Saturday, December 29, 2018

Hunt Sales Makes His Return With A Brand New Studio Album

Music artist Hunt Sales may not be as common a name as David Bowie, Iggy Pop or Todd Rundgren, but Sales had a helping hand in each of their careers. Sales worked with Bowie in Tin Machine, had a hand in Iggy Pop's single, "Lust For Life" and helped kick off Rundgren's successful solo career. Now, it's Hunt Sales turn to shine with his new release titled "Get Your Shit Together," which will be released on January 25th, through Big Legal Mess (Fat Possum Records). Sales is a recovering heroin addict, who has replaced the drugs in his life with music and his new outfit, the Hunt Sales Memorial will re-establish Sales as the premier artist he once was

His new album kicks off with the high-energy rocker "Here I Go Again," as you see sparks of Sales classic artistry. He continues with the nostalgic seventies rock of "Angel Of Darkness," as Sales' rough vocals adds experience to the song's lyrics. The big guitar sound of "Tides That Bind" and "I Can't Stop" show that Hunt Sales is out for revenge to capture his life back from his many years of abuse and addiction. He flexes his punk-rock muscle with the quick run through of "Way On My Own," before finishing up his new album with the blues romp of "It Ain't Easy" and three-minute instrumental rocker "Cleveland Street Memphis." To find out more about the Hunt Sales Memorial and their latest release "Get Your Shit Together," please visit

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