Saturday, February 2, 2019

Luther Russell Plays It "Medium Cool" On His Latest New Release

Arriving February 22nd is the new full-length solo release from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Luther Russell. The album titled "Medium Cool" follows the success of of the decade-spanning retrospective release "Selective Memories: An Anthology." This new set from Luther Russell is broken up into Side 1 and Side 2. Side 1 begins with the guitar-boogie of "Deep Feelings" and the addictive melody of "Can't Be Sad," as Russell tries to capture the essence of growing up in the San Fernando Valley during the height '70s FM rock radio.

The classic pop sounds of "Corvette Summer" and Side 2 opener "Have You Heard?" deliver a nostalgic touch that makes you swear that you heard these on the radio, next to the like of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Luther Russell continues with the slower, steady pace of "Talkin' To Myself," before finishing with the acoustic folk ballad "Can't Turn Away." To find out more about Luther Russell and his latest release "Medium Cool," please visit

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