Thursday, November 29, 2018

New Music From Sandoval Band, High South, The Thin Cherries, Youniverse, The High Loves and Evan Myall

Meriden, CT-based rock/funk group, Sandoval Band recently released their new album titled "Sound Of All, Episode One." It features 13-tracks, beginning with a classic rock sound, mixed with the R&B-styled lyrics of "Make A Way." The band then dives back to the bluesy/country roots of "You Gotta Let Go (Move On)," which is highlighted by some sweet slide guitar work. Their funkiness comes shining through on the up-tempo groove of "Got Nothin' Without You" and the beats of "Fake News (We Can Change)." The Sandoval Band slow things down and finish up the first half of their album with the mellow, jazz-like piece "Say Amen (We Believe In You)." The second half of their new album finds band leader, Jean Sandoval discussing the songs and how they came to be. To find out more about the Sandoval Band and their latest release "Sound Of All, Episode One," please visit

Next up from Nashville comes the American debut release titled "Change In The Wind" from the Americana/Roots trio, High South. Their new six-song EP begins with the track "Make It Better," which sounds like it was heavily influenced by Crosby, Stills and Nash. The album continues with The Band inspired "Joshua Tree," which will make you wonder if this came from the "Music From Big Pink" sessions. The band's beautiful acoustics and sweet harmonies are highlighted on the gentle touch of "Honestly." High South finish up their new, all too short, release with raw, country rocker "Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down" and the up-lifting, inspiration of "Change In The Wind." To find out more about High South and their latest release "Change In The Wind," please visit

Moving on to Chicago is the sophomore release from the alternative/psychedelic rock band, The Thin Cherries. Their new album titled "On Moose Island" features ten tracks, beginning with the dreamy rock approach of the titled song "Moose Island." The acoustic strumming of "Soviet" slows down the tempo, while "Follow Sun" feels like it was a forgotten gem from the sixties British invasion. The Thin Cherries modernize their sound with the up-tempo, electronic beats of "I Don't Know You At All," before delivering the mellow, psych-rock of "Espresso Pedals." They wrap up their new album with the addictive, alt-pop melody of "Novato" and the six-minute relaxation of "Leanne," as the band leave you calm and content. To find out more about The Thin Cherries and their latest release "On Moose Island," please visit

Next, we have the debut release from the Slovakian industrial/electro band, The Youniverse. Their new album titled "CMYK" includes 15 tracks of experimental wonder, as they keep you guessing which way their music is going. The Youniverse break up their new release into four different sections, to match the different color representation of "CMYK." Beginning with cyan, the album starts off with the electronic blues of "Silver" and the raw, experimental rock of "Har(d)b(r)inger." Next we move on to the magenta side of the album, with the space-rock, pop tones of "Breathe" and the R&B ballad "Riverbanks." As we move on to yellow, you begin to get a sense of how the songs in each group relate to one another. The industrial electronics of "Eye Of The Storm" burns with passions, while "Three Little Monkeys" draws you in with its addictive keyboard riff and pop beats. The Youniverse close out their new album with the black section, which includes the guitar buzzing blues of "Ammo Box" and the dance beats of "Bubblegum Pants." To find out more about The Youniverse and their latest release "CMYK," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Next from Toronto, Canada comes the return of The High Loves with their new five-song EP titled "Serotonin." The album begins with the band's latest single "You Already Knew," which delivers a post-punk energy with a youthful, addictive chorus that will easily stick in you head. They continue to deliver the passion with the up-tempo strumming of "Winding Up Nowhere" and "Serotonin," before closing their new short release with the quieter pop harmonies of "High-Rise." To find out more about The High Loves and their latest release "Serotonin," please visit their Facebook page at

Last, but certainly not least we have the latest release from California-based singer/songwriter, Evan Myall. His new album titled "Basic Gardening" follows his string of seven other studio albums that has made Evan an international artist on the independent touring circuit. His new release begins with the wonderful modern rock approach of "Devil's Shoes" and the majestic, sweeping melody of "Who." The album's lead single, "Frances" has an bright, electronic pop sound that should fit right at home on alternative-pop radio. Evan wraps up his new album with the floating sonic backdrop of "I Want U" and the build-up of the emotional ballad "Phoenix." To find out more about Evan Myall and his latest release "Basic Gardening," please visit

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