Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pacific Mean Time Have "An Ocean To Swallow" While The Silver Snails Deliver "The 7 Melodies"

From Portland, Oregon comes the latest release from the electronic/pop band Pacific Mean Time. Their new album "An Ocean To Swallow" features ten tracks, beginning with club beats and addictive melody of "Sentimental Strangers." They continue with that formula with the more experimental tone of "Reveler," before slowing the pace down for the atmospheric ballad "Weighing Feathers." Pacific Mean Time find the perfect balance of electronic beats and sweeping sound with "Water Sign," as you continue to be drawn into their unique sound. The breakthrough pop gem on this new release may be the up-tempo, fun energy of "I Can't Wait," before slowing down for the moody tones of "Phantom" and the acoustic-pop flair of "Scissor Race." To find out more about Pacific Mean Time and their latest release "An Ocean To Swallow," please visit

Another new release is the debut album from the Italian-based band, The Silver Snails. Their new album "The 7 Melodies" features eight tracks that are filled with pure emotion, as the band draw inspiration from their early English influences. The Silver Snails begins with the beautiful, acoustic-based pop of "Dancing With The Stars," as you begin to draw similarities to the likes of Coldplay and One Republic. The album continues with the sonic adventure of "Temple Princess," which brings together elements of pop, rock, country and electronica in order to deliver a unique, but very addictive sound. The Silver Snails also display their more theatrical side with the native sounds of "Ave Maria A Zio Virgilio" and "Danza Dei Foulard," before closing their new album with the fun, island-vibe of "Coco Loco." To find out more about The Silver Snails and their latest release "The 7 Melodies," please visit

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