Friday, December 28, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists Ocean Potion, Mode Moderne, Daniel Isaiah and David McFarlane

The duo of Mike O’Brien and Jason Haberman have teamed up with Dave Azzolini (Forces) and Jay McCarol (Brave Shores) to release the debut album from their collaboration, Ocean Potion. Their new self-titled release features ten tracks, beginning with the exploring melody of "Anywhere" and dreamy rock vibe of "In The Grass." Their sound becomes very addictive with the rhythm of "Rum Tape" and the light, atmospheric melody of "Under The Sun." The steady beats of "You Know You" and "Reflection" have a modern rock sound that should definitely shine a light on this new recording. To find out more about Ocean Potion and their new self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from British Columbia comes the latest release from Mode Moderne titled "Ghost Emerging." The album features seven tracks, beginning with the steady, alternative pop melody of "Oui Madame" and wildly addictive melody of "Moderne Love." The band's sound also carries a nostalgic feel, featured in the new wave flow of "Hounds Of Love," but not before Mode Moderne finish their new album with the upbeat, post-punk appeal of "Doomy Daydream" and the consistent delivery of "Piss And Flowery Poetry." To find out more about Mode Moderne and their latest release "Ghost Emerging," please visit their Facebook page at

Singer/songwriter Daniel Isaiah has been working on his full-length debut album for the past two years. The new release titled "Only One Left" features nine tracks that explore Daniel's full songwriting potential. Whether its writing a pop song like "Love Love Love" or the meaningful, storied lyrics of "Till The Deal Is Done," Daniel has been mastering his sound during those last two years. The gentle touch of "Designer Designer" and "Lay Down" allows you to focus on the delivery of his dreamlike vocals, before his finishes his new album with the quiet ballad, "Three Months Emily." To find out more about Daniel Isaiah and his latest release "Only One Left," please visit his Facebook page at

From Toronto, Canada comes the latest release from singer/songwriter David McFarlane. His new album "Fieldwork" features eleven tracks, beginning with the steady guitar driven pace of "Miss Kubelik" and the uptempo, pop/rock appeal of "River Of News." He slows down the pace for the wonderful melody of "As Usual" and the acoustic-based strumming of "Rongwrong" that simply draws you in to David's musical world. He continues with the blues vibe of "Caledonia" and "1982," before finishing his new album with atmospheric passion of "Pattern Of You." To find out more about David McFarlane and his latest release "Fieldwork," please visit

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