Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists Historian, Populuxe, Golden Daze and Living Hour

From Los Angeles comes the latest release from the alternative/pop band, Historian. The new album titled "Hour Hand" features ten tracks that continues along the same vein as their 2018 release "Distant Wells," as the band look to combine the intimacy of folk rock with emotional melody of the ballad. The album begins with the steady, up-beat tempo of "The Wrong Track," before slowing down for the dark, moody feel of "Tied To The Dawn" and "Too Much." The almost spoken-word vocals of "Pedestal," seemed to draw inspiration from legendary folk artist Leonard Cohen, while the airy, swirling psychedelic tone of "Quiet" showcase how far Historian are willing to stretch the boundaries of their music. To find out more about Historian and their latest release "Hour Hand," please visit historiantheband.com.

Pop/rock trio Populuxe recently released their new full-length album titled "Lumiere." It features eight-tracks that have a very nostalgic, seventies-style David Bowie vibe, which may seem odd from a band from New York City, but it works. They begin with the steady, classic rock pace of "Lady Liberty" and the more up-beat, addictive tones of "Garage Sale." The album peaks with the eight-minute "How Long's It Gonna Take?," an epic, experimental number, which feels like it belongs in musical show. The energy flows through the post-punk tempo of "Behind Enemy Lines," before finishing with the piano-lead ballad, "Blackout" and the hard rock build-up of "Who's Laughing Now." To find out more about Populuxe and their latest release "Lumiere," please visit populuxehq.com.

The songwriting duo of Jacob Leob and Ben Schwab are preparing to release the sophomore effort from their band, Golden Daze. The album titled "Simpatico" features eleven new tracks that continues the outlook of incorporating their Midwestern roots with their visits to the west coast. They begin with the swirling gentle touch of "Blue Bell," as you feel as if this is all a dream, before the more up-tempo/pop sounds of "Amber" warm your musical soul. The album continues to grow on you with the steady pace and psychedelic-type vocals of "Flowers," combined with the acoustic folk sway of "Took A Fall" and "Wayward Tide." Golden Daze wrap up their new album with the nostalgic vibe of "Sentimental Mind" and the wonderful acoustic harmonies of the title-song "Simpatico." To find out more about Golden Daze and their latest release "Simpatico," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/goldendazela.

From Canada comes the sophomore release "Softer Faces" from the alternative-pop band, Living Hour. Their new nine-song release is filled to the brim with lush melodies and airy vocals, which should allow you to drift off into their latest studio effort. The album begins with the subtle touch of "Hallboy," highlighted by the soft blare of horns as they mix up the song's tempo. Living Hour continue with the slow pace of "Bottom Step," as you find yourself falling under their spell of mesmerizing sounds. They look to add a little more pop into their sound with the slightly more up-tempo rhythm of "Before You Leave," then they darken the mood with the quiet, eerie arrangement of "No Past." Living Hour close their new album with the mellow, sonic landscape of "Inside" and the swirling music of "Most." To find out more about Living Hour and their latest release "Softer Faces," please visit livinghourband.com.

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