Friday, January 4, 2019

Discover New Music From Indie-Artists Louis Michot, Globelamp and Michal Towber

We begin with the new live album from fiddler/vocalist Louis Michot titled "The Stoned: L.E.S. Douze Volume 1." It is the first release from a dozen recordings that were made during his residency at The Stone located at New York City's Lower East Side. His new 45-minute set begins with the slow-build up of a marching beat, highlighted by swirling experimental instruments, trying to find their home along this sonic adventure. About halfway through, you are finding a pattern to this experiment, before finishing with a full-on prog-rock assault. To find out more about this latest release from Louis Michot titled "The Stoned," please visit

Next we have the latest release from singer/songwriter Elizabeth Le Fey, who goes by the title Globelamp. Her new album titled "Romantic Cancer" contains 13 tracks, beginning with the quiet acoustics of "Sha La Love," which will easily draw you into her musical world. Her sweet vocals shine on the gentle strumming of "Everything's A Spiral" and "Sorceress Of Your Soul." Her songs are like angelic folk hymns that float around your head, as you find yourself falling in love with her music. Globelamp hits your musical heart with the lyrics of "Lowest Low" and the wonderful, relaxed tone of the album closer "Look Out Mountain." To find out more about Globelamp and her latest release "Romantic Cancer," please visit her Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the latest release from singer/songwriter Michal Towber titled "No Resolution." She collaborates with guitarist/saxophonist AR on this new 14-song set of emotional anthems. The album begins with "The Crash," which highlights Mical's vocals on this slow-building ballad. The energy picks up with "Rockstar" and "Cut Me," as Michel lets loose on these dark numbers. She adds more electronics to her sound for the pop tones of "Bondage" and "Devil You Love," before slowing down for the piano ballad "Tragedy." She finishes her new album with the emotions of "Before Tonight" and the short strumming of "Secret Song." To find out more about Michal Towber and her latest release "No Resolution," please visit her Facebook page at

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