Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases From Frenzy, Critical Defiance, Laceration and Graveyard Shifters

We have a couple of new debut heavy metal releases this February from newcomers Frenzy and Critical Defiance, as well as the new album from Laceration, but first we need to dive back into Janaury for the latest EP from Graveyard Shifters. Their new five-song release begins with the intense energy of "Back To The Grind." The band's sound with simply blow you off your feet as they deliver nothing but high-powered adrenaline for the next 17 minutes. The album continues with the pounding rhythm of "Dead End Road" and "Catfish," before finishing with the title-song "Welcome To Sherwood," that just hooks you in with its addictive blast of punk-like energy. To find out more about Graveyard Shifters and their latest release "Welcome To Sherwood," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/GraveyardShifters.

Next, beginning in February we get the debut album from Spanish metal band Frenzy. Their new release titled "Blind Justice" carries a classic '80s thrash metal sound, with lyrics that focus on the adventures based off of comic books. Frenzy's new 11-song release begins with the grand guitar melody of the title song "Blind Justice" and the more intense drumming of "From Hell." The band deliver a more mainstream rock appeal with the heroic lyrics of "Save Me," while "Velocity" brings the heavy metal tempo back with its chugging guitars and fast-paced rhythm. Frenzy finish their new album with the quick tempo changes of "Annihilated By The Sound" and the high-powered six-minute closer "Shred Or Die." To find out more about Frenzy and their latest release "Blind Justice," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/frenzymetal.

Another February debut arrives in the form of "Misconception" from the Chilean thrash metal band, Critical Defiance. Their new eight-song release comes blasting right out of the gate with the six-minute metal attack of "Desert Ways." They continue with the thunderous pounding of "Spiral Of Hatred" and the swift, intense speed of "Punished Existence." Critical Defiance keep the petal to the metal with the aggressive vocals of "What About You" and "Pursuit In Chaos," before closing their new album with the unmatched speed of "Misconception." To find out more about Critical Defiance and their latest release "Misconception," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/criticaldefiance.

Arriving February 8th, is the latest release from the California Bay Area thrash/death metal band, Laceration. Their new album titled "Remnants" is a compilation of all of their early EP and demo songs, as the band prepare to release their full-length debut album later this year. The new ten-track album shows a band on the verge of breaking into the hardcore metal scene, as songs like "Realms Of The Unconscious" and "Shadows Of Existence" display the potential this band has to offer. The shear speed of "Hobo With A Shotgun" and "Critical Biopsy" will have your ears bleeding as you await more from this rising metal band. To find out about Laceration and their new release "Remnants," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/LACERATION-Bay-Area.

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