Tuesday, February 19, 2019

New Double Release From Demon Hunter Along With New Music From Waxpanel and Parting Gift

Christian heavy metal band, Demon Hunter are preparing to release not one but two brand new albums on March 1st. The titles "War" and "Peace" are hints as to the music that each album contains. The new release "War" contains ten hard-hitting tracks that looks to blast your eardrums with aggressive tracks like "Cut To Fit" and "Close Enough." Demon Hunter just keep the adrenaline flowing with the pounding rhythm of "Unbound" and "The Negative," as they show that they can hang with any hardcore metal band. The "War" album closes with the nearly six-minute progressive metal appeal of "Leave Me Alone" and the dark, moody tones of "Lesser Gods."

Demon Hunter's other release, "Peace" still keeps the energy flowing, but with a more mainstream metal appeal as demonstrated in the opening track, "More Than Bones." This album focuses more on the melody as in "I Don't Believe You" and "When The Devil Comes." They still flex their heavy metal muscle on the aggressive feel of "Two Ways," before closing the "Peace" album with the addictive guitar riffs of "Bet My Life" and the piano ballad "Fear Is Not My Guide."

These two albums appear only two years after their breakthrough independent release "Outlive," which topped a number of music charts around the world and reached #25 on the Billboard album charts. I applaud Demon Hunter for releasing both albums at the same time, instead of shelving one for a future release, because you never know what the future may bring, as far as inspiration. To find out more about Demon Hunter and their latest releases "War" and "Peace," please visit demonhunter.net.

Arriving February 22nd is the full-length debut album from the Christian modern hard rock band, Waxpanel. Their new release titled "For Those Left Standing" has been two years in the making, as this trio are excited to finally get their music out to the masses. The album kicks off with the high-energy rocker "The Struggle," as their music flows between hard rock and grunge with its raw sound. Waxpanel showcase a more mainstream, alternative-pop sound with "Beginnings," before quickly returning to the aggressive tones of "Absolution" and "Believe." They also showcase their softer, side with the acoustic strumming of "Bleeding Misery," which allows you to relax and take a breath before finishing the album with the quick-hitting "You Don't Say" and rock/pop melody of "Wait." To find out more about Waxpanel and their latest release "For Those Left Standing," please visit waxpanel.com.

Arriving a month later on March 22nd, from Fearless Records is the new five-song EP from the band, Parting Gift. The new album titled "Ensom" begins with high octane of "Pale," as they establish their sonic wall of sound. They continue with the more mainstream metal appeal of "Without Sin" and "Cold," as Parting Gift produce an atmospheric soundscape that makes you feel the music's message. They wrap up their new EP with energetic passion of the titled song "Ensom." This release is a nice bridge to the next full-length release from Parting Gifts. To find out more about the band and their new album "Ensom," please visit fearlessrecords.com.

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