Monday, December 31, 2018

Re-Discover The Music Of Phenomena With A Trio Of New Re-Issues

We close out the year with a trio of new, definitive edition releases from the U.K. band, Phenomena. The band was created by brothers Tom Galley (producer) and Mel Galley (Whitesnake) and features contributions from other artists like Brian May, John Wetton, Glenn Hughes, Don Airey and Cozy Powell, who are just a handful of amazing artists on the band's first three albums.

Phenomena released their first self-titled album in 1984, which actually charted on the U.K. music charts. It features the stellar vocals of Glenn Hughes as the band had their finger on the pulse of rock music in the mid-eighties. They quickly followed up their debut album with 1987's concept "Dream Runner," which was rare in the eighties. This album mixed in vocal contributions from Ray Gillen (Black Sabbath) and John Wetton, as the songs varied from the progressive pop style of "Did It All For Love" to the heavier rock approach of "No Retreat, No Surrender." Even singer Max Bacon (GTR) left his mark with the epic sounding ballad "It Must Be Love."

Phenomena closed out their trio of concept albums with 1993's "Innervision," which felt like the most complete work from the band. Singer Keith Murray was the sole singer on the album, as the songs featured a smoother sound, like the Queen-inspired "What About Love?" and the guitar-driven, mid-tempo melody of "A Whole Lotta Love." This album also featured the guitar work of Brian May (Queen) and Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy), as the band could still pulsate the energy with the best of them, like in "Rock House" and "If You Want To Rock."

The band ended up going into hiatus for over a decade, before Tom Galley resurrected the band with another trio of albums. To find out more about these new definite editions of the first three album from Phenomena, please visit

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