Thursday, January 17, 2019

Robert Berry Works With Keith Emerson One Last Time On "The Rules Have Changed"

American guitarist, singer and composer, Robert Berry recently released his latest collaboration titled "Rules Have Changed." It features contributions from the late keyboard wizard Keith Emerson, prior to his passing in 2016. Berry may be best known for working with Emerson and Carl Palmer in the band, 3; as well as lending his talents to the bands Ambrosia and Alliance.

His new eight track album begins with the exciting progressive rock appeal of "One By One," which is highlighted by the classic keyboard and piano work of Keith Emerson. This is followed by the more aggressive "Powerful Son," as once again Emerson's solo steals the spotlight. Berry slows the tempo down to highlight his vocals on the power ballad "Our Bond," before returning once again to the keyboard-heavy, progressive nature of "What You're Dreaming Now." Robert Berry finishes the new 3.2 album with the wonderful acoustics of "This Letter," which includes a playful melody, and the heavy rhythm and swift pace of the closer "Your Mark On The World," which Keith Emerson has surely left along with help from bandmate Robert Berry. To find out more about Robert Berry and his latest release "Rules Have Changed," please visit

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