Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Expand You Musical Palette With New Releases From Gary Wilson and O Branco e o Indio

Music artist, Gary Wilson (the self monarch of "weirdo music") recently released his latest album titled "The King Of Endicott." This new 15-song set brings Wilson back to where it all began, in the small city of Endicott , NY as he sings about the place that started his passion of music, art and film. He begins with the short one-minute "The King Of Endicott (Intro)," as he lays down the groundwork for the adventures his past. The album continues with the simple, pop-swing of "The Town Of A Thousand Lights," before adding a more spaced-out vibe to "The Lonely Park." He returns to "The King Of Endicott" with the song's addictive melody and lyrical praise of his hometown. Gary Wilson keeps things going with the steady pace of "I Dream Of My Secret Girl" and "A Perfect Day In Endicott." He wraps up his new album with the R&B vibe of "Mary Walked Away" and the final self-praise of "Hail To The King." To find out more about Gary Wilson and his latest release "The King Of Endicott," please visit cleorecs.com.

Next, from Brazil comes the latest release from the experimental art-rock band, O Branco e o Indio. Their new album titled "Plantas Renovaveis" features a dozen tracks, beginning with the steady bass/drum beats of "Golden Gol." While you may or may not understand the lyrics, their music will take you on a sonic journey with the spaced-out, psychedelic rock of "Transferencia de Plantas Renovaveis" and "Orelha Negra." They mix together some fun with the pop melodies of "Super 8 81" and "Nonato." O Branco e o Indio wrap up their new album with the experimental rock assault of "Espaco Escasso," the up-tempo ska-like strumming of "Aumentado" and nearly six-minute exciting album closer "Sol em Estereo." To find out more about O Branco e o Indio and their latest release "Plantas Renovaveis," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/obrancoeoindio.

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