Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Check Out Debut Albums From Am I Dead Yet?, She Rides Tigers and The Chicago Afrobeat Project

First from The U.K. comes the self-titled debut album from the electro-rock duo, Am I Dead Yet? Their new album features eleven tracks, beginning with the slow-building, moody rocker "Leaving Me Behind" and the blues-type stomp of "Loneliness." Am I Dead Yet? always keep you guessing, as they include an orchestral backdrop to "Ghosted" and a worldly, Indian rhythm to "Futuristic Paranoia." The duo wrap up their new album with the grand pop appeal of "Master Of Disguise" and the dark, goth-like rock of "Thanks For Sharing." To find out more about Am I Dead Yet? and their new self-titled release, please visit amideadyet.co.uk.

Next, from Chicago comes the debut release "Scars," from the rock trio, She Rides Tigers. The new eight-track release begins with the up-tempo, alt-pop feel of "Scars Of Allegory," followed be the fuzz guitar drive of "Perfect Crime." The trio inject a blues groove into the rawness of "Take A Bow," while "Out Of My Mind" is a steady rocker built for modern rock radio. She Rides Tigers wrap up their new album with pop-infused addictive nature of "Something To Believe In" and the alternative buzz of "Should've Known Better." To find out more about She Rides Tigers and their latest release "Scars," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/sheridestigers.

Back in April, the Future Rootz record label released a new remix album by the Chicago Afrobeat Project. This new release titled "What Goes Up" features seven tracks, beginning with the jazz/funk backdrop of "I No Know," as the music is build for the dance floor. The beats continue with the Latin-infused groove of "Cut The Infection" and the fun, island vibe of "Afro Party." The album finishes with seventies, disco-like swing of "White Rhino" and the R&B flavor of "Sunday Song." To find out more about this new release from the Chicago Afrobeat Project, please visit futurerootz.com.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Check Out These New Releases From The Lowdown Drifters, Rusty Tinder and Venice

The country, folk/rock band, The Lowdown Drifters recently released their new album titled "Last Call For Dreamers." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the quiet country twang of "Red Rock" and the built-up chorus of "We Three Kings," which is perfectly constructed for country radio. The Lowdown Drifters pick up the energy with the southern fueled rocker "Won't Find Me Anymore," before taking their foot off the gas for the sweet acoustics of "Fire In Her Eyes" and "Between The Bottom And The Bottle." They finish up their new album with the guitar driven country rock of "Black Hat" and the swinging tempo of "Empty Bottles." To find out more about The Lowdown Drifters and their latest release "Last Call For Dreamers," please visit thelowdowndrifters.com.

Next, from California comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Rusty Tinder. His new album titled "Dear To You," dives into the root of country music, beginning with "From The Start," which carries a nostalgic country/folk appeal. The Americana vibe of "Passing You By" and the country blues of "You're Still Mine" showcases the diversity in Rusty's stellar songwriting. He picks the tempo with the swift pace of "Don't Grow Old In Hollywood," while "Dear To You" comes straight from the heart and will easily find its way to your soul. Rusty Tinder closes up his new album with the gentle, steady pace of "Everyday," which feels like it came from the Jackson Browne songbook, while "If I Believe In You" finds its strength in its lyrics and rocking rhythm. To find out more about Rusty Tinder and his latest release "Dear To You," please visit rustytinder.com.

Also from California comes the latest release from the band, Venice. Their new album titled "Jacaranda Street" features thirteen tracks, beginning with the title song "Jacaranda Street," that invites you in to the wonderful harmonies and soulful melodies that this band has produced for over three decades. The rock sound of the California in the seventies comes shining through on the songs "The Lavender" and "Stepping On That Bridge," while the amazing vocal harmonies of the Lennon cousins will have you falling in love with their music all over again. The band wrap up their new thirteen song release with the acoustic rock of "Under The Surface," the inspirational feel of "Lifeline" and the gentle, atmospheric flow of "Rowing." To find out more about Venice and their latest release "Jacaranda Street," please visit venicetheband.com

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The "Prom Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" Gets Its Proper Release Nearly 40 Years Later

The 1980 film "Prom Night" starring Jamie Lee Curtis, has become a favorite cult film among horror fans. The film was made on a low budget of just over a million dollars and was deemed a success in the U.S., making over $15 million dollars upon its initial release. The film's soundtrack, composed by Paul Zaza and Carl Zittrer was just as loved as the film. The only problem was, that is was never released in stores in the U.S. It was only released in Japan on LP and cassette. Now after almost forty years, the U.S. get their own release of the soundtrack to the film "Prom Night."

It will be released on June 7th through Perseverance Records on CD only. It features the score and songs used in the film, along with an additional 21 bonus tracks of music that was recorded for the movie, but never used in the film. This new release is broken down into four segments, the first part features the original instrumental score used in the film. These eight songs give an eerie tone to the music that gave the scenes in the movie that extra shot of emotion.

Next are fourteen more pieces of instrumental music that has never been released, or even heard before, until now. Most of the songs are short snippets of music that are under a minute long, but were recorded, in case more theme music was needed for the film.

When the movie "Prom Night" was originally released in 1980, the U.S. was still going through it's disco phase, so the second half of this new soundtrack release features the songs that appeared in the movie. Songs like "Dancin' In The Moonlight" and "Changes" will remind you of the film's prom scene, while the songs "Fade To Black" that played during the end credits is also included. The final tracks on this new soundtrack are an additional six disco songs that were recorded for the film, but was never used. This newly released version of the "Prom Night" soundtrack features 34 tracks (many of them unreleased), so the old saying rings true, that "good things come to those who wait." To find out more about the new "Prom Night: Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack," please visit mvdshop.com.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Gary Nicholson Sings About "The Great Divide" While Whitey Johnson Wants "More Days Like This"

American singer/songwriter Gary Nicholson is preparing to release two brand new studio efforts on June 7th. The first one is Nicholson's own "The Great Divide," the second titled "More Days Like This" comes from Nicholson's alter-ego, Whitey Johnson. Both albums will be released through Blue Corn Music and should bring Nicholson's fans together, whether its his own original folk appeal or alternate music from his "obscure bluesman" alter-ego.

Nicholson's new roots-filled album "The Great Divide" features eleven tracks, beginning with his prayer for "God Help America." It's a modern patriotic anthem that simply tells the truth about the troubled times in this country. He sweetens his sound with the soulful strumming of "Soft Spot" and the inspirational lyrics of "Immigrant Nation." Gary takes on the political choices of our countries leaders with the blues of "The Great Divide," before picking the tempo up for the gospel-like delivery of "Hallelujah Anyhow." Gary Nicholson finishes up his new album with the storied tales of "Blues In Black And White" and the positive message of "Choose Love."

Now, on the flipside we have the new ten track album from Whitey Johnson titled "More Days Like This." The album kicks off with the swinging rhythm of the title song "More Days Like This" and the Southern guitar boogie of "Soulshine." Johnson slow down for the rhythm and blues ballad "If Its Really Gotta Be This Way," before delivering the burning rocker "The Blues Is Alive And Well." Whitey Johnson wraps up his new album with steady blues recollection of the "Upside Of Lonely" and the swift pace of "High Time." 

Gary Nicholson has a handful of shows in Texas in June and California in September. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about his two new releases, please visit garynicholson.com.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Discover The Hardcore Metal Of Serpent Of Gnosis, The Modern Rock Of Eat Your Heart Out and The Melodic Pop Of Twentythreenineteen

Arriving June 14th is the debut album from the death metal band Serpent Of Gnosis. Their new album titled "As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation" is not for the faint of heart. It features ten quick-hitting tracks that will simply blow you away with their speed and aggressive nature. The album begins with the 84-second attack of "Decoherence" and the equally quick "Paroxysmal Dance," which seems to fly by in a blur of noise. The chugging guitars of "Fragile Vessel Of Serenity" gives this song some more structure, while "A Mask Of Lucidity" tries to speed things up as much as humanly possible. Serpent Of Gnosis finish up their new album with the chaos of "Entrenched Euphoria" and the final attack of "Lurid Skin." To find out more about Serpent Of Gnosis and their latest release "As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/serpentofgnosis

Arriving May 17th through Fearless Records is the latest effort from the Australian band, Eat Your Heart Out. Their new album titled "Florescence" features eleven tracks, beginning with the powerful, modern rock sound of "Carousel" and "Daydream," which are perfectly built to become hits on mainstream rock radio. The band showcase their raw, grunge-like approach on the energetic "Heavy With Envy" and "Closer To The Sun," before delivering the most pop-build song on the album "Nowhere." Eat Your Heart Out wrap up their new album with the ballad "Pear Tree" and the Evanesence-type rocker "Cold Hands." To find out more about Eat Your Heart Out and their latest release "Florescence," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/eyhoband

Finally we arrive at the new album from twentythreenineteen titled "XXIIIXIX." It comes from multi-instrumentalist Sean McCall and centers around the many ways to experience communication breakdown. The new twelve-track release begins with the folk/pop strumming of "Lost" and the addictive tones of "Losing Touch." McCall finally plugs in for the steady rocker "Tangled," while "Scripted" is pure radio gold. He slows the tempo down for the light, airy ballad "Convince Me," before wrapping up the album with fun, dance/pop energy of "You" and the more melodic, emotional tone of "Drained." To find out more about twentythreenineteen and the latest release "XXIIIXIX," please visit twentythreenineteen.com

Thursday, May 16, 2019

New Hard Rocking Releases From Summoner's Circle, Janet Gardner and The Accused A.D.

Arriving May 17th is the Pavement Entertainment debut release from the theatrical, hardcore metal band, Summoner's Circle. Their new album titled "Become None" features ten tracks, beginning with the two-minute atmospheric build-up of "Ex Terra," which leads into the aggressive attack of "Worm Tunnel." Their music takes on a more epic feel during the nearly ten minute romp of "Minotaur" and the darker twelve-minute journey of "Legion." After another short instrumental ("In Ut Ambustio"), Summoner's Circle come roaring back with the heavy-hitting "Balrog General" and the more mainstream progressive metal appeal of "Temple Of Suffering." To find out more about Summoner's Circle and their latest release "Become None," please visit summonerscircle.com

Former lead vocalist for the band, Vixen, Janet Gardner returns with their sophomore effort titled "Your Place In The Sun." After teaming up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Justin James for her solo debut album back in 2017, the duo deliver another dozen tracks of hard rocking anthems. Gardner begins her new album with the quick pace of the title-song "Your Place In The Sun," as she delivers one of her best songs in years. Her music still carries that Vixen-vibe, as in the mainstream rocker "Standing" and the power ballad "Try." She continues with the energetic blast of "Kicks Me Back" and "You Said," before closing her new album with the punk-like fury of "Flame Thrower." To find out more about Janet Gardner and her latest release "Your Place In The Sun," please visit her Facebook page at facebook.com/Janet-Gardner

On May 10th, we got the new full-length album from The Accused A.D. titled "The Ghoul In The Mirror." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the album's lead single "Juego Terminado," which is filled with high-powered guitar riffs and screaming vocals. The band pick up the energy with the wild bashing, punk-like rhythm of "Diabro" and "Hate Your Friends." The Accused A.D. try their hand at a cover of "Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo," before returning to the aggressive thrashing comfort of "And The Devil Walks" and the album closer "A Comfort Of Death/When Tomorrow Never Comes." To find out more about The Accused A.D. and their latest release "The Ghoul In The Mirror," please visit splatterrock.com.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Barrett Martin Group Sing "Songs Of The Firebird," Folk-Duo Esoebo Deliver "VI" & Jared Deck Takes On The "Bully Pulpit"

Singer, songwriter and composer Barrett Martin returns with a new twenty-track album titled "Songs Of The Firebird," featuring the Barrett Martin Group. The album was created, following Martin's 2017 Latin Grammy win for his production work in Brazil. The album begins with the Afro-Latin style drums of "There Is A Galaxy In Your Heart," which is supported by the wonderful horn section of Dave Carter, Andy Coe, Curtis MacDonald and Hans Teuber. The rhythmic energy continues on to "Peruvian Dancer" and "Dark Wing," as the songs begin to take on a more rock-oriented sound. The album also features some very special guests, including jazz legend "Wayne Horvitz ("Down In The Streets") and Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil ("The Firebird"). The piano ballad "Cascadia" showcases the gentler side to Martin's compositions, while "Requiem" feels inspirational with the help of Thayil and Peter Buck (R.E.M.) on guitar. The album closes with the floating melody of "The Shimmer Of The Glimmer." To find out more about Barrett Martin and his new album "Songs Of The Firebird," please visit barrettmartin.com

Arriving May 31st is the latest effort by the Atlanta folk-duo, Chuck McDowell and Gail Burnett, who go by the name Esoebo. Their new album titled "Esoebo VI" features eleven tracks, beginning with the gentle, nostalgic country vibe of "Airplane" and the acoustic folk appeal of "Sweet Talk." The poetic harmonies of "Longtime" showcase this duo's magical appeal, as their music carries that warming, nostalgic feel. Esoebo pick the tempo up with the rockabilly swing of "Baby I Love Your Shoes," before wrapping up their new album with Americana/funk rhythm of "Far Away Tale" and the venerable emotions of the ballad, "I'll Follow The Sky." To find out more about Esoebo and their latest release "Esoebo VI," please visit esoebo.com

Roots/rock artist Jared Deck recently released his new album titled "Bully Pulpit." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the stomp-rhythm, gospel-like delivery of the traditional chant "I Don't Know What You Come To Do," followed by the southern rock swing of "Money Back." Jared showcases his stellar vocals on the country ballad "Where I Fall" and the gentle folk appeal of "Make You Mama Proud," before picking the energy back up with the "Great American Breakdown." Jared Deck finishes his latest effort with the emotional ballad "True Believer" and the inspirational "Over And Over." To find out more about Jared Deck and his latest release "Bully Pulpit," please visit jareddeckmusic.com.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Check Out These New Releases From Pointed Man Band, Saxsyndrum, Saint Lo, Lydia Persaud and Birch

Arriving May 17th is the new studio album from Pointed Man Band titled "Amongst The Tall Trees." The band is lead by multi-instrumentalist Dan Elliott, as he wraps you up with luscious melodies and pop tones that are undeniable. The album begins with the exciting, show-tune feel of "Go!," followed quickly by the up-lifting, spirited swinging rhythm of "Pint Size." You will find yourself singing along to the bright chorus of "Corvidae" and the simply addictive "Yellow Dog." The Pointed Man Band wrap up their new twelve-song release with the storied "Adventures Of Wunderland" and the wonderful instrumental interlude of "Unearthed." To find out more about Pointed Man Band and their latest release "Amongst The Tall Trees," please visit pointedmanband.com

Next up is the sophomore effort from the Canadian musical trio, Saxsyndrum. Their new album titled "Second Nature" features nine tracks, beginning with the pop feel of "Up To You," led by the playful combination of saxophone and synthesizers. The music takes on a more electronic feel with the balladry of "Let Go" and the atmospheric interlude of "You Get High." The band lift you up for the avant garde soundscape of "Arp," before closing out their new album with the lush pop tones of "Phantasy" and the eight-minute experimental journey of "Stutter." To find out more about Saxsyndrum and their latest release "Second Nature," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/saxsyndrum

Fellow Canadian folk/rock band Saint Lo recently released their full-length debut album titled "We Could Be." Right from the beginning notes of "Someday/Storm," you know that Saint Lo are ready to deliver an exciting take on roots music. The album continues with the gentle flow of "Grace," as their harmonies are the perfect compliment to the folk-based instrumentation. Saint Lo deliver the perfect Americana sound with "Best Friend's Clothes," while "Marry Me" is a slow moving ballad filled with emotions. Saint Lo close out their new album with their new single "Blueberry Fields," which has all the elements to get Saint Lo recognition alongside bands like The Lumineers and The Decemberists. To find out more about Saint Lo and their latest release "We Could Be," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/saintloband

Canadian songstress Lydia Persaud recently released her debut album "Let Me Show You" through Next Door Records. It features eleven tracks that showcase Lydia's musical inspirations like Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers and Carole King. The album begins with soulful, R&B flow of "Hold Out" and the jazzy melody of "No Answer," as Lydia allows her vocals to lead the way through the song's relaxed tones. The album's lead single "More Of Me" has a more pop vibe, while the gentle touch of "With You" eases your mind. She returns with the title-song "Let Me Show You," which is carries a great nostalgic R&B groove that is overlooked by a lot of today's pop artists. Lydia Persaud wraps up her new album with the loving feel of "Honey Child," the soulful ballad "Low Light" and the comforting tone of "Tonight." To find out more about Lydia Persead and her latest release "Let Me Show You," please visit her Facebook page at facebook.com/lydiapersaudmusic.

Finally we get to the full-length debut release from Brooklyn singer/songwriter Birch. Her new album "femme.one" is a feminist concept album that revolves around her experiences with women's rights in today's society. The new nine song release begins with the title song "femme.one," which combines the sounds of acoustics with electronics to give Birch's music that added element of emotion. She continues with the pop tones of "Spelling Lessons" and "Find Me," which gives her music and message that addictive quality. The highlight of this new release is the song "Bury It," as the melody is undeniable with Birch's vocals soaring above the music. She closes her new album with the slow-building tempo of "Blinders" and the steady pace of "femme.two," the atmospheric sequel of the opening song. To find out more about Birch and her latest release "femme.one," please visit birchmusicnyc.com.

Monday, May 13, 2019

New Music From Veteran Artists 1919, Lucifer's Friend, The RAZ Band and IZZ

British punk veterans, 1919 recently released only their third full-length album in almost forty years. After forming in 1980, 1919 released their debut album in 1983, before disbanding only three years later. After twenty years flash by, the band's songs were being rediscovered on streaming music sites, which provoked the band to reform in 2014. Founding guitarist Mark Tighe passed away in 2017, followed by the release of their second full-length album. The band has since forged on performing live and delivering a set of ten brand new studio tracks titled "Futurecide."

The band's raw, punk-like energy is still present in the title-song "Futurecide" and in the song "Isolation," as 1919 attack the US and British governments head on. They also experiment more with their songwriting, as in the darker, moodier feel of "Dali Alarma" and in "Man, Myth, And The Curse Of The Immortal." 1919 wrap up their new album with "Stop The World," which features some of the final recordings of Mark Tighe. The 1919 band have about a dozen shows lined-up this spring and summer. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Futurecide," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/1919official

German rock legends Lucifer's Friend recently released the fourteenth album of their fifty year career. After making a comeback in 2016, with their highly acclaimed album "Too Late To Hate," Lucifer's Friend wanted to keep the momentum going with their new release "Black Moon." It features ten tracks, beginning with the title song "Black Moon," which showcases a youthfulness and a renewed sense of power for the band. They still know how to rock, as displayed in the progressive feel of "Passengers" and the energy romp of "Rolling The Stone." The band's classic sound is felt in the nostalgic tone of "Palace Of Fools," while "Call The Captain" is a sonic blast of modern hard rock. Lucifer's Friend close out their new album with the mainstream appeal of "Taking It To The Edge" and the autobiographical power of "Glory Days." To find out more about Lucifer's Friend and their latest release "Black Moon," please visit lucifersfriend.com.

Back in March, Gonzo Multimedia released the new album from The RAZ Band, which was produced by Badfinger legend, Joey Molland. The album titled "#9," features eleven tracks, beginning with the steady rocker "Breadline Love," which features lead vocals supplied by Molland and gives the song that classic rock sound. The RAZ Band deliver a swinging groove to "Curveball," before picking the tempo up for the swift pace of "Coming At You." They finish their new album with the autobiographical tale of "Call Me Raz," followed by the punk-like energy of "The Times Together" and the guitar melody of "Dirt." Look for The RAZ  Band to be on the road this summer. To find out more about The RAZ Band and their latest release "#9," please visit therazband.com.

Finally we arrive at the new studio album from the U.S. progressive rock band, IZZ. Their new album titled "Don't Panic" will be released on May 21st and centers around the eighteen-minute epic piece "42." It showcases the band's stellar musicianship, which has progressed over the course of the last nine albums. All four of the band's vocalist are let loose on the wonderful piece, before reeling it all back in for the gentle acoustics of "Six String Theory." IZZ wrap up their new five-song album with the exciting and energetic blast of "Moment Of Inertia" and the atmospheric, space-like rock of "Age Of Stars." To find out more about IZZ and their latest release "Don't Panic," please visit izzmusic.com.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Music And Life Of Johnny Thunders Is Examined With A New Live Album & Movie Release

Rock and roll/punk artist Johnny Thunders is the subject of two new films, one features lost concert footage of Thunders from 1984. The other film revolves around the mysterious death of Johnny Thunders in 1991. The new live release titled "Madrid Memory" features Johnny Thunders performing as a member of The Heartbreakers, which he formed following his departure from the New York Dolls. The show was recorded in Madrid, Spain on June 14th, 1984. The quality of the recording is not perfect, but professional recorded for Madrid television. The seventeen-song set includes a mix of Heartbreakers and New York Dolls originals, as well as songs from Thunders solo albums with a handful of cover songs thrown in. After starting the night with the instrumental "Pipeline," Thunders finds his groove on "Just Another Girl" and "Alone In A Crowd," before slowing down for the ballad "Sad Vacation" and a garage rock-style cover of Booker T & The MGs "Green Onions." Thunders explodes with "I Love You" and "Born Too Loose," before closing the show with a nine-minute acoustic set featuring the songs "Eve Of Destruction" and "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory." A special edition of this release features a CD of the entire show along with the DVD. To find out more, please visit mvdshop.com.

Arriving at a later date, is a new film titled "Room 37: The Mysterious Death Of Johnny Thunders," starring Leo Ramsey as Johnny Thunders. The story is based on true events which take place as Thunders arrives in New Orleans to begin the next chapter of his life. At this point in his life, Johnny Thunders was staying clean from drugs, taking on a new musical sound and preparing to reconnect with his children. Then, something happens that turns his life turns upside down. His hotel room gets robbed, which takes Thunders down a dangerous path that leads to his mysterious death. The film arrives soon through Cleopatra Entertainment, in association with Industrialism Films. For more information about "Room 37: The Mysterious Death Of Johnny Thunders," please visit mvdshop.com

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Author Robert Dean Laurie Tells About The Early Years Of R.E.M. With New Book "Begin The Begin"

Author Robert Dean Lurie is one of the latest writers to dive into the early days of the Athens, GA band, R.E.M. with the new book "Begin The Begin." The advantage that Robert has, is that he knows the area and the lore of how the band formed, back in the late 1970s. The beginning of the legacy is when Bill Berry meet Mike Mills in high school, before attending the University of Georgia together, kind of like when John Lennon met Paul McCartney, and they say the rest is history. Well, this book examines that history.

The book talks about the early inspiration of bands like the Pythons and the B-52's, that seemed to help light up the path for R.E.M. to follow. The art department at the University of Georgia was ground-zero for the early days of R.E.M., where Berry and Mills have met Michael Stipe. After diving in to Stipe's history, the book continues with the addition of Peter Buck, but R.E.M. would still be a year removed from performing their first gig together.

Lurie does a great job gathering as much information as possible about what was happening in the Athens music scene in the early eighties. R.E.M. would become regulars in this music scene during 1980's and their early punk rock sound were the perfect soundtrack for adrenaline-fueled frat houses. The book moves along at a great pace, diving into the band's first EP, while growing their fanbase one show at a time.

The book dives into specifics about the band's performances around Georgia as their popularity continued to grow, before entering the studio to record songs that would make their way on to their first full-length studio album. Also included in the book are a bunch of rare b&w photos and promotional items that help shape the history of R.E.M. Robert Dean Lurie's story would finish with R.E.M. releasing their first set of albums on the I.R.S. Records label, before joining Warner Bros. Records in 1987, while ruling the airwaves of college radio. The band's biggest days were still ahead of them, as R.E.M. already felt like champions. To find out more about the new "Begin The Begin" book, please visit robertdeanlurie.com.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Expand Your Musical Palette With New Releases From Akku Quintet, Jon Durant, Fraud Prophets and SHOB

The Swiss jazz fusion ensemble Akku Quintet are preparing to release their fourth studio album on May 17th, titled "Depart." This is the band's first album to be featured on Trey Gunn's 7d Media Label, as the album's title suits the band's driving and expressive sound. Beginning with the nearly fifteen-minute adventure "Largo," the band are ready to take you on a sonic trip, as they float between tempo changes and styles. The Akku Quintet get a little funkier with "Made In China," as they work off a steady combination of horn and drums. They wrap up their new five-song album with lush, electronic soundscape of "Depart" and the space-rock jam of "Cyan." To find out more about the Akku Quintet and their latest release "Depart," please visit akkuquintet.com

Instrumental guitarist Jon Durant quickly followed his 2018 album "Parting Is" with a the new release titled "Alternate Landscapes." Both albums allow Durant to examine and experiment with the limitations of the guitar, but his new release allows him to use old school synthesizer techniques to create different layers to his music. The new four song release have a very ambient feel as Durant's music simply floats on by during "Systravatn," while "Ciel du Ceval" has the grace of a orchestral string section. Jon Durant closes his new album with the space exploration sounds of "Dinkeisbuhl," as this song seems to have the most elements in play. To find out more about Jon Durant and his latest release "Alternate Landscapes," please visit jondurant.bandcamp.com.

The duo of Nate Morton (drummer extraordinaire) and Sean Halley (multi-instrumentalist) have teamed up as Fraud Prophets to release their debut album "Poptosis." It features ten tracks, beginning with the funk-infused rhythm of "I Think I Just Said That." Nate and Sean take care of all the music, with the help of Matt Rohde (Hammond B3 organ), Jenee Fleanor (fiddle) and Oz Noy (guitar). The band just grooves along to the mellow sounds of "Scrubs," before jamming out to the eight-minute rock/jazz fusion of "Homer's Journey." Fraud Prophets pick the tempo and the energy up with the swift pace of "Eat A Frog," as Nate and Sean play off of the "Fiddle Ninja" Jenee Fleenor. The boys deliver a more ambient sound with the help of Oz Noy for the relaxed feel of "The Phiebotomist," before wrapping up their new album with the aggressive, chaotic rock of "Skronktastic" and the exciting, pop tones of "Two Steps Back." To find out more about Fraud Prophets and their latest release "Poptosis," please visit fraudprophets.com

French bassist SHOB returns after only 14 months with a brand new studio album titled "Solide." It features eleven tracks, beginning with funky, punk-like groove of "Hostile" and the more aggressive nature of "Primal Fear." Next, SHOB gets a jazzy vibe working through the heavy bass riff of "Memoire," while "Solitude" carries a nostalgic alternative/pop sound with the help of vocalist Celia Marissal. SHOB puts his energy into overdrive with the exciting runs of "Turbo Zulu," before wrapping up his new album with the rhythm fueled "What Now" and the guitar-infused jazz of "Dr Gros Zozo." To find out more about SHOB and his latest release "Solide," please visit shob.fr

Thursday, May 9, 2019

More Upcoming Heavy Metal Releases From Monasterium, Pulver, Vultures Vengeance and TIR

Another round of heavy metal music releases arrive from the bands, Monasterium, Pulver, Vulture Vengeance and TIR. First up, from Poland, comes the sophomore effort from the doom metal band Monasterium. Their new album titled "Church Of Bones" features eight tracks that look to build upon the band's experience of releasing their debut album and performing at a number of heavy metal festivals over the course of the last three years. Monasterium kick off their new release with the solid, steady pounding rhythm of the title song "Church Of Bones," as vocalist Michal Strzelecki livens up the song's monotone sound. The energy pick up with the chugging guitars of "La Danse Macabre" and the aggressive attack of "Ferrier Of The Underworld." The dark and moody tones of "The Order Of The Dragon" gives us a classic Black Sabbath vibe, before Monasterium close out their album with the nearly eight-minute epic adventure of "The Last Templar." To find out more about Monasterium and their latest release "Church Of Bones," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/monasteriumdoom.

Next up is a trio of Gates Of Hell Records releases from Pulver, Vulture Vengeance and TIR. Pulver's new release titled "Kings Under The Sand" is the band's full-length debut effort and contains eight tracks that carry a very nostalgic sound from the early days of British heavy metal. They kick things off with the "Phantom Hawk," which sounds like it came straight from the early Iron Maiden albums. They pick up the tempo with the exciting title-track "Kings Under The Sand," as the heavy metal guitar riffs and steady rhythm section keep the energy going throughout this six-minute piece. Pulver wrap up their new album with the battle cry of "Warrior Caste" and the darker tones of "Curse Of The Pharaoh." To find out more about Pulver and their latest release "Kings Under The Sand," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/PulverHeavyMetal.

The Italian underground hardcore metal band Vultures Vengeance are preparing the release of their full-length debut album, "The Knightlore" on May 10th. It features eight tracks, beginning with the thrash metal speed of "A Great Spark From The Dark." They continue to keep the adrenaline flowing with the exciting "Pathfinder's Call" and the classic metal guitar riffs of "The Knightlore." Vultures Vengeance deliver a more progressive metal sound on the seven-minute "Dead Men And Blind Fates," before closing out their new album with the chaotic energy of "Chained By The Night." To find out more about Vultures Vengeance and their latest release "The Knightlore," please visit vulturesvengeance.bandcamp.com.

Finally we arrive at the return of TIR with their new album "Metal Shock." It has been eight years since the release of their last album and every effort by the band has been placed on this new album, in order to make it one of their best. TIR kick things off with the sonic blast of "Citta In Fiamme" and the more mainstream metal of "La Sfida," which is sung in their native Italian language. The album's first four songs are all sung in Italian, before reaching the thrash-like energy of "Crazy Mama." After 40 years, TIR still showcase their youthful energy on the tracks "Lasciateci Fare" and "Metal Shock," before finishing up their new album with electrifying delivery of "Mitra" and the acoustic instrumental "Memoria (Faber)." To find out more about TIR and their latest release "Metal Shock," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/TIR

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Handful Of New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving This Month From Metal Blade Records

Welcome to Heavy MAY-tal with a handful of new releases this month from Metal Blade Records artists Amon Amarth, Arch/Matheos, Abnormality, Tanith and Destrage. Over the course of the last two decades, Amon Amarth have established themselves as the modern masters of Viking metal, producing countless epic metal anthems. Their new album titled "Berserker" was released back on May 3rd and features a dozen tracks that keep the excitement and energy alive. We begin with the aggressive attack of "Fafner's Gold" and "Crack The Sky," before paying an electrifying tribute to the god of thunder's weapon "Mjolner, Hammer Of Thor." The band's classic sound is hear on "Valkyria," before the epic blast of "Raven's Flight," which proves why they are one of the premier heavy metal bands in the world. To find out more about Amon Amarth and their latest release "Berserker," please visit amonamarth.com.

Next up is the reformation of Jim Matheos and John Arch (who were both original members of Fates Warning) for their brand new studio album "Winter Ethereal." It has been eight years since their 2011 album "Sympathetic Resonance," as the two began writing this record back in 2017. With time off from Fates Warning, the two convened in the studio to create some exceptional new music. Their energy and passion are still present on the nine-minute opener "Vermilion Moons" and the chugging, classic metal appeal of "Solitary Man." The epic numbers like "Wrath Of The Universe" and "Kindred Spirits" is where their songwriting shines, as they present some modern progressive metal anthems. To find out more about the new Arch/Matheos album "Winter Ethereal," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/archmatheos.

From Marlborough, MA comes the new album from the death metal band, Abnormality. Their new release titled "Sociopathic Constructs" sets a new level of intensity and aggression by the band. The album comes blasting right out of the gate with the growling attack of "Monarch Alpha" and the quick-hitting "Penance." Abnormality deliver an even more evil sound on the slower pace of "Dying Breed," while "Curb Stomp" has great explosive energy that just attacks your eardrums. To find out more about Abnormality and their latest release "Sociopathic Constructs," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/AbnormalityOfficial.

 Closer to the end of the month, we get the debut album from the New York City hard rock band, Tanith. Their new release titled "In Another Time" perfectly sums up the band's sound, as they deliver a seventies rock vibe with songs like "Citadel" and "Wing Of An Owl." Tanith know how to rock with the energetic blast of "Under The Stars," which combines a classic Thin Lizzy sound with a modern hard rock assault. They even showcase a more progressive rock vibe with the tale of "Dionysus." To find out more about Tanith and their latest release "In Another Time," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/TanithNYC.

Another May 24th release arrives from the hardcore metal band, Destrage. The band's fifth studio album is titled "The Chosen One" and features eight songs that showcase the band's growth and desire. The album begins with the guitar introduction to the album's title-song, "The Chosen One," which just breaks down the barriers of modern hardcore metal music. They keep the energy and passion flowing through the songs "About That" and "At The Cost Of Pleasure," as the band hit their strive with their latest piece of work. To find out more about Destrage and their new album "The Chosen One," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/Destrage.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New Music From Cardinal Fuzz Artists Dead Sea Apes, Dreamtime, The Myrrors and Birth

Arriving on May 17th, is the brand new double-vinyl release from instrumental rock band, Dead Sea Apes. Their new album features only seven songs, but each one is an adventure into the dark, moody sounds of the band's latest work. They begin with the steady guitar buzz of "The Dispossessed" and the more subtle, atmospheric tone of "Falling Moon." Dead Sea Apes definitely look to experiment with the guitar sound, as they create a melody of chords for "Diaspora," before stretching their music out for over twenty minutes of "The Free Territory." They wrap up their new album with the quietness of "Sub Rosa" and the solid, single guitar strike of "Stateless."

Next up is the new full-length release "Tidal Mind" from the alternative rock band, Dreamtime. Their new album features only six tracks, beginning with the build-up of "Mourning Star," as Dreamtime are ready for liftoff. They deliver a more monotone sound to the storied, spoken-word vocals of "Emerald Sea," before delivering the big rock sound "Of Nautilus Descent." Dreamtime finish up their new album with the psychedelic soundscape of "Tidal Mind" and the more aggressive, energetic appeal of "Liquid Light Phase."

Next, is the new 30-minute, mind-expanding sound of The Myrrors with their new album "Curved Entrance." It features only two songs ("Inscribe The Night" and "Remaining Sky/Lost Beginning"), as they take you on a journey into your thoughts and dreams with their subtle build up of instrumentation. Early Pink Floyd influences are hear all throughout "Inscribe The Night," while "Remaining Sky/Lost Beginning" comes searing through your speakers.

Finally we arrive at the new live album from the musical project, Birth. This new release captures the band "Live In Tucson," performing a new 25-minute improvisational piece. The music builds with subtlety and trance-like melodies that look to set your mind as ease, as you explore and focus on the sound which is given to the audience. To find out more about these new releases from the Cardinal Fuzz label, please visit cardinalfuzz.bigcartel.com.