Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Discover New Music From Rachel Taylor Brown, Rich Hope, Michot's Melody Makers and Dallas Acid with Laraaji and Arji OceAnada

Recently arriving on the underground music scene are new releases by Rachel Taylor Brown, Rich Hope and Michot's Melody Makers, along with a new collaboration between Dallas Acid, Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda. First up is the tenth studio effort from Oregon-based singer/songwriter Rachel Taylor Brown. Her new album titled "Run Tiny Human" features sixteen tracks that showcase Rachel diverse range, as she begins with the short, sweet poem "Yourself (You)," before opening up the rock vein of "Little Gyre." The gentle touch of "Wedding Song (Bad Of Bones)" and "Portlong" allows you to focus on her sweet voice, while "Maker" displays her experimental pop side. You can't help but get addicted to the beats of "Up You," before she slows down for the piano ballad "Wonderful You" and "God Reprise." To find out more about Rachel Taylor Brown and her latest release "Run Tiny Human," please visit racheltaylorbrown.com.

Sticking with the Pacific Northwest, we get the latest release from rocker, Rich Hope. His new album titled "I'm All Yours" includes ten tracks that deliver a raw, gritty sound that will instantly turn you into a fan. He begins with the grunge-like guitar driven "It Come Alive" and the classic, swinging rhythm of "Golden Clouds." Rich brings on the blues with "La Iguana," before turning the tempo back up with the country vibe of "Blow Away" and nostalgic seventies rock and roll sound of "5 Cents A Dance." Rich Hope wraps up his new album with the slow, trudging of "Paranoia Blues" and the R&B groove of "Heartbreaker." To find out more about Rich Hope and his latest release "I'm All Yours," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/richhopemusic.

Now, it's time to discover the exciting sounds of the Michot's Melody Makers with their debut album "Blood Moon." It features only eight tracks, but right from the opening beats of "Two-Step De Ste Marie" you are a fan. The way they combine Cajun and Folk music is unmatched, as Michot's Melody Makers look to blur the boundaries of music. Their new album continues with the high energy rocker "Grand Marais" and the Americana sound of "Dans Les Pins," as they sing in their native tongue. They quickly bring the energy back up with the swift pace of "Allons Tous Boire Un Coup," before finishing up their new album with the pop groove of "La Lune Est Croche" and the Celtic-sounding fiddle strumming rocker "Danse Carree." To find out more about Michot's Melody Makers and their latest release "Blood Moon," please visit michotsmelodymakers.bandcamp.com.

Lastly we arrive at the new five-song collaboration between Dallas Acid, Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda. The ambient sounds of the ten-minute opener "Evening Reduction" will ease away your worries, as you follow the sounds that journey through your speakers. The subtle touch of "Full Moon Serenade" and "Somewhere Here" demands your full attention as you try and dissect what you are hearing. They wrap up their new   album with the bright, uplifting tones of "This Much More" as that is exactly what you look forward to from this trio of new artists. To find more about the newly released "Arrive Without Leaving," please visit flyingmoonlight.com.

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