Thursday, November 1, 2018

New Hard Rock/Punk Music From Memphis May Fire, Nightmares For A Week, Destroy Boys and O.D.D.

Arriving November 16th is the new, highly anticipated album from the hard rock band, Memphis May Fire. Their new album titled "Broken" is the band's sixth, as the band looks to takeover the indie-rock charts. Their new ten song release begins with the the high-energy delivery of "The Old Me," as the music powers the song's aggressive sound. The album continues with the arena-built anthem "Watch Out" and the modern hard rock appeal of "Sell My Soul." Since the band's debut almost ten years ago, they have continued to evolve into this hard rocking juggernaut that is ready to rule the airwaves with new songs like "Who I Am" and "Heavy Is The Weight." Memphis May Fire close their new album with the emotion-fueled hard rock ballad "You And Me" and the guitar-driven, self-help anthem of "Live Another Day." To find out more about Memphis May Fire and their latest release "Broken," please visit their Facebook page at

From Kingston, NY comes the latest release from the rock band Nightmares For A Week. Their new album titled "Celebrations" features ten tracks, beginning with introduction of "I'm Your Haze," which continues to build up to the opening song "Arrows." Their sound has a punk-like backbone with flashes of alternative rock that seems tailor made for modern rock radio. The album continues with the addictive melody and chorus of "Summer," which just get stuck in your head long after listening to the album. Nightmares For A Week pick up the energy with the youthful, punk-like appeal of "Friends" and "Peep," before closing their new album with the energetic pounding rhythm of "Always." To find out more about Nightmares For A Week and their latest release "Celebrations," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from Oakland, CA is the latest release from the female-fronted punk rock band, Destroy Boys. Their new album titled "Make Room" kicks off with the aggressive, hi-fi attack of "American River" and the raw, guitar buzz of "Methatonin." Lead singer Alexia Roditis delivers the perfect punk-rock attitude to "Vixen," while "Nerve" feels like a nostalgic trip with its early nu-wave sound. Destroy Boys wrap up their new 10-song release with the sonic blast of "Crybaby" and the alternative/grunge appeal of "Soundproof." To find out more about Destroy Boys and their latest release "Make Room," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, arriving November 9th, is the new four-song EP from Atlanta hard rockers, O.D.D. Their new release titled "The Disorder," kicks off with the energetic eighties rock vibe of "Executive Disorder" as the band draws up comparisons to Kings X and at times, Motley Crue. The album continues with the deep chugging rhythm of "Label Killer" and the exciting guitar riffs of "Loud Fighter" that showcase the full potential of this band's musical talents. O.D.D. wrap up their new short release with dark, evil beginning of "The View," which opens up into this heavy-hitting metal assault, leaving you wanting more from this band. To find out about O.D.D.'s new album "The Disorder," please visit

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