Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Musical Artist Van Duren Featured On New Nezrok Album And On New Documentary Soundtrack

Multi-instrumentalist Chris Korzen recently released a new album from his latest adventure, Nezrok (which is Korzen backwards). The new self-titled album features special guests, including Dennis Diken from The Smithereens, Fernando Perdomo and Van Duren. Korzen's new ten track release begins the contemporary pop melody of "Middle Ground," before adding a more jazz flair to his sound during "ICU," which features Diane E. on vocals. The strumming of "Beach People" lightens the mood, as Memphis pop legend, Van Duren lends harmonies to the track. Dennis Diken shines on "Dream Away," while Van Duren returns, adding his original pop feel to "Andy, Please." The album closes with the beautiful ballad, "Wide Open Spaces," featuring Diane E and Shelby Rael, then the modern jazz instrumental "Ethereal Fluffernutter Too." To find out more about the new self-titled release from Nezrok, please visit his Facebook page at

Speaking of musical artist Van Duren, on February 1st, Omnivore Recordings will be releasing the soundtrack to the documentary, "Waiting: The Van Duren Story." Back in the late 1970's Van Duren was on his way to be the next international music star. His debut album "Are You Serious?" was not the break through that he and his manager, Andrew Loog Oldham (Rolling Stones) thought it was, and his second album was shelved for almost twenty years. Now, two Australians (Wade Jackson and Greg Carey) found the story of Van Duren interesting enough to make a documentary of his musical career.

The soundtrack features a dozen songs from early on in Van Duren's career, beginning with a trio of tracks from his debut album, including the wonderful ballad, "Waiting." The set also includes the live tracks "Yellow Light" and "Torn In Half" from his album, "Chemical Fire - Live In Concert 1978." Both of Van Duren's solo albums were recorded at Trod Nossel Studios located in Wallingford, CT; famous for being one of the oldest operating studios in the U.S., which was also used by Fleetwood Mac in the mid-seventies. Highlights of the soundtrack are the previously unreleased tracks, "Andy Please," featuring the collaboration of Duren and Jody Stephens (Big Star) and a live, in-studio recording of "Just You Tell Me." To find out more about the new "Waiting: The Van Duren Story Original Documentary Soundtrack," please visit

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