Thursday, January 31, 2019

Snakebite Whisky Introduce You To "This Side Of Hell" & Dethonator Is In A "Race Against The Sun"

Arriving January 25th, is the debut album from Australia's newest hard rockers Snake Bite Whiskey. There new release titled "This Side Of Hell" features ten tracks that deliver a mix of classic Sunset Strip sleaze rock with elements of heavy metal and a punk rawness. Their new album starts off with the intense pounding of "Damnation Alley" and the wildly addictive "Down In The Dirt," which will certainly remind you of the early days of bands like Guns N' Roses and Accept. Snake Bite Whiskey keep the energy going with the quick pace of "Ain't Dead Yet" and the guitar driven blaze of "Spin." This band shows no signs of slowing down, as each song is built for the arena, as displayed in the chugging rhythm of "Drinking For Two" and the pounding sing-along of "She Likes Machines." To find out more about Snake Bite Whiskey and their latest release "This Side Of Hell," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from London comes the latest release from the heavy metal band, Dethonator. Their new album titled "Race Against The Sun, Part One" features ten tracks that carry the classic metal torch that began with the likes of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The album begins with the sonic attack of "When Lucifer Fell" and the fast pace of "Nightmare City" to make sure your adrenaline is pumping. The band's musicianship is top notch as songs like "Burial Ground" and "Pyroclastic" bridge the gap between the music of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and today's mainstream metal masters. Dethonator finish their new album with the aggressive attack of "The Hangman" and the classic metal guitar riffs of "Sharp's Cairn." While part one will be released in February, don't expect part two of this double album to be released until much later in the year. To find out more about Dethonator and their latest release "Race Against The Sun, Part One," please visit

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