Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists The Differents, The Can-Do Attitude, Madisons, Jared Dymbort & Pete Berwick

From Chicago comes the fourth studio album "It's All Too Beautiful" from rockers, The Differents. Their new ten song release begins with steady opener "Dresser Drawers" as you can feel the band's strong foundation, which dates back 25 years. They add a bit more excitement to the punk-like energy of "You Can't Stop Running From The Weight Of Your Gun" and the bass driven alternative rock of "Small," which also showcases the band's stellar songwriting. Guitars come out a blazing for the rawness of "What You Got," before showing off their nostalgic side with "Sun In My Eyes." The Differents finish their new album with the shuffle rhythm of "It Rains Hello." To find out more about The Differents and their latest release "It's All Too Beautiful," please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Charlottesville, Virginia comes the sophomore release from the punk band, The Can-Do Attitude. Their new album titled "If There Is A God, I Hope She Kept The Receipt" features eight, energetic rockabilly/punk anthems, beginning with their new single "Big Fuckin' Cowboy." Their new 30-minute release flies by in a blur of adrenaline as you get hooked on "100 Fallow Acres (Augusta National)" and "Draggin Our Toes." In between, you get the slow, sonic build-up of country blues, in the form of "The People On The Show," before closing out their new album with the out of place piano instrumental "Stagecoach Takes Flight." To find out more about The Can-Do Attitude and their latest release "If There Is A God, I Hope She Kept The Receipt," please visit

On January 4th, the Madisons will release their new EP titled "Country Music Sunday." It features five songs of classic country twang, beginning with the knee-slapping rhythm of "The Willie Song." They continue with the country blues of "Vidalia," before picking the tempo back up with the sing-along chorus of "Sometimes I Get Drunk All Day." The Madisons slow down once again for the storied folk ballad of "Johnny And Jamie," before closing their new album with the fun, swinging times of "Makin It On My Own." To find out more about the Madisons and their latest release "Country Music Sunday," please visit

New York City-based singer/songwriter/composer Jared Dymbort recently released his debut EP titled "My Old Victories." His new four song EP begins with the steady pace of "Neglect" as you are introduced to Jared's low octave vocal delivery. He continues on his nostalgic, 1980's pop trip with the New Wave tones of "Rearrange" and "Declare." Jared Dymbort finishes up his new short album with the simple pop feel of "Vanity." To find out more about Jared Dymbort and his latest release "My Old Victories," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from alt-country singer/songwriter Pete Berwick. His new album "Island" features a dozen tracks, beginning with the aggressive strumming of "I'm Getting Tired Of This Place" and the big country/rock delivery of "Anyway." His songwriting comes shining through on the power ballads "Just Make It You And Me Tonight" and "Island." He pours his emotions into the wonderful country waltz of "They Gave Love A Chance," before finishing up his new album with the raw, energetic rocker "I'm Really Not That Kind" and the reflection of "The Streets Of Pasadena." To find out more about Pete Berwick and his latest release "Island," please visit his Facebook page at

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