Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Amon Amarth, Artillery, Skull Pit and Cattle Decapitation

Arriving this Friday is a trio of new releases from Metal Blade Records recording artists Amon Amarth, Artillery and Skull Pit, quickly followed next week by the latest from Cattle Decapitation.

Swedish melodic death metal band, Amon Amarth are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new live album titled "The Pursuit Of Vikings: Live At Summer Breeze." The new 30-track set features the band's full two-set appearance at last year's Summer Breeze Festival and will be released as a 2-CD set, double-vinyl set, on DVD and on Blu-ray, which also includes a documentary of the band. Amon Amarth covers their entire career, as they perform the tracks "With Oden On Our Side" and the epic "Victorious March" with extra energy and purpose to prove why that are considered one of the top death metal bands of all time. You can almost picture how intense the mosh pits were as they perform the swift hitting "For The Stabwounds In Our Backs" and "Verses The World." Their music continues to ignite energy as Amon Amarth perform some of their more recent songs like "First Kill" and "The Way Of Vikings." They wrap up their new live album with the heavy pounding of "Guardians Of Asgaard" and the neck-breaking speed of "Twilight Of The Thunder." To find out more about Amon Amarth and their anniversary live release "The Pursuit Of Vikings: Live At Summer Breeze," please visit

Up next, is the ninth studio album from the Danish metal band, Artillery. Since re-forming almost ten years ago, the band have been on a creative high, producing five studio album, including their latest release "The Face Of Fear." This new 11-track album quickly gets the adrenaline pumping with the high-energy attack of the title-song, "The Face Of Fear" and its follow-up "Crossroads To Conspiracy." The band let up on the gas, slightly, for the mainstream metal appeal of "New Rage," before returning to the intensity of "Sworn Utopia" and "Preaching To The Converted." Artillery wrap up their new album with a couple of re-recorded versions of some of the band's early songs, "Mind Of No Return" and "Doctor Evil." To find out more about Artillery and their latest release "The Face Of Fear," please visit

We also get the debut release from the heavy metal duo of Mem V. Stein (Exumer) and Tatsu Mikami (Church Of Misery), who are going by the name, Skull Pit. Their new ten-song album jumps right out of your speakers as the energy these two put into their music comes pouring out in the songs "Roller" and "Soul Raiders." Their 80s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influences are certainly a part of their music as they pound their way through "Blood Titan" and "Marauders." Skull Pit finish up their new album with the buzzing guitar of "The Line" and the thrash metal speed of "All The Lessons." To find out more about the new self-titled release from Skull Pit, please visit their Facebook page at

The end of the month brings on a new rarities collection from American deathgrind band, Cattle Decapitation. After 22 years and seven studio albums, Cattle Decapitation decided to clean out the vaults and unleash some leftovers that date back to before their first EP "Human Jerky." The new release contains 22-tracks, many of them clocking in at around two-minutes or less. The band seem to get their point across quickly and efficiently as songs like "No Future" and Queso de Cabeza" are short attacks of power. Their original six song demo appears on this release and features Travis Ryan's first appearance on vocals. While this may seem like a collection of leftovers, the final eight tracks of this new release may have been on "hard-to-find" releases, but would have made the perfect recipe for the next studio album from Cattle Decapitation. To find out more about their new compilation "Medium Rarities," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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