makers and their latest release "Blood Moon," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the new five-song collaboration between Dallas Acid, Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda. The ambient sounds of the ten-minute opener "Evening Reduction" will ease away your worries, as you follow the sounds that journey through your speakers. The subtle touch of "Full Moon Serenade" and "Somewhere Here" demands your full attention as you try and dissect what you are hearing. They wrap up their new   album with the bright, uplifting tones of "This Much More" as that is exactly what you look forward to from this trio of new artists. To find more about the newly released "Arrive Without Leaving," please visit

Monday, November 19, 2018

Check Out These New November Releases From IAC Records

IAC Records, a new record label out of California, is finishing the year out with over half-a-dozen new releases by some truly great independent artists. We start things off with the new live album from singer/songwriter Dirk Hamilton. Dirk tours the U.S. and Europe on an annual basis and has released over a dozen studio album since the mid-seventies. His new release titled "Live At The Palms" was recorded back in 2009 and contains 13-tracks that mostly focuses on his album "More Songs From My Cool Life." The show starts off with the acoustic strumming of "Searchin' For The Heart Of Soul," before quickly switching gears for the hard rocking "Hardball In The Holy Land." Hamilton does dive back into is catalog with the solo folk strumming of "Windmill Hills" and "Yep!," before finishing his new live album with his classic tale "Alias I" and the storied lyrics of "Lonely Videos." To find out more about Dirk Hamilton and his latest release "Live At The Palms," please visit

IAC is also re-issuing a trio of new releases featuring singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Eric Westphal. His 2000 solo album "Alice Street Sessions" is getting the remaster treatment and is being released with a bonus track that did not appear on the original album. The album was produced by Tesla's Troy Luccketta, who also plays drums on the album. The new 12-song re-issue showcases Eric Westphal's style of combining different elements of music like the jazz/rock vibe of "Hold Me" and the R&B flavor of "Stop To Smell The Roses." The lone bonus track is an eight-minute piano ballad "Parked In The Dappled Shade," that showcases some of Westphal's best songwriting.

Also being re-issued are the two albums that Westphal recorded with his band, James Blonde. This power pop trio entered the studio in 2000, following the release of Eric Westphal's solo effort and recorded almost two dozen songs. The songs sat on shelf until seeing the light of day in 2006 ("International Orange") and 2010 ("Stockton Rhythm"). The music features addictive rock anthems that carry a simple, but effective sound that almost makes the music timeless. Their album, "International Orange" is described by Westphal as "like finding 5 undiscovered 7" singles at garage sale by a band you've never heard about." The trio of Westphal, Peter Hackett and Rob Warren found a certain chemistry that made their music an underground gem to discover. Both albums have been re-released through IAC Records on November 9th, with "Stockton Rhythm" being re-issued with the bonus track "All Night Long," that just continues the band's addictive rock vibe. To find out more about Erick Westphal and his band James Blonde, please visit

Next up is the new studio album from singer/songwriter/guitarist Willie Hines. His new album "Letters To Maria" was released back in October and is his third solo album since his 2002 debut. He begins with the classic seventies hard rock vibe of "(I'm Not Waiting For The) Heartbreak" and the country/rock tones of "Little Tin Cup." The album continues with the power ballad "Standing At The Altar" and the gentle, acoustic strumming of "In The End." He wraps up his new album with the beautiful poetic lyrics of "Waiting For A Miracle" and the emotional solo piano ballad "The Tenth Letter." To find out more about Willie Hines and his latest release "Letters To Maria," please visit

On November 9th, singer/songwriter Nathan Ignacio released his new studio album titled "A Step Behind." It features only seven tracks, beginning with the acoustic, country/folk strumming of "She Never Knew," as you are re-introduced to the Nathan's roots sound. The album continues with the quiet vibe of "I'm Not Broken," as his lyrics are easy to follow, and he will have you singing along in no time. He picks the tempo up with the swinging bluegrass feel of "Blame It On The Heartache," before closing his new short release with laid-back blues of "A Step Behind" and the raw, steady rocker "Broken Hands." To find out more about Nathan Ignacio and his latest release "A Step Behind," please visit his Facebook page at

Veteran artist, Andrew Durr has been a staple of the Northern California music scene for the last 20 years. He recently released his new album "Time Frame," which features songs that were part of an original stage play, "Migrant Mother." He pours his heart and soul into the music right from the beginning, as the beautiful harmonies of "Hard Times Comes Again No More" will tug on your emotions. Andrew pays homage to the late, great Woody Guthrie with a stellar rendition of "Pastures Of Plenty," before delivering an intense version of "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?" He rearranges "Keep On The Sunny Side" in order to give it a dark, moody tone, then lifts your spirits once again with the gospel-like feel of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" To find out more about Andrew Durr and his latest release "Time Frame," please visit his Facebook page at

We finish up with the Napa Valley Duo and their latest releases "An American In Paris" and "A Soft Message To You." Violin/Cellist Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson and his partner, pianist Terry Winn came together over their love of classical music. Both were retired public school instructors and found a common bond in the music of Paris that was made between 1880-1915. The Napa Valley Duo released the two albums simultaneously on November 9th, and as you listen to these amazing, timeless pieces, you too will also fall in love with this music. With only two instruments, this pair of musicians are keeping the beautiful music of Paris alive and relevant with these two new timeless releases. To find out more about the Napa Valley Duo and their new albums. "An American In Paris" and "A Soft Message To You," please visit

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mary Lee Kortes Collects "115 Dreams About Bob" As She Comes To Terms With "Dreaming Of Dylan"

One of the most interesting reads this season is titled "Dreaming Of Dylan." It features a collection of poems and stories related to Bob Dylan, by many different types of people. Author/singer/songwriter Mary Lee Kortes introduces you to the book, by starting out with her own dream, in which Bob Dylan named her one of his "favorite new artists." Instead though, Kortes recounts a story about how she recorded a song for a "Blood On The Tracks" tribute album, which was featured on Bob Dylan's website for months. She finishes her story with the powerful message, "Some dreams do come true."

While Mary may have found a connection with Dylan, some of the poems and stories found within the pages of this book are from fans that have never had the pleasure of an interaction with the artist. The book includes the words of professors, designers, attorneys, artists, owners and the everyday worker. But, also included in this book are the poetic words of fellow musicians like Patti Smith, Warren Zanes and Jimbo Mathus. As you read each persons description of how Bob Dylan played a part in their dream, it feels as if you've been invited into this intimate discussion of the iconic artist.

The book features 115 dreams and as you first flip through this collection, you will instantly notice the outstanding artwork that is associated to each dream. Whether it's a drawing or photography, each page was planned out, in order to help interpret that specific insight into that person's account of when they met Bob Dylan, in their dreams. To find out more about "Dreaming Of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob," please visit

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Relive The Music Of Kalapana With New 9-CD Box Set & Best Of Compilation

One of Hawaii's best kept musical secrets is the soft rock band, Kalapana. Their career has stretched on for 45 years, and on November 30th, Manifesto Records is releasing an extensive 9-CD box set containing the band's first seven albums, plus a couple previously unreleased albums here in the U.S. Also, on that same date, a more concise 20-track greatest hits set titled "Black Sand, The Best of Kalapana" is being released.

This 20-song set begins with two of Kalapana's mid-seventies hit singles "The Hurt" and "Naturally," both from the band's debut album. The band kept that winning soft rock recipe flowing through their next couple albums with songs like, "Dorothy Louise," "Moon And Stars," "Songbird" and "Alisa Lovely." This compilation also gives you a taste of Kalapana in a live setting with a couple of tracks ("Inarajan" and "Girl") from their "In Concert" album. Also included in this set are some songs from their Japan only releases, "Northbound" and "Hold On." The real treasures are the previously unreleased (in the U.S.) songs "How Does It Feel" and "Northbound," which showcase a more rocking version of Kalapana's music. To find out more about these two new great sets from the Hawaiian band, Kalapana, please visit

Friday, November 16, 2018

Cleopatra Records Boxes Up Unreleased Live Material For New Rose Tattoo Release

Australian rock legends Rose Tattoo are finally getting the respect they deserve with a new 5-CD box set titled "Scarred For Live." The band quickly followed fellow Australian band, AC/DC into the rock realm in the late 1970's. Rose Tattoo found huge success in their home country of Australia, along with Europe, but failed to make a dent in the U.S., that is until an up-and-coming Los Angeles rock band named Guns N' Roses covered one of their tracks. GN'R sited Rose Tattoo as a major influence and their cover of "Nice Boys," turned Rose Tattoo into an international sensation.

This new five disc live set covers the peak of Rose Tattoo's touring years between 1980 to 1982. Each disc features a different show, with some repetition in the tracks they performed. The one constant throughout this whole set is the energy that the band poured into each performance. Listening to the first disc, recorded January 1, 1980 in Sydney, Australia has the band all fired up, playing some of their classics like "Astra Wally," "The Butcher And Fast Eddy" and of course "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll)." They mix-up their set list on the third disc, which is performed at the 1981 Reading Rock Festival in the U.K. to a much larger audience. The energy is still high, as the audience sing along to their famous set closer "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll)," which pushes past the eight-minute mark.

Disc four finds Rose Tattoo returning to their Australian roots only two years after the first disc, performing at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. The band crams 16-songs into their set list, as they sound like a more polished machine, while still delivering the energy with "Manzil Madness" and "All The Lessons." They finish up disc five with one of their few recorded shows in the U.S., as they perform in Washington D.C. Rose Tattoo deliver their nine-song set with a certain swagger, as displayed in "We Can't Be Beaten" and "Juice On The Loose." They close with "Scarred For Life," which appeared on the band's best selling studio album.

This five-disc box set was released back in October through Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records. To find out more about Rose Tattoo's "Scarred For Live" box set, please visit

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Check Out These New Independent Heavy Metal Releases Arriving In November

We have a slew of independent heavy metal releases arriving this month and we begin with the full-length debut release from the Swedish death metal band, Third Storm. Their new album titled "The Grand Manifestation" has been 30 years in the making, and the band came through to delivery on their promise. After forming as teenagers in 1986, the band went their separate ways shortly thereafter. Keeping the fire of the band burning, founding members Heval Bozraslan and Jimmy Eriksson made a second attempt at recording an album. This 8-track release hits you right in the face with the aggressive onslaught of "Prima Mobilae" and the hard-hitting attack of "As The Sun Watched The Birth Of." Third Storm switches gears for the slower, doom metal appeal of "The Third Thought From The Sun," before returning with the thunderous rhythm of "Gorakaathuar" and the swift, reckless aggression of "In The Wraith Enshrouded." To find out more about Third Storm and their latest release "The Grand Manifestation," please visit

Also arriving earlier this month was the sophomore effort from the Australian metal band Convent Guilt. Their new album titled "Diamond Cut Diamond" was released on November 9th and features seven tracks that carry a classic sound that echoes the early days of the genre. The album kicks off with the solid guitar riffs of "Howling Vengeance" and the more energetic delivery of "Born To Trouble." Convent Guilt build up the steady thrash metal pace of "Bonnie And Clyde," before closing their new album with the nearly 8-minute epic feel of "Foxes Run." To find out more about Convent Guilt and their latest release "Diamond Cut Diamond," please visit their Facebook page at

The latest release from thrash metal band, Septagon also arrived on November 9th. Their sophomore effort titled "Apocalyptic Rhymes" builds upon the band's debut, which was released only two years earlier. After a short spoken-word introduction ("The End"), they dive into their highly addictive metal sound with the album's second-single "The Weight Of The World," which comes from the same vein as Anthrax and Slayer. The album continues with the album's lead single "Home, Sweet Hell," as chugging guitars and a steady backbeat motors the song's energetic sound. Their juggernaut sound rolls on with "Make A Stand" and the classic metal sound of "The Unfathomable Evil," before finishing their new album with high-powered attack of "Nothingness Awaits" and the seven-minute progressive metal appeal of "Sunset Blood." To find out more about Septagon and their latest release "Apocalyptic Rhymes," please visit

Sticking with the November 9th release date is the six-song debut release, "The Waters Of Death" from U.K. heavy metal band, Lethean. This duo is lead by the stellar vocals of Thurmi Paavana and supported entirely by multi-instrumentalist James Ashbey. Their music is epic as you are invited into the realm of the "Idylls Of The King," the group's progressive metal sound becomes undeniably addictive. They mix up the tempo of "Seafarer," as most of the songs on this release push past the seven-minute mark. The shortest song on the album," Across The Grey Waters" is a gentle track that allows you to take notice of Thurmi's voice, before the ten-plus minute wave of music comes crashing back on shore to close out the album with "Devouring Fire." To find out more about Lethean and their latest release "The Waters Of Death," please visit their Facebook page at

Moving ahead to November 23rd is the debut release from the Sioux Falls, SD band, March In Arms. Their new ten song release kicks off with the pounding rhythm of the "Procession Of The Dead," which leads into the chugging guitars of "The Failure." The band speed things up even more with the high-energy, thrash metal appeal of "Firebreather," before arriving at the nearly eight-minute epic piece "Overlord." March In Arms continue with the highly addictive delivery of "The Knife," as this band should have no problem carving out a spot in the heavy metal community. They wrap up their new release with the aggressive heavy metal onslaught of "Ashes" and the pounding drums of "To An End." To find out more about the new self-titled release from March In Arms, please visit their Facebook page at

We finish up with the self-released album titled "The Walk" from Russian metal band, Second To Sun. Their new nine-song release wastes no time attack your sense of hearing, with the thunderous rhythm of "We Are Not Alone," quickly followed by the screaming vocals of "Black Lines." Second To Sun continue to showcase their death metal diversity with the dark, doom metal approach of "Home" and the seven-minute aggressive attack of "The Owls." They finish their new concept album with the eerie instrumental track "We Are Alone." To find out more about Second To Sun and their latest release "The Walk," please visit their Facebook page at