Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Neal Morse Band Are Ready To Take You On Another "Great Adventure"

Arriving on January 25th, is the new concept album from the Neal Morse Band, titled "The Great Adventure." This new double-disc is broken up into five chapters, spread across 22-songs and features over a 100 minutes of new music that takes you on a new sonic journey provided by the Neal Morse Band.

The new release starts out with the build up along the ten minutes of "Overture," which contains everything from heavy metal drumming, to stellar keyboards, to an electrifying guitar solo. Morse begins the story with gentle approach of "The Dream Isn't Over," before the high energy rocker, "Welcome To The World." The Neal Morse Band flex their hard rock muscle with the chugging rhythm of "I Got To Run" and the addictive melody of "The Great Adventure." They close out the first disc with the pop tone of "Hey Ho Let's Go" and the progressive piano ballad, "Beyond The Borders."

The second disc starts off with the magical sounds of "Overture 2," which leads into the quiet build up of "Long Ago." Midway through, we get a reprise of the heavy rocker "Welcome To The World 2," as the Neal Morse Band keep the energy flowing with the progressive rock pieces "The Element Of Fear" and "The Great Despair." They close out their new album with the intense rhythm of "Freedom Calling" and the eight-minute epic piecen"A Love That Never Dies." To find out more about The Neal Morse Band and their latest release "The Great Adventure," please visit nealmorse.com.

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