Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Check Out New Music From Steve Wheeler, Straight Six and Jupiter In Velvet

Arriving November 16th, was the new release from multi-media composer, Steve Wheeler. His new album titled "Stormseeker" features seven tracks, beginning with the title-song "Stormseeker," which includes an exciting, attention grabbing mix of classical, hard rock and jazz, as you are ready to enter his world of music. The marching rhythm of "Seas Of Blood" and shear force of "Destroyer Of Worlds" keeps the energy flowing and you can almost picture the action of the orchestra taking place. The album continues with the emotion fueled rhythm and strings of "By The Fire," which sounds like it belongs in the realm with "Game Of Thrones." Steve Wheeler wraps up his new album with the bright, uplifting ambient tone of "The Call Of The Gallows" and the ten-minute epic wonder of "Until The Light Leaves Their Eyes." To find out more about Steve Wheeler and his latest release "Stormseeker," please visit

Next up, is the debut release from the four-piece hard rock band Straight Six. Their album "Full Circle" brings you back to a time when the instruments were loud and the music was right in your face. They begin their new ten song release with the high-energy, electrifying guitar driven "Aimed At Me" as vocalist Jay Quintana delivers that classic eighties rock vibe. Straight Six swing with the Van Halen-like groove of "Middle Of The Ride" and swift pace of "Divided We Stand," as you feel transported back to the Sunset Strip days, when hard rock ruled the club scene. Straight Six slow the tempo down for the power ballad "What Would I Give," as the band's harmonies draw up similarities to Boston-band, Extreme. Straight Six close out their new album with the chugging guitar riffs of "21 Guns" and the powerfully timeless rock of "Black And Blue." To find out more about Straight Six and their latest release "Full Circle," please visit

Last, but certainly not least is the latest release from U.K. singer/songwriter Woolton Parrish, who is releasing his new album under the moniker, Jupiter In Velvet. The album "Beautiful New Day" allows him to stretch out his sound along these eleven, psych-rock anthems, beginning with the guitar-driven "Heavy Like A Brick." The album continues with alternative/pop of "Monsters" and the raw, addictive rhythm of "Mentonia," as you continue to listen in amazement to the musical world of Jupiter In Velvet. The post-punk feel of "U Can't Beat Me" and the melodic, inspirational build-up of "With A Whole Lotta Heart" showcases the diversity in his songwriting. Jupiter In Velvet wraps up his latest release with the grunge appeal of "Take Control" and the classic seventies pop/rock, Bowie-vibe of "Fight 4 Your Life." To find out more about Jupiter In Velvet and his latest release "Beautiful New Day," please visit

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