Friday, December 21, 2018

Check Out New Music From Reverend Horton Heat and 500 Miles To Memphis

After nearly five years, rockabilly superstar, Reverend Horton Heat (Jim Heath) is ready to return to the spotlight, with his long-time partner Jimbo Wallace, with a new album titled "Whole New Life." The new 11-song release begins with the fast-paced, swinging rhythm of the title song "Whole New Life" and the bluesy romp of "Hog Tyin' Woman." Heath displays his Texas roots, with finger-picking melody of "Hate To See You Cry" and will have you singing along in no time with "Got It In My Pocket." Jimbo Wallace, master of the slap-bass, steadies the pace of "Ride Before The Fall," while Heath's guitar work is spread all over "Wonky." Reverend Horton Heat closes up their new album with a cover of Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas," which adds a Latin-flair to the song's swift tempo. Reverent Horton Heat have live shows lined-up all the way through April 2019. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about the new album "Whole New Life," please visit

From Cincinnati comes the latest release from the punk/rock band 500 Miles To Memphis. Their new album titled "Blessed Be The Damned" will be released on January 25th and features eleven high-energy tracks that will turn you into an instant fan. They begin with the clash of Americana-style and punk rawness on the opener "The River." The members of 500 Miles To Memphis approached this album differently from their last four releases, as they tried to draw upon more of the influences of their Appalachian region. They add a bit of bluegrass strumming into "Bonnie," while "Hold On Tight" is an all-out punk rock assault. Next, they deliver the rockabilly swing of "I Said Babe" and the classic guitar-driven blast of "No Doubt About It." Philip Peeples, from the Old 97's, lends a hand on the quick pace of the sing-along anthem "Save Me," before 500 Miles To Memphis wrap up their new album with hardcore punk attack of "What A Waste" and the quieter melody of "I'm A Bastard." To find out more about 500 Miles To Memphis and their latest release "Blessed Be The Damned," please visit

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