Thursday, December 27, 2018

Check Out New Music From Valleyheart, Palisades, Cane Hill, King 810 and Set It Off

Earlier this month, Massachusetts alternative rockers Valleyheart released their new album "Everyone I've Ever Loved," through Rise Records. It features 11-tracks, beginning with the addictive melody of "Heaven & Hell," which sounds perfectly tailored for modern rock radio. They keep the tempo flowing with the steady pace of "Friends In The Foyer" and "Crave," as you will easily become attached to the music of Valleyheart. The melody just floats on by during the atmospheric ballad "Drowning In Living Waters," while the acoustic strumming of emotions headlines "Your Name" along with the gentle piano delivery of "Paradisum." To find out more about Valleyheart and their latest release "Everyone I've Ever Loved," please visit their Facebook page at

Another new release from Rise Records comes in the form of "Erase The Pain," from New Jersey rockers Palisades. Their new ten-song album begins with the built-up anthem of "Vendetta" and the more aggressive feel of "Erase The Pain." The band has perfected their modern metal sound over the course of their last four albums, as songs like "Fade" and "Run Away" sound ready-made for hard rock radio. The power in the band's songwriting comes shining through on the tempo changes of "Ghost" and "Patient," before finishing their new album with passionate, high energy of "Shed My Skin." To find out more about Palisades and their latest release "Erase The Pain," please visit

Arriving January 18th, is the new album from Cane Hill titled "Kill The Sun." The band will be joining Sevendust on tour in February to promote the new album. It begins with the slow build-up of "86d - No Escort" and the acoustic-based, exciting groove of "Empty." The new release from Cane Hill only features six songs, including the progressive feel of "Save Me" and the high-energy, unplugged melody of "Acid Rain," before closing with the most aggressive track on the album, "Smoking Man." For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about "Kill The Sun," the latest release from Cane Hill, please visit

Arriving January 25th is the new self-released album from Michigan-based band, King 810. Their new album titled "Suicide King" features ten hard-hitting tracks, beginning with the exciting, nu-metal appeal of "Heartbeats" and aggressive juggernaut "Braveheart." King 810 paint a bleak picture of the streets with the lyrics of "Bang Guns" and ".45," as they work in a hip-hop style to these dark anthems. The album continues with the electronic beats of "What's Gotten Into Me," before shifting gears to the deep emotions of "Black Rifle." King 810 close out their new album with the metal ballad "Wade In The Water" and the metal/hip-hop mix of "Sing Me To Sleep." To find out more about King 810 and their latest release "Suicide King," please visit

Then in February, we get the Fearless Records debut release from rockers, Set It Off. Their new album titled "Midnight," features 15-tracks, beginning with the high-energy output of "Killer In The Mirror" and more mainstream, alternative-pop of "Hourglass." The album continues with the highly addictive, up-tempo beats of "Lonely Dance" and "Different Songs." The band, The Wayfarers lend a hand to the pop/dance feel of "Go To Bed Angry," before returning to the more rock oriented "Criminal Minds." You will simply fall in love with the groove of "No Disrespect," as this was tailor-made for radio. Set It Off finish up their new album with the short piano ballad "Unopened Windows" and the addictive rhythm of "Happy All The Time." To find out more about Set It Off and their latest release "Midnight," please visit

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