Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Family-Friendly Music From Singer/Songwriter KB Whirly and Award-Winners The Shazzbots

Singer/songwriter KB Whirly will be releasing his new album titled "Now That We're Home, Lullabies & Love Songs" on February 23rd. The new nine-song release is filled with quiet lullabies and love songs that will easily find their way to your heart. The album begins with the gentle folk ballad "Just Us Three" and the wonderfully enjoyable "Place Called Home," inspired by KB Whirly's daughter. As you listen to songs like "Long Long Day" and "Come Walk With," you and your children will feel relaxed, as you dream of simpler times. He finishes up his new album with the inspirational tale of "What Will You Do" and the positive message of "You Are Love." To find out more about KB Whirly and his latest album "Now That We're Home," please visit

Emmy-Award winners, The Shazzbots are preparing to release their third musical album on March 1st, titled "Lightspeed!" It features a dozen tracks that are sure to get your kids up on their feet dancing along to the swinging rhythm of "On The Playground" and "Beauregard Ogilby Balderdash." Their sound is so addictive as noticed within the country-vibe of "Chuggin" and "Read A Book Today," while also delivering a positive message about always continuing to learn about new stuff. The Shazzbots wrap up their new album with the fun acoustic strumming of "Snow Day!" and the quiet, lullaby ballad "Very, Very Vivian." To find out more about The Shazzbots and their latest release "Lightspeed!," please visit

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