Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From 10:13, Cold Colours, Traveler, Gatekeeper and Booze Control

One of the first waves of heavy metal music to hit your speakers this year comes from the underground bands, 10:13, Cold Colours, Traveler, Gatekeeper and Booze Control. First up is the self-released debut album titled "Result Of An Iron Age" from 10:13. This one-man instrumental heavy metal act begins with "Oathblade," by combining fast-paced rhythms, spoken word dialogue, chugging guitars and swirling keyboards to create this complex piece of music. Next, he attacks your senses with the quiet acoustics that get overpowered by the aggressive juggernaut of drums on "The Worst In Me." His music takes on an industrial metal sound in "Misanthropic Delirium," before returning to a more classic black metal feel with "In The Black Book Of Death." 10:13 wraps up his new album with the guitar buzz of "Son Of Monotony," the grand eight-minute progressive metal piece "Nashiteric" and the keyboard driven "Conduit Closing." To find out more about 10:13 and his latest release "Result Of An Iron Age," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/1013neilcarter.

Next up, is the new self-release from Minnesota death metal band Cold Colours. Their new album titled "Northernmost" features a dozen tracks, as the band are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019. After a short acoustic instrumental ("Northernmost I"), their aggressive sound takes over on the hard-hitting "Nightmare" and "A Life Forlorn." The acoustic interludes return throughout the album, almost like chapters, while the full onslaught of heavy metal music gets your adrenaline pumping once again. The growls of "Spirit" and the amazing musicianship displayed in "Heathen" makes Cold Colours one of the premier independent metal bands in America. To find out more about their new album "Northermost," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/coldcoloursmetal.

On February 22nd, we have a trio of new releases arriving on the Gates Of Hell Records label from Traveler, Gatekeeper and Booze Control. These artists have their finger on the pulse of modern metal music, while also keeping a foot in the past, as you can hear with their influences. Traveler's new self-titled album simply explodes with its amazing guitar solos, soaring vocals and steady, but swift drum work. Songs like "Starbreaker," "Behind The Iron" and "Mindless Maze" showcase the great talents of this band. To find out more about Traveler and their latest release, please visit facebook.com/travelerheavymetal.

Vocalist Jean-Pierre Abboud performs double-duty as the vocalist of Traveler and Gatekeeper, who broke onto the music scene with their 2018 debut album "East Of Sun." Now, Gatekeeper continues with a short, four-song EP titled "Grey Maiden." The amazing guitar work of the title-song and the epic feel of "Tale Of Twins" showcases a band on the rise as their songwriting continues to grow with each new release. To find out more about Gatekeeper and their latest release "Grey Maiden," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/GatekeeperBand.

We finish up with the classic metal sounds of Booze Control as they prepare to release their Gates Of Hell Records debut. The new album titled "Forgotten Lands" features ten tracks that carry a NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) sound, beginning with the high energy output of the title-song "Forgotten Lands" and also in "The Nameless." If you didn't know any better, you'd swear this music was created almost four decades earlier as "Spellbound" and "Playing With Fire" capture that nostalgic sound that has eluded heavy metal music. To find out more about Booze Control and their latest release "Forgotten Lands," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/boozecontrol.

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