Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Both Citizen K and Strat Andriotis Release The Third Albums In Their Latest Series Of New Music

Swedish pop/rock, singer/songwriter Klas Qvist recently released his new album under the moniker, Citizen K. His new album titled simply "III" was inspired by the music of The Beatles, as Citizen K tries to bring their brand of music into the 21st century. The new 13-song release begins with the progressive instrumental sounds of "Welcome Abroad," before delivering the "Rubber Soul" feel of "Let This Be Love" and the Wings-style rock of "Ocean's Call." The ballad "Cancelled Flight" will simply draw you in with its gentle piano and emotional lyrics, while "Radio Classic" is just pure, up-tempo fun as Citizen K displays his enjoyment through his music. The album wraps up with the acoustic, folk instrumental strumming of "Beasts Of England" and the more progressive rock of "After The Fact (Encore)." To find out more about Citizen K and his latest release "III," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/citizenk.sweden.

Also newly released is the latest album from jazz guitarist/composer Strat Andriotis. His new release titled "Night Manager" is the third in his series of Gypsy Jazz style instrumental albums. This new 8-song set also features the work of violin legend Jerry Goodman, as he trades solos with Strat on the album's opening track "Song 21." Pianists Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Adrean Farrugia help lay the ground work for the songs "Secrets" and "Chili's Blues," while Strat showcases his quieter side with the acoustic ballad "Avid." The album finishes with gentle melody of "The Arrival" and Strat's wonderful guitar work on his cover of the 1941 song "I Hear A Rhapsody." To find out more about Strat Andriotis and his latest release "Night Manager," please visit stratmusic.net.

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