Thursday, November 15, 2018

Check Out These New Independent Heavy Metal Releases Arriving In November

We have a slew of independent heavy metal releases arriving this month and we begin with the full-length debut release from the Swedish death metal band, Third Storm. Their new album titled "The Grand Manifestation" has been 30 years in the making, and the band came through to delivery on their promise. After forming as teenagers in 1986, the band went their separate ways shortly thereafter. Keeping the fire of the band burning, founding members Heval Bozraslan and Jimmy Eriksson made a second attempt at recording an album. This 8-track release hits you right in the face with the aggressive onslaught of "Prima Mobilae" and the hard-hitting attack of "As The Sun Watched The Birth Of." Third Storm switches gears for the slower, doom metal appeal of "The Third Thought From The Sun," before returning with the thunderous rhythm of "Gorakaathuar" and the swift, reckless aggression of "In The Wraith Enshrouded." To find out more about Third Storm and their latest release "The Grand Manifestation," please visit

Also arriving earlier this month was the sophomore effort from the Australian metal band Convent Guilt. Their new album titled "Diamond Cut Diamond" was released on November 9th and features seven tracks that carry a classic sound that echoes the early days of the genre. The album kicks off with the solid guitar riffs of "Howling Vengeance" and the more energetic delivery of "Born To Trouble." Convent Guilt build up the steady thrash metal pace of "Bonnie And Clyde," before closing their new album with the nearly 8-minute epic feel of "Foxes Run." To find out more about Convent Guilt and their latest release "Diamond Cut Diamond," please visit their Facebook page at

The latest release from thrash metal band, Septagon also arrived on November 9th. Their sophomore effort titled "Apocalyptic Rhymes" builds upon the band's debut, which was released only two years earlier. After a short spoken-word introduction ("The End"), they dive into their highly addictive metal sound with the album's second-single "The Weight Of The World," which comes from the same vein as Anthrax and Slayer. The album continues with the album's lead single "Home, Sweet Hell," as chugging guitars and a steady backbeat motors the song's energetic sound. Their juggernaut sound rolls on with "Make A Stand" and the classic metal sound of "The Unfathomable Evil," before finishing their new album with high-powered attack of "Nothingness Awaits" and the seven-minute progressive metal appeal of "Sunset Blood." To find out more about Septagon and their latest release "Apocalyptic Rhymes," please visit

Sticking with the November 9th release date is the six-song debut release, "The Waters Of Death" from U.K. heavy metal band, Lethean. This duo is lead by the stellar vocals of Thurmi Paavana and supported entirely by multi-instrumentalist James Ashbey. Their music is epic as you are invited into the realm of the "Idylls Of The King," the group's progressive metal sound becomes undeniably addictive. They mix up the tempo of "Seafarer," as most of the songs on this release push past the seven-minute mark. The shortest song on the album," Across The Grey Waters" is a gentle track that allows you to take notice of Thurmi's voice, before the ten-plus minute wave of music comes crashing back on shore to close out the album with "Devouring Fire." To find out more about Lethean and their latest release "The Waters Of Death," please visit their Facebook page at

Moving ahead to November 23rd is the debut release from the Sioux Falls, SD band, March In Arms. Their new ten song release kicks off with the pounding rhythm of the "Procession Of The Dead," which leads into the chugging guitars of "The Failure." The band speed things up even more with the high-energy, thrash metal appeal of "Firebreather," before arriving at the nearly eight-minute epic piece "Overlord." March In Arms continue with the highly addictive delivery of "The Knife," as this band should have no problem carving out a spot in the heavy metal community. They wrap up their new release with the aggressive heavy metal onslaught of "Ashes" and the pounding drums of "To An End." To find out more about the new self-titled release from March In Arms, please visit their Facebook page at

We finish up with the self-released album titled "The Walk" from Russian metal band, Second To Sun. Their new nine-song release wastes no time attack your sense of hearing, with the thunderous rhythm of "We Are Not Alone," quickly followed by the screaming vocals of "Black Lines." Second To Sun continue to showcase their death metal diversity with the dark, doom metal approach of "Home" and the seven-minute aggressive attack of "The Owls." They finish their new concept album with the eerie instrumental track "We Are Alone." To find out more about Second To Sun and their latest release "The Walk," please visit their Facebook page at

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