Monday, February 11, 2019

Check Out These New Debut Album Releases From Alex Scheuerer and Lailien

First from London comes the debut solo album from jazz guitar virtuoso Alex Scheuerer. His new release titled "Between Heaven And Earth" features ten tracks that also includes the beautiful vocals of Najwa Ezzaher, as in the opening number "Write A Song." Alex adds only what is necessary to the song, without going overboard. He gets funky with the the beats and guitar tone of "London Flavour," before slowing the tempo down for the more delicate touch of the title-song, "Between Heaven & Earth." Alex works solo on the beginning of "Interlude," before the rest of the band join in on this uplifting track. The song "First Steps" deliver a classic jazz sound, while the French song "La Vie en Rose" closes the album with another stellar appearance by Najwa Ezzaher on vocals. To find out more about Alex Scheuerer and his latest release "Between Heaven And Earth," please visit

Next from Toronto comes the debut album from the "psychedelia" artist, Lailien. His new release titled "Ensoular" is a cornucopia of sounds that will keep you coming back for more, as you try to figure out his musical landscape. He starts out his new album with the swirling sounds and simple lyrics of "Blue Love." He quickly follows that with the new wave, post-punk rock of "Elf Hat" and the dancehall prepared beats of "Vishnu." The wave of sound which is "Lucifer" hits your ears as you try to decipher what is happening within the song, while "Where Did It Go" has a softer pop appeal. Lailien closes out his new album with the dark, moody tone of "The Alphabet Queen" and the fun, pop melody of the title-song "Ensoular." To find out more about Lailien and his latest release "Ensoular," please visit

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