Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mary Lee Kortes Collects "115 Dreams About Bob" As She Comes To Terms With "Dreaming Of Dylan"

One of the most interesting reads this season is titled "Dreaming Of Dylan." It features a collection of poems and stories related to Bob Dylan, by many different types of people. Author/singer/songwriter Mary Lee Kortes introduces you to the book, by starting out with her own dream, in which Bob Dylan named her one of his "favorite new artists." Instead though, Kortes recounts a story about how she recorded a song for a "Blood On The Tracks" tribute album, which was featured on Bob Dylan's website for months. She finishes her story with the powerful message, "Some dreams do come true."

While Mary may have found a connection with Dylan, some of the poems and stories found within the pages of this book are from fans that have never had the pleasure of an interaction with the artist. The book includes the words of professors, designers, attorneys, artists, owners and the everyday worker. But, also included in this book are the poetic words of fellow musicians like Patti Smith, Warren Zanes and Jimbo Mathus. As you read each persons description of how Bob Dylan played a part in their dream, it feels as if you've been invited into this intimate discussion of the iconic artist.

The book features 115 dreams and as you first flip through this collection, you will instantly notice the outstanding artwork that is associated to each dream. Whether it's a drawing or photography, each page was planned out, in order to help interpret that specific insight into that person's account of when they met Bob Dylan, in their dreams. To find out more about "Dreaming Of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob," please visit

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