Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Eclectic/Experimental Music From Yagull, Vasil Hadzimanov Band and Laktating Yak

The musical duo of Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo, better known as Yagull, recently released their new studio album titled "Yuna." It features ten tracks that allow you relax and explore your inner self. The album begins with the piano and guitar waltz of "Searching For The Moon," followed by the quiet touch of "Dawn." The duo perform an odd, but amazing cover of Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," as you will simply be in awe of this instrumental reinterpretation of this heavy metal classic. Kana takes the lead on the emotional piano ballad "Muse," while "101" feels more light, airy and free to flow. Yagull finish up their new album with the relaxing melody of "Mori (Forest Song)" and the wonderful acoustics of "Kiri." To find out more about Yagull and their latest release "Yuna," please visit

Next we have the latest release from Serbian keyboardist/composer Vasil Hadzimanov titled "Lines In The Sand." It features a dozen tracks, beginning with the worldly feel of the title-song "Lines In Sand," as the song morphs into a electronic jazz fusion. The Vasil Hadzimanov Band get funky with the rhythm of "Mr. Moonjune," before Vasil's jazz piano skills take over on "Lost." The album then delivers the R&B flavor of "Maklik" and "For Clara," before finishing with great, swift jazz fusion of "Freedom From The Past" and the seven-minute progressive movement of "Rege Hadzi." To find out more about the Vasil Hadzimanov Band and their latest release "Lines In The Sand," please visit

From Houston, TX comes the debut album from the avant-garde/progressive rock band Laktating Yak. They released their debut album, "Origin Of The Yak" back on December 7th. It features seven-tracks that combines different musical styles together to see what sticks. The build-up of "Invokation Of The Yak, Pt. 1" continues to build, before a solo violin releases the pressure of the song's rhythm. The six-minutes of "The Errorist" is an exploration in sound, as you should be listening to this album through a set of headphones, in order to appreciate the creations of Laktating Yak. The rhythm of "Stampede Of Yak," is highly addictive, before the band close out their new album with the subtle touches of sound during part two of the "Invokation Of The Yak." To find out more about Laktating Yak and their latest release "Origin Of The Yak," please visit their Facebook page at

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