Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Releases From British Music Legends The Curved Air and French Composer Alan Simon

Legendary British progressive rockers Curved Air continue their ongoing "Rarities" series with the newly released "The Second British Rock Meeting 1972." This third volume of the series highlights Curved Air's 1972 appearance at this yearly British Rock Meeting festival, which was also was attended by the likes of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and many others. Curved Air's five-song set begins with the band warming up to the the rhythm of "No-Guitar Blues," before heading off into the rock stratosphere with the clash of "Everdance/Cheetah/Vivaldi." The recording is not perfect, but for early 1970s standards, it is damn good, considering this was never planned for an official release. After the quiet acoustics of "Melinda (More or Less)," Curved Air close out their defining set with the thirty minute improvisational "The Germersheim Jam/Vivaldi (revise)." To find out more about Curved Air and their new release "The Second British Rock Meeting 1972," please visit

The ongoing rock opera "Excalibur" series is the brainchild of French musician, Alan Simon, which began back in 1999. After releasing the fourth chapter in the series in 2017, this year Simon released his first compilation of his series. The new release titled "The Ladies Of The Lake," revolve around a tribute to the ladies of "Excalibur." The new 15-song set begins with "The Origins" from "Excalibur III" and features the dreamlike vocals of Moya Brennan. English folk singer, Maddy Prior adds her beautiful voice to the gentle acoustics of "Secret Garden," while the angelic sound of Siobhan Owen's vocals grace the lovely sounds of "The Last Lament Of A Fairy" and "Yseult." Curved Air vocalist Sonja Kristina lends her talents to "The Passion," from Simon's most recent "Excalibur IV" release. The compilation closes with the Spanish-born singer, Maite Itoiz adding her operatic sound to "Dun Angus." To find out more about "Excalibur: The Ladies Of The Lake," please visit

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