Thursday, February 7, 2019

Danny Schmidt Delivers A "Standard Deviation" While Rebecca Loebe Want You To "Give Up Your Ghosts"

Texas native Danny Schmidt is preparing his new studio album "Standard Deviation" for a March 8th release. It features ten brand new studio tracks, beginning with the warm acoustic tones of "Just Wait Til They See You," as you will instantly fall in love with the beginning of his new album. After twenty years of recording, you can definitely feel that Danny uses all of that experience to improve each album. He continues with the dark, Americana sound of "Words Are Hooks" and the more light-hearted folk appeal of the title-song "Standard Deviation." Danny delivers a nostalgic sound with the Bob Dylan-inspired, politically fueled "Newport '65," before picking up the tempo with the stomping blues of "Last Man Standing." Danny Schmidt finishes up his new album with the heart-wrenching lyrics of "Bones Of Emotion" and quiet acoustics of "We Need A Better Word." To find out more about Danny Schmidt and his latest release "Standard Deviation," please visit

Singer/songwriter Rebecca Loebe will be releasing her Blue Corn Music debut album on February 8th. The new release titled "Give Up Your Ghosts" features eleven tracks, beginning with the pop beats of "Growing Up," as her sound is mature beyond her years as a recording artist. Her voice is beautiful on the acoustic strumming of "Ghosts," before she switches gears to the more R&B sounds of "Got Away." Her songwriting his highlighted by the addictive melody of "Everything Changes," which is a pop hit waiting to be uncovered. Her sweet voice simply shines with the acoustics of "Tattoo" and on the bluesy feel of "Flying." Rebecca closes her new album with the country tones of "Hush" and the ballad of "Popular." To find out more about Rebecca Loebe and her latest release "Give Up Your Ghosts," please visit

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