Tuesday, February 19, 2019

New Double Release From Demon Hunter Along With New Music From Waxpanel and Parting Gift

Christian heavy metal band, Demon Hunter are preparing to release not one but two brand new albums on March 1st. The titles "War" and "Peace" are hints as to the music that each album contains. The new release "War" contains ten hard-hitting tracks that looks to blast your eardrums with aggressive tracks like "Cut To Fit" and "Close Enough." Demon Hunter just keep the adrenaline flowing with the pounding rhythm of "Unbound" and "The Negative," as they show that they can hang with any hardcore metal band. The "War" album closes with the nearly six-minute progressive metal appeal of "Leave Me Alone" and the dark, moody tones of "Lesser Gods."

Demon Hunter's other release, "Peace" still keeps the energy flowing, but with a more mainstream metal appeal as demonstrated in the opening track, "More Than Bones." This album focuses more on the melody as in "I Don't Believe You" and "When The Devil Comes." They still flex their heavy metal muscle on the aggressive feel of "Two Ways," before closing the "Peace" album with the addictive guitar riffs of "Bet My Life" and the piano ballad "Fear Is Not My Guide."

These two albums appear only two years after their breakthrough independent release "Outlive," which topped a number of music charts around the world and reached #25 on the Billboard album charts. I applaud Demon Hunter for releasing both albums at the same time, instead of shelving one for a future release, because you never know what the future may bring, as far as inspiration. To find out more about Demon Hunter and their latest releases "War" and "Peace," please visit demonhunter.net.

Arriving February 22nd is the full-length debut album from the Christian modern hard rock band, Waxpanel. Their new release titled "For Those Left Standing" has been two years in the making, as this trio are excited to finally get their music out to the masses. The album kicks off with the high-energy rocker "The Struggle," as their music flows between hard rock and grunge with its raw sound. Waxpanel showcase a more mainstream, alternative-pop sound with "Beginnings," before quickly returning to the aggressive tones of "Absolution" and "Believe." They also showcase their softer, side with the acoustic strumming of "Bleeding Misery," which allows you to relax and take a breath before finishing the album with the quick-hitting "You Don't Say" and rock/pop melody of "Wait." To find out more about Waxpanel and their latest release "For Those Left Standing," please visit waxpanel.com.

Arriving a month later on March 22nd, from Fearless Records is the new five-song EP from the band, Parting Gift. The new album titled "Ensom" begins with high octane of "Pale," as they establish their sonic wall of sound. They continue with the more mainstream metal appeal of "Without Sin" and "Cold," as Parting Gift produce an atmospheric soundscape that makes you feel the music's message. They wrap up their new EP with energetic passion of the titled song "Ensom." This release is a nice bridge to the next full-length release from Parting Gifts. To find out more about the band and their new album "Ensom," please visit fearlessrecords.com.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Heading Into March Comes New Releases From Ashley Wilson, Abigail Lapell and Melissa Ruth

First from San Francisco comes the latest release from soulful jazz singer, Ashley Wilson. Her new album titled "Paint The Sky" will be released on March 1st and features eleven tracks, beginning with the sultry, swanky rhythm of "Once In A While." The album continues with the title-song "Paint The Sky," which showcases the stellar vocals of Ashley Wilson amongst the song's R&B backdrop. She even adds a little country sway to her album with the slow-moving ballad "Fool," before picking the tempo up for the funky shuffle of "Sweet Temptation." The big bass strumming of "Now Or Never" gives her sound a nostalgic feel, while "I Can't Love" delivers a more pop melody. Ashley finishes her new album with the gentle sway of "Fairy Tale" and the smooth groove of "If I Knew." To find out more about Ashley Wilson and her latest release "Paint The Sky," please visit ashleywilsonmusic.com.

Canadian folk singer/songwriter Abigail Lapell is preparing to release her new studio album titled "Getaway." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the stellar Americana sounds of "Gonna Be Leaving," as her voice draws close similarities to former 10,000 Maniacs singer, Natalie Merchant. She gets even quieter on the acoustic folk strumming of "Ask Me No Questions" and "Sparrow For A Heart." Her voice is so warm and inviting that you follow her every word on the country-based "Halfway To Mexico" and the beautiful harmonies of "Down By The Water." Abigail finishes her new album with the full band Americana sounds of "Little Noise" and the sweeping melody of "Shape Of A Mountain." To find out more about Abigail Lapell and her latest release "Getaway," please visit abigaillapell.com.

Also arriving March 1st, is the latest release from blues/rock artist, Melissa Ruth. Her new album titled "Meteor" features eleven tracks, beginning with the guitar shuffle of "West," as you are introduced to Ruth's sultry blues style. She picks the tempo up with the steady pace of "Long Haul," before digger her heels deep into the blues with the slow burn of the title-song "Meteor" and "Sugar Pill." The whisper-like vocals gives the country-twang more attention on the simmering sounds of "Hey Mr. Bartender," before Melissa closes out her new album with the country bar blues of "The Knot" and "You Are Not Alone." To find out more about Melissa Ruth and her latest release "Meteor," please visit melissaruthmusic.com.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Omnivore Recordings Prepares To Reissue Debut Album From Uncle Walt's Band

Austin Music Hall Of Fame nominee Uncle Walt's Band are having their debut album re-issued on March 29th, through Omnivore Recordings. The trio of Walter Hyatt, David Ball and Deschamps Hood began as a country trio in South Carolina, before quickly moving to Austin, TX at the request of singer/songwriter Willis Alan Ramsey. While Uncle Walt's Band may not have found success on the charts in the late-seventies, but they did inspire many artists including Lyle Lovett, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Lucinda Williams.

After the success of last year's anthology release, Omnivore Recordings decided to remaster the band's debut album and add an additional eleven previously unreleased bonus tracks. The original album featured a mix of traditional favorites like "Little Sadie" and "Four 'Til Late" with a handful of originals. The first seven bonus tracks feature demos of some original songs that did not end up on the final album. Even in demo form, you can hear the wonderful harmonies of "After You've Gone" and their step into folk rock with "Rollin' My Blues." This new set finishes up with live versions of the original tracks "Since You've Been Gone," "Early Riser," "Trap For Two" and "Betty." To find out more about this new re-issue arriving from Uncle Walt's Band, please visit omnivorerecordings.com.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Live Album From Dennis Coffey To Be Released In March Through Omnivore Recordings

Kicking off the month of March is a new live album from R&B/jazz guitarist Dennis Coffey. The new release titled "Live At Baker's" arrives March 1st through Omnivore Recordings, and features Coffey's performance a Baker's jazz club in 2006. The nine-song set begins with Coffey showcasing his skills on a nearly eleven-minute version of Freddie Hubbard's song, "Little Sunflower." One of the highlights of the night features the Dennis Coffey original hit, "Scorpio" as he continues to work up to the song's funky breaks. Another favorite from this set is a song that Coffey originally performed, The Temptations' "Just My Imagination," in which Coffey masterfully stretches the song to the ten minute mark. He finishes up with a couple of blues numbers, the first is his rendition of Miles Davis' "All Blues," which Coffey turns in to a lighter approach. The album closer is a short, up-tempo swinging version of Jack McDuff's "Dink's Blues," which became one of Coffey's favorite songs to cover live. To find out more about Dennis Coffey's new live release "Live At Baker's," please visit omnivorerecordings.com.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Craft Recordings Reissues Jewel's "Pieces Of You" As A New Double-Vinyl Release

Out today on double-vinyl is the newly reissued debut album "Pieces Of You" from Award-winning, singer/songwriter Jewel. In celebration of the album's 24th anniversary, Craft Recordings has remastered the album in order to receive the highest quality possible. This new double-vinyl release also includes five bonus tracks that were originally featured as B-sides and if you are looking for a little more, Barnes & Noble has an exclusive blue vinyl version of this new release.

This album projected Jewel into the spotlight with here angelic vocals, as she is mostly backed only by an acoustic guitar or piano. It reached #4 on the Billboard album chart and produced three top ten singles, but that is not where the album really shines. Her truthful lyrics are fill with emotion, as Jewel dealt with prejudice ("Pieces Of You"), relationships ("Foolish Games") and abuse ("Daddy"). The album begins with the jazzy-pop aspects of "Who Will Save Your Soul," then peaks with the gentle, seven-minute story of "Adrian," before closing with the final plea of "Amen."

This new double-vinyl release features newly cut lacquers supplied by Chris Bellman from Bernie Grundman Mastering. The sound on these new LPs is simply beautiful. Jewel's vocals leap out of your speakers, as her voice becomes even more of the focus of these songs. The strings in "Painters" and the harmonies of "Angel Standing By" are much more clear and bright on this new release, but the real treasure is the addition of the five bonus tracks.

Side four of this double-vinyl is where these extra tracks reside, beginning with the warm, acoustic folk strumming of "Emily," which was originally featured in "The Crossing Guard" movie. All of the bonus tracks did not appear on the original CD of the album, so that is a major plus to have them all together in one set. These songs also showcase some of Jewel's more light-hearted side with the fun, quicker paces of "Rocker Girl" and "Cold Song," before closing with the ballad "Angel Needs A Ride." To find out more about this newly released double-vinyl version of Jewel's debut album "Pieces Of Me," please visit craftrecordings.com.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Eagle Vision Presents "The Real Story Behind" Amy Winehouse's Grammy-Winning Album "Back To Black"

With the Grammys less than a week old, it was the ideal time to look back at one of the biggest winners of the 2008 Grammys, Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" album. In November, Eagle Vision released a brand new documentary on the making of this monumental album. This film will give more insight to her fans, since this was also the last album she created with her amazing talents. This new film features new interviews with producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, as they guide you through the creative process of nearly every song on the album.

What many of you may not know is how great of a songwriter Amy Winehouse was. She had the lyrics and melody to most of the songs on the album already prepared, as the documentary shows footage of her with an acoustic guitar running through many of the song's main structures. As you watch the film, Ronson and Remi give you some treasured information into what may have turned a good song into a great song. The addition of The Dap-Kings melody on songs like "Back To Black" and "Rehab" gave Amy that sixties, girl-group, jazzy-vibe that she was looking for. It even grabbed the attention of Ronnie Spector, who gave praise to Winehouse for carrying the touch of that style of music. The highlight of this documentary, is of course the unseen footage of Amy Winehouse in the studio, as she creates one of the finest albums of the past 20 years.

A stellar bonus on this DVD is a previously unreleased intimate live performance by Amy Winehouse. It was filmed on the same night as the 2008 Grammy awards. Since Amy was not allowed entrance into the U.S. because of her drug addiction, she instead held a performance in London, for only a small group of family and friends. The eight-song set was professionally recorded and showcases Amy at the top of her game, as she leads the band through gems like "Tears Dry On Their Own" and "Hey Little Rich Girl." The highlight of her performance has to be the unrehearsed run through the classic "A Message To You Rudy," as the band is following her every lead. So do yourself a favor and make sure to check out the new documentary "Amy Winehouse - Back To Black: The Real Story Behind The Modern Classic." For more information on this new release, please visit eagle-rock.com.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

New Music On The Horizon From Rossi + Rickard, Willie Farmer and Bill Kraker

The duo of Francis Rossi (founder of Status Quo) and Hannah Rickard are preparing to release their debut collaboration titled "We Talk Too Much." Rossi + Rickard met while Hannah was working with Rossi on the successful Status Quo project, "Aquostic." The two discussed their love for country music and the result is this new album, which is being released on March 15th, through the earMUSIC label. The new 13-song set begins with the classic up-tempo, swinging country rhythm of "I'll Take You Home" and the more pop-oriented "I've Tried Letting Go," as their voices harmonize wonderfully. They keep the energy flowing with "But I Just Said Goodbye" and "I'm Only Happy," before taking it up another notch with the swift pace of "Heartbreaker." Rossi + Rickard close out their new album with the quieter country waltz of "Good Times Bad Times" and the wildly energetic rocker "Maybe Tomorrow." To find out more about the new collaboration of Rossi + Rickard, please visit ear-music.net.

Arriving March 1st, is the new album from Big Legal Mess artist, Willie Farmer. His new album titled "The Man From The Hill" features ten tracks that draws influences from the Chicago blues heyday. Willie begins with the guitar strut of of the title-song "The Man From The Hill," as he lets his guitar do most of the talking. Next, he gets your hips moving with the swinging rhythm of "Shake It," before slowing the pace for the low-down dirty blues of "Daddy Was Right." The music continues to burn with the emotion fueled romp of "Break Bad," before Willie picks the tempo back up with the funky breakdown of "Millionaire." He finishes up his new album with the classic, guitar-driven boogie shuffle of "I Am The Lightning" and the steady plea of "Feel So Bad." To find out more about Willie Farmer and his latest release "The Man From The Hill," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/Little-Willie-Farmer.

Finally we arrive at the latest release from country-based singer/songwriter Bill Kraker. His new album titled "Russellville" features a dozen tracks, beginning with the guitar twang of "Cheap Thrills and Dynamite" as Bill will draw you in with his strong vocals. He continues with a more classic, throwback country sound on the story of "You'll Never Believe" and the southern blues/rock of "That's My Baby." He slows down the pace for the country waltz of "Cold Shoulder," before quickly returning to rock, on the guitar driven "Shopping 5 Days In Dallas." Bill Kraker wraps up his new album with the wonderfully descriptive acoustic strumming of "Green Grass Of Home" and emotional slow pace of "Believe In Love." To find out more about Bill Kraker and his latest release "Russellville," please visit facebook.com/krakerbrothers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Cardinal Fuzz Label Rolls Out New Releases From Old Mexico, Stephen Bailey and Tengger

Just last month, we received the latest release from the musical trio Old Mexico. Their new self-titled album features six tracks, beginning with the fourteen-minute epic jazz fusion of "Past The Western Wall," as you notice the musicians each finding their own way through this number. They continue with the light, acoustic folk strumming of "Stellar Jay" and the slow-moving, psych-rock of "Black Matador." Old Mexico jam on the bluesy feel of "The Old Ones," before closing their new album with sound collage of "Madeline Kahn." To find out more about Old Mexico and their latest self-titled release, please visit jasonsimon.bandcamp.com.

Next, arriving February 22nd is the sophomore effort from singer/songwriter/musician Stephen Bailey. His new solo album titled "9" features ten tracks, beginning with a short one minute, atmospheric instrumental, which leads you into the alternative-pop melody of "Number 9." He delivers a more psychedelic tone to "Hyde," while also keeping the song's addictive pop beats. Stephen experiments a little more with the electronic instrumental "Run," before continuing with mellow pace of "Mirage." He closes out his new album with the wonderfully, upbeat, addictive sound of "Fairytale" and the steady, dreamlike delivery of "Quiet House." To find out more about Stephen Bailey and his latest release "9," please visit stephenbailey.bandcamp.com.

From Seoul, South Korea, we get the latest release from the duo itta and Marqido, who go by the name Tengger. Their latest release titled "Segye" began back in 2016, as politically unrest played an important part of the development of this album. It was originally only released on cassette, but is now being newly remastered for a vinyl release. The eight songs that make up this album are exploratory soundscapes, provided by the synthesizer talents of Marqido. Itta's voice highlights the repetitive melody of  the opening track "Donggrami," as your thoughts begin to drift, the further you get into the album. The swirling sounds of "Ollim" and "Neoulneoul" will relax your mind, before the sonic build-up of "Geuglag Wansaeng" takes you on one last ride through sound. To find out more about Tengger and their latest release "Segye," please visit tenggerggb.bandcamp.com.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Check Out These New Debut Album Releases From Alex Scheuerer and Lailien

First from London comes the debut solo album from jazz guitar virtuoso Alex Scheuerer. His new release titled "Between Heaven And Earth" features ten tracks that also includes the beautiful vocals of Najwa Ezzaher, as in the opening number "Write A Song." Alex adds only what is necessary to the song, without going overboard. He gets funky with the the beats and guitar tone of "London Flavour," before slowing the tempo down for the more delicate touch of the title-song, "Between Heaven & Earth." Alex works solo on the beginning of "Interlude," before the rest of the band join in on this uplifting track. The song "First Steps" deliver a classic jazz sound, while the French song "La Vie en Rose" closes the album with another stellar appearance by Najwa Ezzaher on vocals. To find out more about Alex Scheuerer and his latest release "Between Heaven And Earth," please visit alex-scheuerer.co.uk.

Next from Toronto comes the debut album from the "psychedelia" artist, Lailien. His new release titled "Ensoular" is a cornucopia of sounds that will keep you coming back for more, as you try to figure out his musical landscape. He starts out his new album with the swirling sounds and simple lyrics of "Blue Love." He quickly follows that with the new wave, post-punk rock of "Elf Hat" and the dancehall prepared beats of "Vishnu." The wave of sound which is "Lucifer" hits your ears as you try to decipher what is happening within the song, while "Where Did It Go" has a softer pop appeal. Lailien closes out his new album with the dark, moody tone of "The Alphabet Queen" and the fun, pop melody of the title-song "Ensoular." To find out more about Lailien and his latest release "Ensoular," please visit officiallailien.com.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Rising Prog-Rock Bands Kinetic Element, Shumaun and HOIA Prepare To Release New Albums

From Richmond, Virginia comes the new album from the progressive rock band, Kinetic Element. Their new album titled "The Face Of Life" is the band's third studio album and it will be released on March 1st. It features only four songs that fit perfectly on vinyl, as every one is an epic masterpiece. The album begins with the powerful, attention grabbing opener "Epistle." The band just excite your senses from from the start, before diving into the sixteen-minute epic "All Open Eyes." The tempo changes within the song will certainly keep you glued to the band's wonderful musicianship. Kinetic Element follow that up with the nearly twenty minute "The Face Of Life," which draws from the band's early prog-rock influences. The album closes with the quiet ballad "Last Words" as Kinetic Element deliver a complete piece of musical expression worthy of repeat listens. To find out more about Kinetic Element and their latest release "The Face Of Life," please visit kineticelement.com.

Next, we have the new anticipated second album from the progressive rock ensemble, Shumaun. Their new album titled "One Day Closer To Yesterday" features ten tracks and will be released on February 22nd. They begin their new release with a short, atmospheric piece ("Sensus Divinitatis"), before picking up the energy with the swift pace of "The Writing's On The Wall." Shumaun deliver an even heavier sound on "Fear Is," while "Central Station" displays their quieter acoustic side, showcasing the band's diversity. The album's lead single "Go" is an all-out hard rock assault that is perfectly crafted for modern rock radio. Shumaun finish their latest album with the chugging guitars and intense rhythm of "Remember Me And I Will Remember You" and the fifteen-minute epic closer "One Day Closer To Yesterday." To find out more about Shumaun and their latest release "One Day Closer To Yesterday," please visit shumaun.com.

Finally we arrive at the debut album from the avant-garde progressive rock band, HOIA, featuring the work of Indian guitar virtuoso Prateek Rajagopal. Their new album titled "Scavenger" will not be released until April, but is already gaining the attention of the prog-rock community. The new five-song release begins with the electronics of "Write Across," which gives way to the atmospheric adventure of the "Escape Orb," highlighted by the amazing guitar work of Rajagopal. The album's lead single "Electric Wizard" delivers a jazzy drum break that gets swept over by pulsating keyboards and dark, moody vocals. HOIA close out their new album with the intense tempo changes of the title-song, "Scavenger." To find out more about HOIA and their new, upcoming debut release "Scavenger," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/hoiatv.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

New Music From Independent Artists Grayshot, Zan Zone and Cloutier

From Minneapolis, MN comes the latest release from the rising pop duo, Grayshot. Their new album titled "Surface" is the band's third and will be released on March 1st and to co-inside with a release show set at The Hook & Ladder Theater in Minneapolis. The new album begins with the uptempo pop beats of "Aerial," as brothers Christian and Aaron Ankrum have their finger on the pulse of modern music. Their music is crafted perfectly for the dance clubs, as displayed in the songs "Shine" and "Mountains." Sandwiched between the big beats, is the album's lead single "Ordinary Love," which should find the boys some airplay on the radio. Grayshot wrap up their new album with sweeping melody of "The Garden" and the synth-pop closer "The Glory Of Everything." To find out more about Grayshot and their latest release "Surface," please visit grayshot.net.

Next we travel to Brooklyn, NY for the latest release from the modern rock band, Zan Zone. The new album titled "It's Only Natural" is the band's fourth in almost 25 years and features eleven tracks, beginning with the instrumental "For The Rising Sun." They continue by spreading the vibes of positive love with the alternative-pop tones of the title-song, "It's Only Natural." The band puts their skills on display during the electrifying solos of "Where's There's Smoke," before cutting back for the slow-burning ballad "He's Coming Home." Zan Zone expand upon their sound with the sonic blues of "Mystery" and "Dem Blues Is Bad," before closing up their new album with the uptempo, guitar-driven rocker "Let It Go" and the jazzy sway of "Champagne Enthusiasm." To find out more about Zan Zone and their latest release "It's Only Natural," please visit zanzone.com.

And finally we arrive at the brother duo of Mark and Myke Cloutier. This Syracuse-based pair recently released their debut album "Thunder N Lightning," as their bluesy influences are heard all throughout this release. The rawness of the opener "Flipping And Flapping" sets the stage for a blast of high-energy that continues with the blues romp of "Whispering Howling Wind." This song delivers on your imagination, if Howlin' Wolf and Stevie Ray Vaughan were to perform a song together. They slow the tempo down for the burning emotions of "I Call Home," before blazing a trail of aggressive rock with "Hard Luck Man" and "Down." Cloutier close out their new album with southern blues/rock of "Green Eyed Foolish Man" and the guitar-boogie shuffle of the title song "Thunder And Lighting." To find out more about the Cloutier brothers and their latest release "Thunder N Lightning," please visit cloutiermusic.com.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Rediscover The Wonder Of Ray Charles With New "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music"

Back in 1962, Ray Charles topped the album charts with his album "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music." The album featured a dozen traditional country anthems, which Ray Charles turned into exceptional jazz numbers. Charles quickly followed the success of this album with a second volume of "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music." It reached number 2 on the album chart and included another dozen tracks that Charles added his own flair to. Now on February 22nd, Concord Records is preparing to re-issue these two albums on CD and vinyl for the first time since 2012. 

Highlights from "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music, Vol. 1" include the swinging opening track "Bye Bye Love" and the thumping rhythm of "Just A Little Lovin'." His heartfelt versions of "Born To Lose" and "Worried Mind" showcases the vulnerability that Ray Charles portrayed in his music, while "I Can't Stop Loving You" has become one of the key staples in Charles extensive catalog.

Ray Charles version of "You Are My Sunshine" is delivered with a sultry funk groove that is unmatched by any other cover of this song. Volume 2 of this set of country and western classics may not feature as many well-known songs, but highlights include the gospel-like rendition of "Take These Chains From My Heart" and the emotion-filled "Making Believe." To find out more about this new re-issue of these two classic Ray Charles albums, please visit concord.com.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Danny Schmidt Delivers A "Standard Deviation" While Rebecca Loebe Want You To "Give Up Your Ghosts"

Texas native Danny Schmidt is preparing his new studio album "Standard Deviation" for a March 8th release. It features ten brand new studio tracks, beginning with the warm acoustic tones of "Just Wait Til They See You," as you will instantly fall in love with the beginning of his new album. After twenty years of recording, you can definitely feel that Danny uses all of that experience to improve each album. He continues with the dark, Americana sound of "Words Are Hooks" and the more light-hearted folk appeal of the title-song "Standard Deviation." Danny delivers a nostalgic sound with the Bob Dylan-inspired, politically fueled "Newport '65," before picking up the tempo with the stomping blues of "Last Man Standing." Danny Schmidt finishes up his new album with the heart-wrenching lyrics of "Bones Of Emotion" and quiet acoustics of "We Need A Better Word." To find out more about Danny Schmidt and his latest release "Standard Deviation," please visit dannyschmidt.com.

Singer/songwriter Rebecca Loebe will be releasing her Blue Corn Music debut album on February 8th. The new release titled "Give Up Your Ghosts" features eleven tracks, beginning with the pop beats of "Growing Up," as her sound is mature beyond her years as a recording artist. Her voice is beautiful on the acoustic strumming of "Ghosts," before she switches gears to the more R&B sounds of "Got Away." Her songwriting his highlighted by the addictive melody of "Everything Changes," which is a pop hit waiting to be uncovered. Her sweet voice simply shines with the acoustics of "Tattoo" and on the bluesy feel of "Flying." Rebecca closes her new album with the country tones of "Hush" and the ballad of "Popular." To find out more about Rebecca Loebe and her latest release "Give Up Your Ghosts," please visit rebeccaloebe.com.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Check Out New Music From Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves, Kirsten Peckham and Jon-Olov Woxlin

Arriving March 22nd is the self-titled debut collaboration between banjo player Allison de Groot and bluegrass violinist Tatiana Hargreaves. The duo's new, soon to be released album features 13-tracks, beginning with the swift pace of the opening instrumental, "Eighth Of January." The two artists dig deep into their bluegrass roots on the classic feel of "I Don't Want To Get Married" and "Beaufort County Jail." They continue to showcase their musician skills on the instrumental tracks "Cuckoo's Nest" and "Buffalo Gals," before finishing their new album with the wonderful harmonies of "Who Wouldn't Be Lonely" and the sway of the "Green Valley Waltz." To find out more about Allison de Groot (allisondegroot.com) or Tatiana Hargreaves (tatianahargreaves.com) please check out their individual websites. Their new album will be available through Free Dirt Records (freedirt.net).

Next, from Louisville, comes the latest release titled "KP Time!" from singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Kirsten Peckham. Her new album features ten tracks that deliver a very genuine, truthful feel to her music, as all of the songs feel like that were recorded in one complete take. She begins with the short two-minute piano ballad "My Favorite Spot" and then continues with the banjo/accordion melody of "God, The Girl." She picks the tempo up with the swinging pop tones of "Two Headed Wife," before quickly returning to the stark acoustic strumming of "Deep Roots." Kirsten finishes up her new release with the funky beats of "Candy Lady," which is a direction I would like to see her explore more, and the grand piano blues ballad "Reflection Of The Times." To find out more about Kirsten Peckham and her latest release "KP Time!," please visit crushgrove.com.

Swedish singer/songwriter Jon-Olov Woxlin recently released his third solo album titled "Let It All In And Let It All Go." His new 13-song release begins with the Americana-feel of the title song, "Let It All In And Let It All Go," before slowing down for the quiet country-like strumming of "The Cowardly Kill Of Willie Buck." The album continues with the dark story of "The Alder King" and the descriptive lyrics of "Tangled In The Web," as his words are only given a stark acoustic backdrop. His love for country music shines on the honky-tonk melody of "Never Can Be Free" and the swift, bluegrass pace of "One Liner Blues." Jon-Olov Woxlin wraps up his new album with acoustic blues of "Mr. Z" and the classic, spoken-word, folk-style of "I Digress." To find out more about Jon-Olov Woxlin and his latest release "Let It All In And Let It All Go," please visit jon-olov.se.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases From Frenzy, Critical Defiance, Laceration and Graveyard Shifters

We have a couple of new debut heavy metal releases this February from newcomers Frenzy and Critical Defiance, as well as the new album from Laceration, but first we need to dive back into Janaury for the latest EP from Graveyard Shifters. Their new five-song release begins with the intense energy of "Back To The Grind." The band's sound with simply blow you off your feet as they deliver nothing but high-powered adrenaline for the next 17 minutes. The album continues with the pounding rhythm of "Dead End Road" and "Catfish," before finishing with the title-song "Welcome To Sherwood," that just hooks you in with its addictive blast of punk-like energy. To find out more about Graveyard Shifters and their latest release "Welcome To Sherwood," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/GraveyardShifters.

Next, beginning in February we get the debut album from Spanish metal band Frenzy. Their new release titled "Blind Justice" carries a classic '80s thrash metal sound, with lyrics that focus on the adventures based off of comic books. Frenzy's new 11-song release begins with the grand guitar melody of the title song "Blind Justice" and the more intense drumming of "From Hell." The band deliver a more mainstream rock appeal with the heroic lyrics of "Save Me," while "Velocity" brings the heavy metal tempo back with its chugging guitars and fast-paced rhythm. Frenzy finish their new album with the quick tempo changes of "Annihilated By The Sound" and the high-powered six-minute closer "Shred Or Die." To find out more about Frenzy and their latest release "Blind Justice," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/frenzymetal.

Another February debut arrives in the form of "Misconception" from the Chilean thrash metal band, Critical Defiance. Their new eight-song release comes blasting right out of the gate with the six-minute metal attack of "Desert Ways." They continue with the thunderous pounding of "Spiral Of Hatred" and the swift, intense speed of "Punished Existence." Critical Defiance keep the petal to the metal with the aggressive vocals of "What About You" and "Pursuit In Chaos," before closing their new album with the unmatched speed of "Misconception." To find out more about Critical Defiance and their latest release "Misconception," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/criticaldefiance.

Arriving February 8th, is the latest release from the California Bay Area thrash/death metal band, Laceration. Their new album titled "Remnants" is a compilation of all of their early EP and demo songs, as the band prepare to release their full-length debut album later this year. The new ten-track album shows a band on the verge of breaking into the hardcore metal scene, as songs like "Realms Of The Unconscious" and "Shadows Of Existence" display the potential this band has to offer. The shear speed of "Hobo With A Shotgun" and "Critical Biopsy" will have your ears bleeding as you await more from this rising metal band. To find out about Laceration and their new release "Remnants," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/LACERATION-Bay-Area.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Get Rocking With New Releases From Silvertung and Awaken I Am

Baltimore-based metal band, Silvertung are preparing to release their new studio album "(But, At What Cost??!)" on February 15th, through Thermal Entertainment LLC. The new seven-song release opens with the thunderous juggernaut "Dodging Bullets," as Silvertung waste no time establishing themselves as one of the premier rising metal bands in the U.S. The album continues with the guitar buzz of "Feel Inhuman" and the chugging rhythm of "World Gone Mad," as Silvertung continue to impress with each new release. There are no fillers on this new release, as each song could become a staple on modern hard rock/heavy metal radio, beginning with the album's lead single "Done My Best." To find out more about Silvertung and their latest release "(But, At What Cost??!)," please visit silvertung.com.

Next, from Australia come the latest release from the alternative hard rock band, Awaken I Am. With the success of their 2017 album "Blind Love," Awaken I Am quickly entered the studio to record a handful of tracks that would make up their new EP titled "The Beauty In Tragedy." The album will be released in April, to co-inside with the birthday of their late guitarist Connor Verner-Oakley, who was tragically killed last May. The album comes bursting out of the gate with the aggressive tone of "Kin" and the more modern rock radio friendly "By Your Side." Awaken I Am add a bit more electronics to the sound of "Dissolution," before wrapping up their new short release with the band dealing with the loss of their bandmate in "The Stages Of Grief." To find out more about Awaken I Am and their latest EP titled "The Beauty In Tragedy," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/awakeniam.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Chocolate Watchband Find Their "Voice" On Their New Studio Album

Psychedelic rock legends, The Chocolate Watchband recently released their first studio album in almost two decades. The new album titled "This Is My Voice," features eleven new recordings that recreate and update the band's sonic rebellion sound of their early years. The Chocolate Watchband are following the release of the new album with a 2019 tour of Europe and the United States.

The album begins with the guitar buzz of "Secret Rendezvous," as the band's classic raw sound is established early on this new release. The politically charged "Judgment Day" was written over ten years ago during the stock market crash of 2008 and seems to still resonate today. What would a new album from The Chocolate Watchband be without a few cover songs, the first being a great rendition of Frank Zappa's "Trouble Everyday." They dive into the blues with "Take A Ride," before wrapping up their new album with their cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" and the folk/rock rebellion of "Till The Daylight Comes." To find out more about The Chocolate Watchband and their latest release "This Is My Voice," please visit thechocolatewatchband.com.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Luther Russell Plays It "Medium Cool" On His Latest New Release

Arriving February 22nd is the new full-length solo release from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Luther Russell. The album titled "Medium Cool" follows the success of of the decade-spanning retrospective release "Selective Memories: An Anthology." This new set from Luther Russell is broken up into Side 1 and Side 2. Side 1 begins with the guitar-boogie of "Deep Feelings" and the addictive melody of "Can't Be Sad," as Russell tries to capture the essence of growing up in the San Fernando Valley during the height '70s FM rock radio.

The classic pop sounds of "Corvette Summer" and Side 2 opener "Have You Heard?" deliver a nostalgic touch that makes you swear that you heard these on the radio, next to the like of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Luther Russell continues with the slower, steady pace of "Talkin' To Myself," before finishing with the acoustic folk ballad "Can't Turn Away." To find out more about Luther Russell and his latest release "Medium Cool," please visit lutherrussell.com.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Deadline Music Finally Releases Long Lost Album From Humble Pie

Legendary English rock band, Humble Pie may be best known in the U.S. for their minor hit songs "30 Days In The Hole" and "I Don't Need No Doctor." They jumped onto the music scene in 1969 with their U.K. hit single "Natural Born Bugie," before turning their attention to a more bluesier sound. In 1974, following the success of their album "Thunderbird," Humble Pie entered their own home-built studio to record a follow-up album of cover songs mixed with originals. The result was "Joint Effort," but the album was eventually shelved by the band's record label. Now, 45 years later, Humble Pie's "Joint Effort" will be released for the first time on CD and on vinyl.

The new ten song release begins with the funk of James Brown's "Think," followed by the blues shuffle of "This Ol' World." They turn soul icon Betty Wright's "Let Me Be Your Lovemaker" into a slow-burn, highlighted by a thumping bass line. Humble Pie jam out on their version of The Beatles' "Rain," while "Snakes & Ladders" rocks along side some of Humble Pie's best blues/rock numbers. The new release closes with the intense ballad "A Minute Of Your Time" and a return to the funk of James Brown with more of "Think 2." To find out about the new Humble Pie release "Joint Effort," please visit cleorecs.com.