Thursday, December 20, 2018

Omnivore Recordings Highlights The Work Of Unicorn and Tom Brumley with The Buckaroos

Omnivore Recordings is revisiting the past once again with a couple of new releases that may not have seen the light of day without their help. First up is new compilation from the seventies British rock band, Unicorn. The band released a trio of albums in the mid-seventies, with non-other than Pink Floyd's David Gilmour in the producers chair. Unicorn even found opening slots on tours with Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and Linda Ronstadt just to name a few, but unfortunately that's where the magic ended.

Back on December 14th, Omnivore Recordings released a new compilation from Unicorn titled "Laughing Up Your Sleeve." It features twenty previously unissued demos made by the band between 1973-1974. As you listen to these tracks, you can hear the band's influences as the music of "The Farmer" and "Take It Easy" draws from the same vein of music as The Band and The Byrds. This new set of songs was remixed and remastered for this release by Scott Anthony with help from original band member Pat Martin. The sound is so amazing, that you would never have known that these were demos tracks. As this new set winds to a close with the steady rocker "Holland" and the acoustic ballad "So Far Away," you may want to journey back into the Unicorn catalog and rediscover a band that may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time for success. To find out more about the newly released "Laughing Up Your Sleeve," please visit

Another new compilation from Omnivore Recordings, comes in the form of Tom Brumley and The Buckaroos. Tom Brumley was the amazing steel guitar player in Buck Owens' band, The Buckaroos and this new release titled "Steelin' The Show," highlights Brumley's guitar work on these seventeen tracks. The songs were taken from The Buckaroos catalog recordings between 1964-1969 and highlights Brumley's steel guitar work on some classic songs like "Steel Guitar Rag," "Free And Easy" and "Apple Jack." The set is a masterpiece of nostalgic instrumentals that should be required listening for fans of country music. This new release closes with "Together Again," which is the only song on this compilation to feature Buck Owens, as Brumley steals the spotlight once again with his solo. To find out more about this new release from Tom Brumley and The Buckaroos, please visit

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