Friday, January 25, 2019

Check Out These New Releases From Indie-Artists Level 5, I Am Casting and R. Stevie Moore

On February 22nd, the funk/rock band Level5 will be releasing their Mutant Cat Records debut album titled "The Sybil EP." It features only three tracks, beginning with the six-minute exploratory instrumental piece "Sybill." Throughout the song, the mood switches from funky breaks to thunderous hard rock attacks, as you begin to get a sense of the band's musical talents. Next up is the nearly seven-minute groove/jam of "Swagger," as you are now a part of Mark Feldman's Level5 musical world, before they close up their new short release with the up-tempo, energy-fueled funky of "Jabber Jaw." To find out more about Mark Feldman's Level5 and their latest album "The Sybil EP," please visit

Also arriving February 22nd is the full-length debut album from the North Carolina-based alternative-pop band, I Am Casting. Their new release titled "Carnival Barkers" features eleven tracks, beginning with the introduction piece "Charmer," filled with storied lyrics that follow a steady beat. The album continues with the moody layers of sound of "Flood" and the tempo changes of "Wolf," which carries an experimental jazz fusion vibe. The band's pop aspects shine through on "Clay," before slowing the tempo down with the quiet ballad "Almost." I Am Casting finish off their new album with the addictive chorus of "Muggers" and the R&B-sounding groove of "Seams." To find out more about I Am Casting and their latest release "Carnival Barkers," please visit

Music artist R. Stevie Moore has become well-known as the "godfather" of do-it-yourself home recordings, having created over 400 songs according to New York Times. He is releasing his new album on February 22nd, titled "Afterlife." It features 14-tracks that were recorded over the course of the last 15 years in five different states as R. Stevie Moore turns out some of the best work of his career. The wonderful pop tones of "Irony" and "Come My Way" become very addictive and keep you searching his catalog for hidden gems. The beautiful acoustics of "Take Back" and "You Don't Have To Worry About My Love" allows to discover how great his lyrics are and how he captures the moment with his music. To find out more about R. Stevie Moore and his latest release "Afterlife," please visit

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