Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Music From Progressive Rock Artists Sonar, Syndone, Tim Morse and 41Point9

Progressive Swiss rock band, Sonar are preparing to release their new live album "Live At Moods" on November 16th, through 7d Media. The new six-song set was recorded back in May and features special guest, David Torn on guitar. Their new release kicks off with the nearly 13-minute steady climb of "Twofold Covering," as you slowly follow your way across their sonic landscape. Sonar allow for more blues to seep into the sound of "Waves & Particles" as subtle guitar chords keep your interest peaked. The mood turns dark with the deep bass backdrop of "Tromso," while "For Lost Sailors" is a David Torn original that features the full experimental capabilities of the band. Sonar wrap up their new album with the steady rocker "Lookface!," as their sound continues to excite and amaze. To find out more about Sonar and their latest release "Live At Moods," please visit

Italian progressive rock ensemble, Syndone recently released their seventh studio album, "Mysoginia." It features nine-tracks, beginning with the grand instrumental "Medea," which reflects a 1970's period in rock music. The album continues with the epic movement of "Red Shoes," as you begin to fully appreciate the wonderful musicianship that Syndone offer. They sing the words of "Caterina" in their native tongue, as the music sounds like a rock opera. Their influences come shining through on the fluctuating tempo changes of "12 Minuti," while keyboards and choirs drive the title song "Mysoginia." Syndone finish up their new album with the classic Styx-like sound of "Women" and the emotional piano ballad "Amalia." To find out more about Syndone and their latest release "Mysoginia," please visit

Progressive rock keyboardist/vocalist Tim Morse recently released his third studio album, "Tim Morse III." His initial idea was to record the entire album himself, but after recording the demos, Tim missed that connection he felt with other musicians, so invited some guests to play drums and guitar on the album. He begins with the radio-friendly prog-rock approach of "Wake-Up," before diving into the 11-plus minute epic "Labyrinth." The song constantly changes, as if you are trapped in Morse's musical world as swirling keyboards and aggressive rhythms fuel the nature of the melody. Tim continues with the the exciting turns of "The Path" and the classic rock feel of "My Ally," before he wraps up his new album with the build-up of "Circle/Talisman," which showcases Tim's rocking musical heart. To find out more about Tim Morse and his latest release "Tim Morse III," please visit

Released just last month, is the highly anticipated release from the progressive rock ensemble, 41Point9. Their new album titled "Mr. Astute Trousers" features over an hour of music that you will fully need to concentrate on in order to appreciate it fully. They start out with the epic pieces "When Valkyries Cry" and "For The King," as the pounding rhythm and hard rick guitar riffs lead the song's outstanding orchestration. The album continues with the tempo changes of "The Marine," as the aggressive chorus is the backbone of the song's energy. They pick the tempo up with the steady, hard rock pace if "Tilting At Windmills," while "Don't Cut Down The Rose" drives on a dance floor beat with emotion fueled lyrics. 41Point9 close their new album with the wonderful harmonies and worldly sounds of "The Loch" and the bright, pop/rock touch of "Familiar Strangers." To find out more about 41Point9 and their latest release "Mr. Astute Trousers," please visit

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