Thursday, December 13, 2018

Close Out The Year With New Heavy Metal Releases From Marius Danielsen, Lividity and Fall

One of the last batches of heavy metal releases this year, features new work from Marius Daielsen, Lividity and Fall. On November 30th, fans finally received part two of Marius Danielsen's "Legend Of Valley Doom" saga. It features a dozen tracks that continues the power metal artist's epic musical piece, which began only a few years ago with part one. The new set start off with the "Lord Of The Rings" inspired praise of "King Thorgan's Hymn," before Marius Danielsen delivers the heavy metal attack of "Rise Of The Dark Empire." The sweeping ballad of "Tower Of Knowledge" and the Dio-inspired "Crystal Mountains" showcases the complexity of Danielsen's songwriting as he places you in the middle of these adventurous stories. The energy picks up once again for the swift-pace of "Angel Of Light," before finishing with the eight-minute progressive metal piece "Temple Of The Ancient God," and the grand closure of "We Stand Together." To find out more about Marius Danielsen and his latest release "Legend Of Valley Doom, Part 2," please visit

Next we have the hardcore metal assault of Lividity with their new release titled "Perseverance." It feature a dozen tracks of aggressive, grind-core metal music that is not for the weak. Songs like "Meat For The Beast" and "Violated In The Vatican" have a spoken word beginning, before the band takes over with the huge guitar riffs and growling vocals that will surely get you adrenaline pumping. Lividity keeps the music going full blast with "Somethings Dead" and "Tampered Flesh," as you will find yourself exhausted just listing to the new album. To find out more about Lividity and their latest release "Perseverance," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Then, on December 21st, we get the self-released debut album from Texas metal-outfit, Fall. Their new four-song release titled "The Dreamer Of Tragedy" showcases the melodic depths that this band have put into their music. The album starts off with the addictive chorus and passionate vocals of "Ascend" and then quickly follows with the intricate progressive delivery of "Defender." Fall close out their new album with the nearly nine-minute epic "Longing Spirits" and the intensity rises and fall throughout this amazing piece of the music. To find out more about Fall and their latest release "The Dreamer Of Tragedy," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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