Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The High Strung Turn Out "Quiet Riots" and Only Yours Are "Overrun" With Debut Release

The band, The High Strung may not be on the lips of movie fans, but one of it's founding members is. Guitarist/vocalist Josh Malerman is the writer of the hot, epic novel "Bird Box," which Netflix has turned into a national phenomenon. Now, his band The High Strung are preparing to release their new album titled "Quiet Riots." The new thirteen-track release begins with the alternative-pop melody of "Riots Of The Mind." As the band begin to enter their third decade together, you can hear how cohesive this band is during the classic rock vibe of "Legion" and the modern Americana tone of "Goffin & King." The band display a sixties rock feel with "Letters First" and "Summer Of Night," before wrapping up their new album the up-tempo pop of "Eavesdropped Upon Again" and the nearly six-minute, experimental combined effort of "Rubik's Cube/Alien Madman." To find out more about The High Strung and their latest release "Quiet Riots," please visit thehighstrungmusic.com.

Arriving February 1st is the debut album, "Overrun" from the Toronto-based rock band, Only Yours. Their new release features ten tracks, beginning with the very addictive melody of "Doubts," as you feel this band has been together longer than one album. They continue to impress with the steady, bass-driven rhythm of "Different" and the more pop-friendly beats of "Hamburg." Only Yours showcases their softer side on the soaring ballad "Surely I," before quickly returning to the up-tempo swing of "Everlasting," which could easily become the band's break-through single, with it's radio-friendly chorus. The band finish up their new album with steady pace of "Haunted By Love" and the sweeping emotions of "Stay." To find out more about Only Yours and their latest release "Overrun," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/onlyyoursmusic.

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