Sunday, November 4, 2018

Martin Popoff's New Book Features A Round Table Discussion Of Iron Maiden "Album By Album"

Arriving just last month is a brand new book by famed rock journalist Martin Popoff. He pays tribute to the iconic heavy metal band, Iron Maiden with a new publication titled "Iron Maiden: Album By Album." This book is a great new round-table discussion on every Iron Maiden studio album with some of the biggest names in rock music, like Mike Portnoy, Marty Friedman and even former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley.

Each chapter of the book represents the discussion of one of Maiden's albums, beginning with their self-titled studio album and runs through their latest album, "Book Of Souls." Popoff starts off each chapter with his representation of the album, before diving into a question and answer with few different artists that also give their opinion on these albums. Reading the words other artists give to these albums, allows you to maybe look at these works of art a little differently. 

While I personally did not get into Iron Maiden's music until the late eighties, it's great hearing about how the public and the music industry portrayed their music early on. Like hearing about the religious backlash about the album cover of "Number Of The Beast" or how Iron Maiden dealt with grunge music by rushing through the production of "No Prayer For The Dying." The book is filled with over 250 color and black/white photos that show the band in concert, as well as promotional posters and album covers.

The book also might give fans new insight into the late-nineties, non-Bruce Dickinson lead albums, "The X-Factor" and "Virtual XI." Wrestler/singer Chris Jericho names "The X-Factor" one of his favorite Iron Maiden albums and the trio of Rich Davenport, Jimmy Kay and Ahmet Zappa dissect the epic tracks of "Virtual XI" and how they could have been approved upon, in order stand up to the rest of the Maiden catalog.

Martin Popoff does an outstanding job asking the right questions that may have been on fans minds for years. While other books have tackled Iron Maiden's music straight from the members of the band, this book feels like it's more as a perspective from fans. After reading through this book, you will certainly find yourself listening to the music of Iron Maiden differently. You will re-analyze the music, keeping the words of these artists in mind, and appreciate the nearly 40 year legacy of one of the premier heavy metal bands of all time. For more information on this new book, "Iron Maiden: Album By Album,: please visit

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