Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Music From Rockers The Everyday Losers, Experimental Artists Black Bombaim & Cosmic Folk Musician Prana Crafter

Kicking things off is the latest independent release from the Indiana-based hard rock band, The Everyday Losers. Their new album titled "Mono No Aware" features nine tracks of attention grabbing, energetic rock anthems, beginning with "The Calm And Collected." They quickly continue with the hard-hitting assault of "Melancholia" and the grinding rhythm of "Birds Of Prey." The Everyday Losers let up on their hard rock tempo for only a moment for the emotions of "Break My Heart" and the mainstream melody of "Burn Away," before closing out their new album with the raw blast of "Know It All" and the steady climb of "Die For You." The Everyday Losers will be part of the 2019 Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival in July, along with headliners Shinedown, Godsmack and Five Finger Death Punch. To find out more about their new album "Mono No Aware," please visit

Next up is the new album titled "Zones Of Resident Bodies" from experimental artists, Black Bombaim. Their new six-song release begins with a twenty-three minute journey into sound, as the band look to break down the barriers of the studio by recording in old empty auditoriums and postal offices. The pounding of the opener "Zones Of Resonant Bodies" goes on for the first six minutes before more instruments begin to take their place in this musical number. The album continues with the spaced-out, avant garde rock of "Three Axes," before reaching the hard rock attack of "20180224." Black Bombaim wrap up their new album with the raw, grunge-like appeal of "20171216" and the swirling, rhythm-fueled experimental piece "20180415." To find out more about Black Bombaim and their latest release "Zones Of Resident Bodies," please visit their Facebook page at

Last, but certainly not least is the new album titled "MindStreamBlessing" from the cosmic folk/rock artist, Prana Crafter. The purpose of this new eight-song release is to "relax and crack open your mind a little while." The album begin with the gentle acoustic strumming of "At Agartha's Gate," which develops and evolves as the song moves along. Prana Crafter continues with the more electrifying six-minute soundscape of "As The Weather Commands," before slowing back down for the relaxing tones of "FingersFlowThroughOldSkolRiver." He deliver a nostalgic-sounding vibe on the quieter "MindStreamBlessing," before closing out the album with the floating musical notes of "Luminous Clouds" and the guitar-led bluesy sound of "Bardo Nectar." To find out more about Prana Crafter and his latest release "MindStreamBlessing," please visit

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